We all exist within our own domain of possibility.

Example: It is impossible for a wealthy man to be evicted. That is not in his domain of possibility. He can not know that experience as long as he is wealthy and owns his own home.

Also it is impossible for a homeless man to be evicted. He has no home to be evicted from, he pays no rent to anyone so he can not be evicted. That is not in his domain of possibility until he raises his domain and rents a home.

Harry Palmer was once asked, "If you are enlightened, can you levitate? " He responded, "That is not within my domain to do." He explained domains of possibility, one was with gardens and yards another was work. I'll explain with work. Joe works for George, George tells Joe what to do, maybe even yells at him at work. George comes to Joe's home, Does George boss Joe around in George's own home? No, not at all, in George's home, Joe doesn't have that authority. It is not his domain to control, and if he were to try it would be disastrous! Only at work can Joe tell George where to go and what to do.

For Joe to experience this ability he would have to have George helping him out at his home. Then he can tell George where to go and what to do, like George tells Joe at work.

So what is possible for one is impossible for another until they are both within the same domain.

We can raise or lower our domain of possibility. But the question is how to raise that domain of possibility?

What it takes to raise from where we are to where we want to be, now that is the question!

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Wade Casaldi



(30 Mar '13, 13:35) flowsurfer
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Hi Wade

You'll probably kick yourself (or me) when you read this but anyway here goes,

Here is a summary what you most certainly know already;

First decide what you want

Then clear your brain by allowing all thoughts to drift away

Then visualize whatever it is you desire as if you already possess it

Understand that your brain doesn't know the difference between what you do in reality and what you imagine

Thoughts are creative so visualizing what you don't yet possess forces the brain to bring them into your reality

alt text

have fun


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ru bis

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Yes, see it, feel it, believe it. Jimi Hendrix, when he and his band was known as Jimmy James and the Blue Flames used to imagine playing for thousands. Of course at that time that was impossible for him since he was only known locally as a bar band. But he kept feeling, imagining, and believing he would someday. This caused him to shift domains from what is impossible to possible. It didn't happen all at once but a climb upwards until he played at Woodstock for thousands of people!

(31 Mar '13, 05:48) Wade Casaldi

@Wade so now we know how to do it :)

(31 Mar '13, 07:47) ru bis


I'm a voodoo child baby

I don't take no for an answer

Question no


(02 Apr '13, 04:28) ursixx

@ursixx pure magical performer, good on yaa jimi

(02 Apr '13, 04:33) ru bis

@ursixx Yeah my main guitar inspiration! Excellent! Interesting I never thought of this as a spiritual song. But it is about belief, confidence and applying authority.
This would be much the same as prayer, "Well I stand up next to a mountain, and chop it down with the edge of Jesus word!" Cool, thanks urixx for pointing out a cross between my music my beliefs!

(02 Apr '13, 12:03) Wade Casaldi
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I am so very glad you asked this question, Wade, for I can share a little about how I raised my own domain of possibility and found ac new life with you!

Let's face it; things were not going very well where I was living. I was surviving on only $600 a month, which barely fed me. I had no friends. I was on a myriad of painkillers to deal with the wounded leg I was enduring, but I really wanted off of them as they were the cause of losing many things in and of themselves- contact with two of my children, for example. My only friend was a a dear neighbor named Gary who had severe diabetes. He and I used to talk a bit, but one day he was found dead in his kitchen with a blood sugar of 23 (80-120 is normal).

I met you on the Internet, and when Stingray taught us about manifesting, I took it to heart, and put your name in the box of possibility and forgot about it. (Wade and I have known each other since 2004. Ours was a platonic relationship for years, exchanging info and eventually emailing each other. It was not until 2009 that things got a little more interesting, shall we say? We were talking on the phone eight hours a day by 2010, and in 2011, I flew to meet him here in Pennsylvania; the rest is as God deemed.) But I also got a burning desire in my gut to do better, to feel better, and get out of Mississippi. I saw no way out, but I prayed constantly and most of all, believed it was possible.

That is the key: belief. You have to honestly believe you can do better,and then watch for signs from the world that it is responding to your wishes. You have to trust in something as hard as you can- in a thing that perhaps you never trusted in before: God. Some may say "Universe" or "Fate", but I say God. I trusted that God would untangle the knot of my life in that horrible trailer in Mississippi, and get me out! And He did! Do you know what? I just heard that the ceiling fell in in one of the bedrooms of the trailer,and if I hadn't moved in my life, and changed my domain, that problem would have been mine.

It is not easy, and you have to be willing to work hard. Right now, I am working on my art, and trying to change my domain with that. I have dabbled in graphic art for years, but lately, I have begun to dream of selling my work and drawing for science fiction magazines. Dreaming is a sign that you need to change your domain, and put forth the effort to do so.

My whole life is better because of that change in domain.

You have to believe it! Just do it!

Some more of my science fiction art:

alt text

I just keep at it- maybe someday it will go well!

Blessings to all of you! Believe!



answered 30 Mar '13, 14:24

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@Jai love the science fiction art, does this picture have any special meaning ? + 1 point just for the image

(31 Mar '13, 01:37) ru bis

The meaning behind these "eye" pics is kind of a joke, actually. I am having a great deal of difficulty with my eyes. I have to wear two pairs of glasses just to see what i am typing, for example. So I decided to vent my frustration making scary eyes! How am I doing? And thanks for the point! <3 Jai

(31 Mar '13, 08:21) Jaianniah

@Jai "I am working on my art, and trying to change my domain with that. I have dabbled in graphic art for years, but lately, I have begun to dream of selling my work and drawing for science fiction magazines." When I saw this a week ago, I only read your first 2 paragraphs. My attention went to your pic. Perhaps a book & a sci fi mag too. I like how you connected dreaming & changing your domain with action/effort.

(07 Apr '13, 00:11) ele

@Jai In regards to your vision comment. By any chance do you have diabetes retinopathy or cataracts? The reason I ask is if you do, you may want to do something about this sooner than later. Not sure if you are aware of this or not; but Medicare kicks in after 2 yrs of disability (meaning date of) & becomes Primary. You will still have what you have now as secondary; but Medicare has more restrictions.

(07 Apr '13, 00:14) ele
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I think you have a good and well thought out question here. Although your question just made me think of why you would want a domain at all.

Surely, if you could, instead of raising that domain of possibility, you would just not have any limiting boundaries at all.

Because thinking about creating what you want within the confines of what you are calling a 'domain' sounds a bit restrictive to me.


answered 06 Apr '13, 09:54

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Pink Diamond


I think domains keep us from being paralyzed and terrified as to our choice of possibility. As a child goes outside, the yard is a mighty big place. Now if that child was told from the beginning, "There is a whole world out there, billions of miles, where do you want to go?" I think that child would be scared to leave the house. I think we need to keep testing the leash like a dog does. "Can I go here, how about here?" until one day we realize we can fly!

(06 Apr '13, 10:37) Wade Casaldi

Here is another one, to a boy just entering kindergarten, at that time it is well beyond his domain of possibility to be a college graduate. What is within his domain of possibility is learning to read.

(06 Apr '13, 10:50) Wade Casaldi

I can see the point you are trying to make with a child. But, I think, this is again society imposed boundaries and perceptions that we just tap into. I know most of us have belief systems that say that a child has to walk before running or read before writing. But, just because, you and I have not seen something different happen, does that mean it cannot happen? I personally think it is those boundaries that has restricted us and carries on restricting us as deliberate creators.

(06 Apr '13, 13:45) Pink Diamond

I still argue and believe that anything can be achieved, whether you are a child or an adult and that we are only restricted by our own practiced limited imagination and belief systems. It seems like you and I have to agree to disagree on this one.

(06 Apr '13, 13:45) Pink Diamond

Actually we agree, that was the point of my asking this question.

(06 Apr '13, 14:17) Wade Casaldi
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Perception based on past experiences and conditioning affects our domain of possibility, as does judgement of the situation in that moment. I have a story to illustrate this, I just never heard it called the domain of possibility.

Imagine this as a movie screen, a split screen with one perspective on top and one on the bottom, like in a two player video game. On the top screen, everything is bright and cheerful and singsong, like from a Disney movie princess where all the animals are friendly and singing. On the bottom screen, everything is dark, shades of gray, creepy, like a Tim Burton film, where the animals are scary and the creepy bird calls send shivers up your spine.

Now there are two children. The perception of one is on top and the perception of the other on the bottom. The two childrem are walking through the woods. On top, everything is bright and cheerful with pretty flowers and the chirping of birds. On the bottom, everything is dark and creepy, with crunching sound of beasts in the woods, and screetching birds and howling wolves.

The two children approach town where they see a bakery. On the top screen the children are greeted by a kindly old man who offers them fresh cookies from the bakery. "Here you go children" he says in a sweet, kind voice. Meanwhile on the bottom screen, the children are greeted by a creepy old man, "Here you go, children," he says in a scary, crackly voice. On the top screen, the children hungrily accept the treats and graciously thank the kind old man. On the bottom screen, the children fearfully take the cookies and run away as fast as they can.

As you see here, the two children have completely different experiences of the same events based on their perception of how friendly or unfriendly the world is. When we choose to see everything as a blessing, we get more blessings. When we choose to see everything as scary, we get more scary events. So to change the way we experience the world, we first must change the way we judge the world as good or evil, for us or against us.


answered 06 Apr '13, 11:14

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Fairy Princess


"Perception based on past experiences and conditioning affects our domain of possibility, as does judgement of the situation in that moment"

Very True . . . Good Answer.

(07 Apr '13, 00:16) ele

Thank you @ele

(07 Apr '13, 10:37) Fairy Princess

Very, very astute explanation! Tremendous analogy! <3 Jai

(07 Apr '13, 12:29) Jaianniah

Thank you @Jaianniah

(07 Apr '13, 13:03) Fairy Princess
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This is a complement to my previous answer posted 30 mar '13 under one of my previous pseudonyms "ru bis".

How to raise our domain of possibility, it's all about contacting inner energies; feelings, dreams, ideas, sensations, those deeper energies that exist just asking to be woken up. These energies can be polarized so as to render them dynamic, and when awoken they can be channeled into any activity be it writing, talking, movements, drawing, mathematics, games, painting, sculpture etc without paying attention to quality, appearance or results just progressively allowing these tensions to surface and express themselves, they can be as much reflections of past experiences as aspirations to unfulfilled dreams.

The unleashed creative gest calls you to move to create your own work and in the elan intuition, imagination, thoughts and emotions are solicitated. The images, forms, writing, movements etc created in this way can unveil aspects of yourself that you never knew before and can generate a pathway of new manners in which to act. This process is very similar to art therapy.

alt text


answered 25 Aug '15, 04:48

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