Is this a part of human nature or because we are culturally trained this way, or perhaps something different?

As an example: People are often attracted to individuals who are already in a committed relationship. I understand the point of the message 'there is nothing taboo', however that doesn't mean there aren't things in life that we shouldn't want but do anyway.

My intended purpose of this question: It is a common human behavior to be attracted to people who are 'unattainable'. Whether this is or isn't "acceptable", the question is "What causes this behavior?"

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Nothing on this earthly plane is taboo whatsoever. That is just a label or definition that we put on ourselves and others because of conditioning from our environment.

We are eternal beings of love and light who came to this particular time space reality to experience the joy of living in a human body and explore different ways of expanding in the universe.

We came here to have fun and to learn to sift through the contrasting circumstances and situations to grow as an eternal soul.

This is a game of illusion and excitement and when we start putting moral labels on things, that is when we become more of the ego instead of who we really and truly are.

The ones who are living by the rules of "taboo" are the ones who are living too much in the ego instead of blending the ego with the higher self into one complete and perfect human being.

It is our choice to go after what we want. If we don't follow our own hearts desire of what feels right to us, then we are not purely living the life we came here to experience.

Life is just a fun game of experience. We need to play with the clay of physical reality to get the most out of our time here and leave the baggage of labels behind.


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@Cory Amazingly wonderful reply. Thank you for sharing.

(15 Mar '12, 05:11) CalonLan

@Snow in addition to Cory's post, there is nothing we 'can't have, shouldn't have and as Cory said nothing is taboo. Also, it's not only 'human' nature to expand and evolve, it's the nature of our whole universe. (not only mine, yours, everybody's else, also of every being in it. It belongs to everything it consists of).Going after things we don't have is an evolution. Sometimes we lead ourselves astray by ignoring the real content we are looking for as we keep chasing after one specific cover.

(15 Mar '12, 05:15) CalonLan

Nice Cory :)

(15 Mar '12, 10:30) Eddie

I think I understand the purpose of your reply, but it sounds like you're encouraging any sort of behavior without any concern for others or the consequences of your actions.

(15 Mar '12, 10:33) Snow

@Snow In the context of your original unedited question, that was the best answer that I felt that I could give.

I think different belief systems could take my answer two different ways, sure. I personally choose to believe in it from the positive perspective of coming to planet earth to sift through the contrast that doesn't feel good, and consciously choose the path that does feel good. Words like "taboo" just remind me of other human beings trying to put a limitation on my experience.

(15 Mar '12, 12:03) Cory

@CalonLan @Eddie Thank you both for the kind words and you are welcome CalonLan.

(15 Mar '12, 12:08) Cory

@Cory: Absolutely, and I understand your point all too well. It was my mistake for using terminology that holds very strong alternative implications to what I intended. Still, I enjoy your answer. =)

(15 Mar '12, 13:25) Snow
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who is judging and impossing limits? answer this simple question and you will know. but yet you will have to face the truth. may those stone serve you. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

This seems to go to curiosity. We can think back to Adam and Eve or back to Pandora's box but either way there is a "Why?" factor. "Why shouldn't I eat this fruit?" "Why shouldn't I open this box?" Most of the time those that seek to find out why end up sorry that they bothered.

I saw a Derren Brown show that he put a box in front of some children and said, "This is my box I want you two to guard it, and see that no one opens it while I am gone." There is something very special inside, will you watch so no one opens this while I am gone?" They agree, there is a hidden camera there and not long after the curiosity starts itching, the children start talking to each other wondering what is in the box. They start fiddling with the box turning it around, picking it up, shaking it, and after only maybe an hour they decide to take a peek and boom the box explodes open and all these streamers fly everywhere in the room! There is no way the children can put all that back in the box let alone put the box back together! Daren comes back in the room and looks and says, "What happened!? I thought you were going to guard my box?" The children start trying to make excuses and tell him, "We didn't do anything, this just burst open." That is impossible of course being the spring loaded box is held together by the lid. As long as the lid stayed on, it held the box together and the streamers could not shoot out of a closed box.

Unfortunately for some a need to know why supersedes the will to obey without knowing why. Example a child is told "Don't touch that is hot!" That child sticks his finger in the candle flame and cries because it hurts he had to find out what HOT means! Don't go out in the street, he runs in the street gets grabbed and pulled back and gets a spanking, "Ouch oh that is why I should not run out into the street!" It works better than letting him get hit by a car to find out. lol

But we need to learn that God spanks us when we do things counterproductive to living a good life, we end up saying, "Why did I do that!" "What was I thinking?" "I should have never let myself get involved with this!" These things could be from losing a lot of money trying to make a quick buck. Doing something illegal like getting involved in drugs. Ripping someone off and finding it has dire consequences. Lying or cheating anything that you wonder if you could get away with comes back on you.

The good thing is if you feel good as things are and you are happy you feel no need to explore why you shouldn't do something because you haven't the desire to. A good example, I was at a meeting and the speaker had a box on the table with wrapping paper around it. He gave his talk for an hour or more and then said "So the question is what is in the box?" I had no idea what he was talking about, "What box?" I thought to myself. He pointed at the box in the middle of the table, I thought, "I don't care what is in the box, I came to hear you speak." It was like to me that box didn't even exist that whole time I was there. I thought it was left there from some one else and had nothing to do with the meeting! lol

I was simply there for the meeting and had no curiosity about the box at all.


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Wade Casaldi

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I love that you brought up Eve.. Thanks for sharing. ^_^

(15 Mar '12, 13:28) Snow
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