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I have long been interested in human interface with technology. Particularly how we can achieve meditational levels with bio-feedback.

The earlier consumer devices did not measure brain waves effectively, except for medical equipment, not available to the public and very expensive. The device I am describing here accurately measures brain waves.

It is also an interface whereby you can control devices using only your mind!! With the Emotive EEG I am able to control mouse movements, games and much more with my mind. It is a strange, but somehow familiar feeling (Deja Vu) to put away the keyboard and mouse and still have computer access, using only my mind!

Emotive EEG

I have the Research Edition with SDK (Software Development Keys) and can develop software applications to experiment further, some with home automation and maybe robotics.

The device does record EEG output, so I use it with creating brain entrainment sound tracks to develop deeper levels of meditation. Can also tailor these sound tracks for whatever level of meditation desired. Can add subliminal commands (to myself) and guided meditations.

People who have lost a limb are using these to control robotic replacements. Even quadraplegics who have never been able to control any limb movement!

Just began using this device, will let you know how it progresses.

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Dollar Bill

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Barry Allen ♦♦

This is very interesting stuff, thank you Bill.

(31 Dec '12, 09:33) lastplacefavourite

@Dollar Bill - yes me too i'd love to know more, happy new year from France ... :)

(31 Dec '12, 10:03) blubird two
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I tried that game at a while ago at a health fair. But it didn't work for me there. I had to control some hot air balloon. I couldn't do it, at least not there. The guy said you need to relax to control it. That just annoyed me, I said what do you think I am doing the game says to relax to control it! It was endorsed by Chopra I remember, I couldn't get it work, it must have been set to expert or something. After a while I just said forget it! I don't have time for this right now.

I am more used to action games anyway, there was no shooting, no bombing, no lasers, no monsters, no race cars, just some dull hot air balloon.

Of course could you imagine a video game where the goal is to relax while driving a race car being shot at by monsters while trying to bomb alien cities? LOL

You just can't test technology like that in a mall like atmosphere, people all around talking and walking and bumping into you as they walk past. Then there was the sticker shock, that thing was expensive! So I knew even if I had liked it I couldn't buy it anyway.

If you made yours work congratulations. :-)


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Wade Casaldi

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