In reference to the question:Do you open your self to Brilliant ideas and potential cults ?

If Jesus, Buddha, (insert your deity here) were here today would they have their own web-site? Would they charge for you to see them? Would they have videos on youtube? What would their marketing strategy be?

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@ursixx: Jesus is charging on His site, craigslist but the site sure is a miracle.

(31 Aug '10, 15:20) Back2Basics

What if they are in-fact reincarnated and none of their friends are taking them seriously? What if Jesus is right now busy turning water into wine & his friends are telling him, Oh come-on I saw Criss Angel do that on TV the other day.

(01 Sep '10, 02:33) The Traveller

Thanks Barry Allen,,,

(03 Sep '10, 09:43) ursixx
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Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that both Jesus and Buddha both preached the idea that every person is capable of reaching the divine by individual effort.

They said "follow me' but they meant "follow me and I will show you how YOU can reach the divine through your own effort"

Today most people are doing exactly that. They are taking the Initiative to not just show up for prayer, but are taking the initiative in privacy to lead their own search.

So maybe what was representative of individuals like them(Jesus) has given way to a wider pool of individuals, each trying to push the boundary of the unknown and learning to share the collective reach of our expanding curiosity for the benefit of all.

In other words, Yes...they are now represented in many individuals, each, though not as gifted or incredible as they were, are willing to share what they can and what they know through this wonderful collective medium known as the internet.

With regards to my original question about brilliant ideas and cults, I found that the site I was referring to was dealing with questions in a way that was brilliantly stimulating to the curiosity and at the same time blatantly cult like in their organizational structure.

But then again, in a reverse twist of observation, if you step back and look at any modern day religion there is not much difference between what a person must become in order to follow any of today's religions or join a cult.


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The Traveller

so did they mean "follow me" on twitter ;)

(01 Sep '10, 08:06) ursixx

I think it's possible, as it's the most viable way of spreading the Word in today's society - reaching a large amount of people in the shortest amount of time. However, I doubt if they would be charging for it - they would want as many people as possible to have access and would not want it witheld from those who couldn't afford it.


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I believe that they are here today (not in the physical sense) and they have an even more sophisticated communication system than the webpage. We can contact them without even going online.


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Love is the Universal message.


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i don't believe so, neither of them was selling anything;

beings like them come around every once in a while to show the rest of us how life could be lived,

they have time to let you get the message, you have freedom of choice.


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Funny thing about JESUS,he mostly preached in the synogoges ( did i spell that right ) It seems He thought the religious types needed more help than the publicans and so called sinners. Perhaps He wouldnt have a web page but would start His work in the established religions. But if He did have a web page i hope it would be free. Dont know much about Buddha but from what ive heard He wouldnt make money out of us either. Graham


answered 03 Sep '10, 07:53

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Monty Riviera

synagogues is how my spell check spells it :).The image of sheep and the shepherd come to mind when I read your answer.If I was a reputed Deity I guess that would be a better place to start.Get the bosses in line and the employees will follow.and the employees can always check the company website for more info ...

(03 Sep '10, 15:07) ursixx

Nice comment ursixx

(06 Sep '10, 12:52) Monty Riviera
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