Is "Christ" exclusively a christian concept, or is it a universal principle found in every religion, albeit in different forms?

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No, Christ is not an universal concept found in every religion. Because Jesus Christ is the word of God manifest into flesh to save man kind from it self (from all of it many sins) so that we may all have an chance to go to heaven an be with God in Heaven, which is where ever God is.Now there is no other religion where a god came down and died for all of man kind and their sins and rose again. God is the only one that loved us that much. Now there maybe other entities that we associate and call an god that may have some abilities but no other God that loved us that much to do that for us mere humans. Now their is an concept to believe in something in all cultures and religions all over the world but not the Christ concept. The Christ concept is believing in the one and only true living God who came down here to dwell with man kind but we refused him and only wanted him to talk to an man and let the man tell us what he says. The man was Moses and later on prophets. but we missed the whole concept we don't need others to tell us about him we can talk to him our own personal selves and he will hear us and listen to what we have to say because he cares about us.

Now there is an difference between religion and christianity. You can make an religion out of anything and anybody for any reason. Christianity is believing in God the father that Jesus Christ was born, lived, died and rose again and that the Holy Spirit the comforter was sent to us after Jesus ascended into heaven. Now why did God do this because he created man kind and he loves man kind so much that he came to save man kind and give us a chance. Are we worthy of this, I think so but I wonder sometimes do we think we are worthy for we seem not to care about one another or even ourselves. God gave us the ability to love him, other people and our selves. For if we love God than that love that is deep within us will spread out to others and how we treat them and of course of how we treat ourselves. Now there is evil out there that wants us to mis treat our selves, other people and believe false lies, or half truths and want us to be depressed and suspressed.

But man kind seems to have to worship something it is built into him but he/she must find out why he has this inward yearning to worship something. It is because we have that inward learning to worship (love and want to be with our creator God). There is an need there but we don't want to admit it.

So, we create many different things, persons, unknows to worship.Every entity is not right and good for us and there maybe billions of entities who may try to decieves us into believing in it. We are so gullible as humans especially if the entity has an little power we start of following it down the wrong path for us. But there goes our free will again being used without thinking sometimes.

We also do this because it is how we are brought up or raise but once we become grown we search and find our own way about who or what to believe in. Now everyone know that there is another force out there that create this world and us. We just differ on who and why. Scientists just come along and try to prove why of everything. But life and God is not an experiment you can't prove that this is real with an set of equations or fomulars every time. For the spirit world does exist before we did. For we are an spiritual human being. In time most will discover what is hidden down deep within their soul who they really are. As for me I know that I am an child of God an heir to the kingdom of God.

Now we all have free will to chose to believe in who are what ever we want or not believe in anything. God gives us this ability or choice. So, we must think wisely and search our hearts, minds, and soul and come up with the right answer for each of us.

Now, the devil will try and deceive you through many devices, lies, and half truths. He has infiltrate the true religion of God many hundreds of years ago.

Ask God talk to him and tell him that you are blind, lost, confused and don't know your way in life about him. You are desperately trying to find him and so you ask him to show you the way and have understanding about him ask with your soul and he will answer you and show you the way. For there is only one way and porter and that is through Jesus Christ. For Jesus Christ said I am the way to the kingdom of heaven. Now is his name different in many other languages I am sure it is. But deep within your hearts you know that you know that he is real, loving and powerful. Miracles are still being create by those who believe they still exist. Hold on unto your faith in God and Jesus Christ. Go deep within your soul and the answer lies there not outside of you for you are still connect to God and he will answer you if you ask him and he will show you the way back to him for his love is so strong for you and his arms are open wide for you to come in unto.


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If, as you say, Christ is the Word of God, then, is that creative power, that omnipotence, the life-force behind all existence and all-truth present universally or just in Christianity?

(05 Mar '10, 15:03) Twelvesprings

Christ is neither exclusively Christian, nor universal. "Christ" is from the Greek, Χριστός (christos), meaning anointed. While Christianity, Judaism and Islam all speak of Christ, they differ sharply in their belief about who Christ is. (I won't go into lengthy detail.)

The significance of the word "anointed" is that the Christ is anointed by God to fulfill a special role in God's dealings with humanity.

Since all religions do not include the concept of a God who carries out a special task through a specially selected "agent" then we cannot say even in the most general terms that Christ is a universal concept.


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All religions do in fact have one or more preachers (which you would call God). These preachers are the most enlightened beings according to the different religions who teach other people through words and most of all though their actions. So, in answer to your question, yes, the 'Christ' concept is universal.

I am not a believer in religion although I used to be. I used to practice Hinduism where there are hundreds of gods and hundreds of sacred scriptures which you had to live your life by. But I have come to the realisation over the last few years that these scriptures were written thousands of years ago by people from those ancient civilisations. So, I do question how those teachings are relevant in the present day.

I am also trying to understand whether the different religions actually convey the same message at a deeper level which I believe they are. Could anybody shed more light on this?


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Pink Diamond

Preachers are not God, though they may give us God's messages. However enlightened they may be, they are still not God :>)

(11 Oct '09, 23:43) Rebecca

No, all religions do not convey the same messages on an deeper level. Religions are cloak in so many false trails, lies, half truths, deceptions, and complete mis-understanding to mysticism, which means the spiritual discipline of communion with God.

(12 Oct '09, 08:24) flowingwater

You are correct Rebecca, thanks for pointing it out. All preachers are not God. I was being too specific coming from my Hinduism background where we call them Gods as they are incarnations of God himself.

(12 Oct '09, 20:32) Pink Diamond
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Yes I think it's a state mind that is known in many spiritual teachings by many names. and like all spiritual teachings with any value, religions hide it and lost the key ! .. of course, people who take things literally and not symbolically would have to disagree with this point of view. :-) I have personally experienced this state of mind ( proven and confirmed by the effect and results in reality ) in more than two religions. same state of mind, same effect, different name or form. and the most imprtant, different symbols used to get you there. in my opinion, that's why you will find very clear similarities between many religions regarding their main leading character. this caused many people to simply reject all and label them as myths and legends with no spiritual value. well, I don't agree with this point of view. it's like saying that, telling different stories to deliver the same meaning or the same message for different minds at different times is wrong. nothing could be far from the truth.


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I look at it like this , Christ is the universal anser .This is scripture, John 1:1-5 this is the word that is spoken of. The word is Jesus, understand that nothing was created without him, how? why? name anything ! Really ! name anything! ok , now EVERYTHING that you named has syllabols, letters, and a word . There is the proof that Jesus the living word exists in everything , and everything for his glory.

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Popi Bearcat Gibson

Good question Christ (krito mean anoited by good one that is born of water and spirit and went back above with a pure heart saw God and talked with God,and came back down on earth.) In some other religion Jivanmukta (derived from the word, Jivanmukti, a combination of Sanskrit words jiva and mukti) is someone who, in the Advaita philosophy of Hinduism, has gained dradh nishthaa, firmly assimilated knowledge of the Self- and is liberated while living in a human body, free from rebirth.

Tathāgata (pronounced [t̪əˈtɑɡət̪ə], Devanagari: तथागत) is a Pali and Sanskrit word that the Buddha of the Pali Canon uses when referring to himself. The term is often thought to mean either "one who has thus gone" (tathā-gata) or "one who has thus come" (tathā-āgata). This is interpreted as signifying that the Tathagata is beyond all coming and going – beyond all transitory phenomena. However there are other interpretations and the precise original meaning of the word is not certain.[1]

The Buddha is quoted on numerous occasions in the Pali Canon as referring to himself as the Tathagata instead of using the pronouns me, I or myself. This may be meant to emphasize by implication that the teaching is uttered by one who has transcended the human condition, one beyond the otherwise endless cycle of rebirth and death, i.e. beyond suffering.

Monks, in the world with its devas, Mara and Brahma, in this generation with its ascetics and brahmins, devas and humans, whatever is seen, heard, sensed and cognized, attained, searched into, pondered over by the mind—all that is fully understood by the Tathagata. That is why he is called the Tathagata.

“”Anguttara Nikaya 4:23, trans. Nyanaponika Thera and Bhikkhu Bodhi

The term also occurs as a synonym for arahant, identifying one who has attained the ultimate in the holy life.[2]:227 There is even a sense in which such a one is no longer human...[3] "a tathāgata, a superior state of being (uttama-puriso)".[2]:22

Can also say that many knowledge is coded in wisdom,like the first bible the codex(gnosis,find back in 1945),the tao,the teaching of bodhidharma.indien culture,the greatest path is between the mind and the heart to soar like eagle.alchemy(the roseta stone) mythology(the Pheonix),legends (excalibur). They sometime do not define Christ directly but they all talk about the same thing.(Making the human heart pure and going back up).


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white tiger

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