The principal with manifesting things is to feel good. I'm not going to go into the mechanics of it all and post links on the question because I feel we all have a general knowledge on how our energy and feelings work (if you're going to give me an answer).

If I want to manifest something mostly (if not completly) out of my control (manifesting a romantic partner for example) there only seems to be one thing that works for me that makes me manifest things.

And that is this: I take action on other issues in my life, and that accomplishment style happiness spills over and allows me to get my manifestations. It heightens my vibration and energy in a sense.

Example: I'll finish a university assignment, I'll do some paper work, I'll get productive and do something that needs to be done: this allows me to feel good and then allows me to gain vibrational matches in subjects that are out of my control.

If I am not productive, I don't get any vibrational matches until I decide to get off my ass and do some important activity in my life. This observationally fits my equation with this subject.

Time and time again I have proved this fact to be true in my life. If I do things that I feel need to be done, then all of a sudden I start achieving great gymnastics accomplishments (my personal example).

My issue is that I have not had any success with focus blocks, handing things over to the universe, "aligning first" before action or anything that does not require physical effort initially. I won't feel good unless I do something.

The only applicable concepts that have been of any value to me on this website (since joining) has been Manifesting Experiment 3, and Stingrays explaination upon making decisions to generate energy.

Is there something wrong with me? Am I lacking something considering I gain zero value from exercises that require thinking/feeling/focusing first, opposed to physical effort and then feeling?

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Thinking is doing... but if you wanna feel good just by thoughts themselves. Well, don't you have dreams that make you feel good? When you imagine where would you go and what would you do, if you had all the money to get out of the current situation, press reset button and start all over again. Or if you want a girl, imagine what you want her to be like. etc.

Physical doing is always great, but if I don't feel like it, I just day dream for a while. Watching movies make you day dream too.

(10 Apr '13, 03:11) CalonLan

@Nikulas There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with your method or taking action. You are right where you are supposed to be. I think the reasons the other methods don't come naturally to you is because you don't trust the Universe to provide. Perhaps you demand proof. If you could let go of your doubts & trust that the Universe will provide, it will. Feel your intentions in your heart & know it's w/in your power. Let go & let your higher self complete the task.

(10 Apr '13, 05:34) ele

In what universe is manifesting a romantic partner something that is outside of your control?

(10 Apr '13, 11:16) flowsurfer

nikulas, no, the creative force that seeds your life is active. you seem to recognize its need for movement

(10 Apr '13, 15:24) fred
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Have you tried the following "foolproof" way to manifest things? I admit that it is not the most exciting method but I know that it works 100%. You will feel good. There is no way you can fail.

So here it is.

  • Wake up and do inner body meditation while lying in bed for 15 minutes. (, free access code: MC2FREE)
  • Get out of bed and meditate for 15 minutes observing your breath. Or do any other guided meditation.
  • Now every 15 minutes you start to meditate for 3-5 minutes throughout the day. So this requires you to check your watch constantly during the day.
  • Each time you have to do a task that you don't like, also meditate for 3-4 minutes before doing it.
  • Before going to bed, meditate again for 15 minutes and then go to sleep.
  • I would suggest to buy a stopwatch so each time you know when to stop to meditate. Because looking at your watch during meditation is not a good idea.

That's it.

You will feel really good after 1-3 days. And then it will probably get a little uncomfortable. Usually you need a clearing technique that works at this point such as EFT, Sedona Method etc. But because nothing seems to work for you, inner body meditation will do the trick here, guaranteed!

By observing and relaxing into your inner body energies, you will automatically neutralize negative, surpressed emotions that come up. It is the only foolproof technique that I know.

  • So you meditate all the time during the day as described above and each time you feel really uncomfortable, you switch to inner body meditation immediately and relax into your discomforting energies.
  • This way you will feel good/amazing at least 80% of the time and thus you will be in allowing mode. So things will start to manifest because you will get over the tipping point. And now all the things that are waiting for you in your vortex can come to you.

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Thanks @releaser99. Though this doesn't answer my question, I pretty much have my own plan to manifest things now, but this adds a nice little 'extra' to it which I'm sure will boost my life. Great ideas buddy :)

(10 Apr '13, 03:17) Nikulas

@Nikulas You are welcome. I don't think that there is anything wrong with you :). I believe that as always it comes down to undetected limiting beliefs at work. Some beliefs inside you say that feeling good without taking action will cause you to die somehow. So therefore meditation is an alternative way to manifest without taking (forced) action first. It will simply bypass those beliefs.

(10 Apr '13, 03:29) releaser99

@Releaser99- Excellent answer here, thanks:) @Nikulas- There is not one thing "wrong" with you ever! I would say from my experience that you might have an emotional blockage. Either your avoiding it or unaware of it. Making adjustments on the physical or even mental level might bring you temporary relief but until that adjustment is made on the emotional level you may find yourself back here sooner or later asking a similar question! Good luck buddy:)

(10 Apr '13, 03:58) Satori
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"The world in which we live is a world of imagination. In fact, life itself is an activity of imagining." - Neville Goddard, The Law and The Promise

There are many things I don't know or can't apply but there are things that I do know. All activity it at heart imaginal. You move your hands by imagination. You go to the grocery store by imagination. But it is a grounded imagination, it is grounded in the feedback you receive from your senses, as opposed to a flight of fancy which is not. There is no real distinction between something you do "externally" and something you do "internally".

Think of it like this, life is a stage and all the men and women in it are merely actors. Action, acting, is assuming a role. An actor doesn't think about his role, he thinks from his role, and behaves based on what that role implies. Whatever you do in life, implies a role. Not doing something you think needs done implies disharmony with your role, it's sort of like being a bad actor. So when you do the thing you think needs done, you fall back into alignment with your role. You could also create that alignment by changing the role so the thing you think needs done no longer needs to be done. For example, if you quit college, or abandon the idea of doing well in college, your role no longer demands that you act like a good student.

All these inner techniques do is help clarify the role you are in and if desired, shift you to a new role. Action is an automatic reaction to immersion within a particular role. I'm going to repeat this over and over, action is automatic. Any corruption in the way you are acting is in fact a corruption of your sense of identity, you are not fully immersed in the role. In some cases this shift is easy and in others it is very difficult, for one important reason: lack of trust in the director of the play (God) to support that shift.

That is the difficulty I have. The shift I wish to make is too big and my faith in God too small, locking me into a role I do not want to act in. But I still do, because as long as I remain in this role, I am compelled to act in alignment with it.

To try and put this in more practical terms, feeling good is not essential to manifesting things. Otherwise, people that feel bad would live in a permanent void. Feeling good is the signal that you are in alignment with the role you desire to play. If "taking action" makes you feel good, it's because that action aligns you. Feeling good is a result of that alignment. You could say your emotions are your first, most immediate manifestations. If you feel bad, you are aligned to bad things. You are still aligned and you will manifest, just not what you want.


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