Simply put, I desired something at the start and I tried to "manifest" it by getting into the Vortex, doing focus blocks, the 30-day Vortex challenge etc.I must admit it was pretty difficult at the start, but nearing the end I just somehow felt that I had this "knowing" that this thing would appear soon. It's quite difficult to describe this "knowing" feeling before but I had it before too and this time it was also pretty short (maybe like a minute or two).

An example would be I may have graduated with an Arts Degree in History, but after that I feel that I am more interested in an IT job or career. So at the start, I may have felt this was pretty difficult and impossible without any experience or academic background, so I would be willing to lower my expectations to land such a job. For instance, if the market rate for a degree holder is $2800 (own country currency, not USD0 in my country, I may be willing to accept a lower pay like $1000-$2000 just to gain the experience and necessary exposure, or even work for free at the start. So I might have told myself that if such a job comes along with a salary of $1500, I would grab it without hesitation, without comparing with my peers or the market rate.

Miraculously, this job offer might have materialized through unexpected means (maybe through a job portal you have never used or seen before) and the offer was given even if you might have flunked the interview badly.

But when the offer is right in front of you, then suddenly you feel that you don't want the job anymore, even though you told yourself beforehand you wanted it badly.

So why is such a thing happening? I understand that our desires also evolve and grow bigger with time, but this is not the feeling I am getting, it is more of a feeling of indecisiveness and doubt. i.e. I dont feel like I desire a greater job at the moment

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Hi kakaboo,

the beauty of a forum like this, is that you can read back what you wrote and feel how the text feels. Reading your post, you can feel that the course you are choosing, does not have anything to do with desire. Well, maybe that's not put correctly. The main problem is, you are 'killing' your desire with false assumptions and premises. Again, it's all about vibration and cultivating the right vibrational environment for the right job to come to you. At this point you are overthinking everything and killing the emotion you are looking for. What emotion holds the job you desire? Could you formulate one word emotional words that hold the feeling you would like to experience while having that job? What are you loonikg for emationally instead of practically? Sticking to the emotion is keeping the right emotion and thus vibration alive, so the Universe can bring that thing to you what will enhance that feeling. Try loosing the financial part which is tripping you up, and add more emotion to the equation by writing: If I would have this job, it would make me feel....... Manage the vibration!

Have fun!


answered 20 Nov '14, 05:37

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Sometimes people are more interested in the thrill of the chase / the challenge than the having of the object of their desires. It is also possible that this job is not what you're really after but an excuse to cover up for something else but only you can decide what that real desire is e.g. seeking peer group acceptance and other aspects of conformity. I've done that a few times. As for the market, let the market worry about itself decide what income you'd like and stick with it (: just keep happiness and well-being as the fundamental focus :). There's always someone beating the market and that's because they stick to their focus.


answered 20 Nov '14, 05:52

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