Are we giving hard work a bad name?
Is it possible that hard work and action are required a little more than we give credit to?

Member StingRay did his Manifestation Experiment 3 on inspired action but other than that I have not seen much thought given to it.

Personally for me, action is worth very little if it is coming from a non-inspired, negative, feeling stuck state. On the other hand, very hard work coming from a inspired, driven, competitive, strong place has been very beneficial and has made the largest difference in my life relative to others who just plain out did not do the hard work.

So, should we be MORE careful in how we explain why doing is not always a solution?


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Both work/action and inspiration/faith are needed to succeed in most things, just as you wrote. This is an old idea BTW, it's in the Bible someplace, "faith without works is dead" (James 2:20)


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great reference...

(22 Oct '10, 01:12) Back2Basics

Short yet highly elaborate answer. Nice one...

(10 Apr '13, 07:36) Romel

As I understand it:

  1. If there is no time limit for needing the manifestation, or
  2. If the manifestation is primarily mental in nature

Then no action is required, other than thinking about it.

But for most people, it is more interesting if what they desire actually appears in their physical existence, within a reasonable time-frame. For that, I believe that some action is required, even if that action is merely letting people around you know that you desire the thing.

Our minds have two important characteristics:

  1. They are goal-seeking mechanisms, and
  2. They are filters.

When you give your mind a desire to manifest, you cause it to begin looking for things in your environment that will help you achieve that manifestation. Your mind begins a "matching" process, identifying those things that will help you manifest your desire, and filtering out the rest.

That means that you must be out there in the environment, living life, so that your mind will pick up the opportunities that are already out there. It's hard to imagine manifesting anything substantial in the physical world, if all you do is sit in a dark room and meditate. However, if you do that, and then go out and live your life, you will find opportunities that were there all along, but you just never noticed them because your mind wasn't sensitized to identifying them.

This process can seem miraculous, but it's not, really. It's simply the Law of Attraction at work.

For those of you that say, "Well, the world is just a mental construction anyway," that's fine. I would say that the world is a river of thought that might possibly be bent to your will, if you were enlightened enough to see that high. But even Abraham says to "follow the river." Trying to control the world is like rowing upstream.

Most people do not achieve what they want to achieve, not because they can't control the world, but because they can't control their thoughts. They fail to achieve their desires because they don't believe they can, and they have a ready list of excuses, reasons and rationalizations to convince you that their limiting beliefs are true.

There is one more thing, and that is, the person with better knowledge can work more effectively. So part of the Law of Attraction is finding out how to make your actions more effective, so that those actions produce better results. This is the true aim of education, which seeks to discover that knowledge which produces better results, and transfer it to the next generation.


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awesome, thanks

(22 Oct '10, 01:11) Back2Basics

I think that the use of the word "hard" as in work needs to be examined. What is hard for some is not for others. I look at it as, Are you doing the right work that matches your vibration?

As long as you are at peace with and enjoy what ever actions you take, being it for money or pleasure then all is good in your universe.

Our "job" is to seek happiness, do whatever makes you happy and the money will follow and it will be effortless.

Living should be effortless.

Much love.


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The law of attraction does not necessarily mean that no action is necessary. For example if you wanted to become a doctor, you would have to go back to school. As I have experienced it, the law of attraction works different ways. It can manifest without no action or the universe can guide you in the direction that you need to go. It will bring people into your life that you need to help you to get to where you want to go. Sometimes we have great aspirations but we may need to do other things first to get there. The universe will guide us.


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that is a good way to put it, thanks!

(22 Oct '10, 01:09) Back2Basics

There is nothing wrong with hard work if you are enjoying it.


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