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Is it better off to view "opportunities" in life as overly abundant and infinite, or better off to view them as "rare and hard to come by"?

Infinite opportunity paradigm as follows) When there is an opportunity in life, you don't have to worry about not taking it, because the universe will have back up plan, after back up plan, after backup plan. Likewise when it comes to channelling things from your Higher Mind, Bashar has even said the higher mind will never ever give up no matter what. This means if there is a piece of advise or a teaching or opportunity, and you don't understand it, to not worry because Higher Mind will dish you something different anyways in order to grasp what you ought to grasp.

This may also mean that if your beliefs are not congruent with a particular thing you wish to manifest, that when it comes to taking action there is no need to pressure yourself to do something until you are 'ready' to do it.

Now doesn't this sound great? Unlimited opportunities!! No need to worry ever!


Does this mean you will necessarily take the experience then? Introduce the scarcity perception.

Scarcity of opportunity) This means that opportunities are rare and fleeting. It means when the train comes along, you better jump on board because you never know when that train will come next. What if there isn't another train for a long time if not ever?

Now this mean sound devilish, but I propose that if we were to view opportunities as rare and fleeting, then our likelihood of capitalising on those experiences and taking them would increase. New experiences can be invested into quicker doing this sort of mentality. By paradoxically seeing opportunities as rare, then it is higher leverage for us to jump on the train and have an adventure isn't it?

What do you think? Is life more efficient to live from a "opportunities are rare" or "opportunities are abundant" mentality in order to get new life experiences, manifest what we want, feel more alive and more in the flow? I advise to please consider my invitation to consider a scarcity mentality as our best friend rather than a hindrance


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Whenever I have considered something to be an opportunity, I have always taken it. I have regretted taking some of those "opportunities" later, but I have always taken them, and I always will.

It's not my experience that the Universe will keep looking for ways to give you what you want. In at least two occasions in the past I have done something stupid, in moments of blind rage. Since then I have been waiting for the Universe to give me an opportunity to remedy them. Still waiting.

With that as my track record, I think I can be excused if I don't feel the inclination to test the Universe and mess around with it.


Here is the real reason I always take an opportunity when it's first offered.

It is this:

If I miss an opportunity, I'd probably spend the next five years trying to (mostly unsuccessfully) soothe the vibrations of regret and lack caused by the act of missing the opportunity, giving the Universe plenty of excuses for not offering me that opportunity again...

Who really wants that hassle?

Update 2:

Here is an interesting twist to it.

Suppose I want a new car. I am offered an opportunity of getting such a car, and I take the opportunity, thinking I might not get another chance. Now if you suggest that I am operating from a place of lack (hence taking the first opportunity), how did I manage to attract the opportunity in the first place?


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"Since then I have been waiting for the Universe to give me an opportunity to remedy them. Still waiting"

of course you'll be waiting, if you're waiting for the opportunity to fix it - you just imply in your energy "it's not remedied yet", so you continue creating the same. When you change it in your energy, you won't be waiting

(12 Nov '17, 08:31) Olga Farber

@Olga Farber, that's what I used to think as well. Then from time to time I'd go for months without ever thinking about those events, and then suddenly become aware one day that even though I had gotten out of the way, the reality didn't shift.

(12 Nov '17, 08:54) cod2

@cod2, it could mean at one of at least 2 things: a) you hadn't really gotten out of the way, b) it was a spiral, with new stream expanding.

But actually when you say "the reality hadn't shifted", it already speaks a lot of what you see as reality, where you see the main changing place, etc.

(12 Nov '17, 08:59) Olga Farber

@Olga Farber, I knew you were going to say "you hadn't really gotten out of the way".

Let's just leave it there.

(12 Nov '17, 09:01) cod2

@cod2, but it's not what I said :)

(12 Nov '17, 09:04) Olga Farber

about the car - the lack is only a perceptional thing. there isnt a real lack. oportunities always presents themselves. the question is if you see them, if you take them or not ,and how you feel when you take them. you can read my full answer above.

(12 Nov '17, 15:12) myself

@Cod2- Yes! Exactly my point!! It is such a paradox, but it is a real one for me to grasp. There have been so many things in my life I have lost and not done because I believed in "oh I'll do it another time I'll get another chance another day" but then I never do. Great metaphors exactly my point.

(12 Nov '17, 18:41) Nikulas

Opportunities come but they are never exactly the same as the missed one, I'd say. They are similar, better, worse. But there are no same opportunities. A missed opportunity is forever missed; only something similar will have to do. Right now I don't see a reasonable explanation for why is that so. My 2 cents

(13 Nov '17, 12:40) Marin

@Marin- Yes, yes, yes..."A missed opportunity is forever missed." To me this has been ever so true, bitterly true when I think of things I have failed to act on. It hurts at times. But the hurt helps me engrain this lesson for good and to realise that I wont rely on some 'magical future opportunity' (that hasn't happened or MAY not happen) but even if I am tired, or cranky, or out of the vortex, then I shall still rise to the occasion and at least give it a crack

(13 Nov '17, 19:04) Nikulas
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By paradoxically seeing opportunities as rare, then it is higher leverage for us to jump on the train and have an adventure isn't it?

What you're suggesting sounds a bit like Gurdjieff's Fourth Way philosophy i.e. when presented with two opportunities in life, always take the more difficult one because it will "wake you up" out of the semi-hypnotic Matrix-like trance that most of humanity is in.

alt text

A long time ago, before Abraham/Bashar etc, I used to consciously live that way and I did live a lot of life experiences that many people would probably never live, or dare to live. And to some extent, I still choose to live that way even today just for the sake of the adventure.

It's an interesting way to live - scarcity mentality for the sake of experience - it's the extending elastic band approach to life. Nothing wrong with it either, as far as I can see, as long as you enjoy a bit of drama in your life...certainly helps keep you out of life ruts :)

So when you say...

Is life more efficient to live from a "opportunities are rare" or "opportunities are abundant" mentality in order to get new life experiences, manifest what we want, feel more alive and more in the flow?

...I wouldn't say it's more efficient to live that way but there's nothing like a bit of self-imposed limitation from time to time to feel the aliveness of being alive.

The truth, I think, is even broader...just by incarnating on Earth at this time, we're all engaging in a bit of Extreme Attracting whether we know it or not :)


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Thanks for your answer! My point I did not convey good enough was this- If we DONT take an 'opportunity', who is to say we will ever take it in the future? I have seen in my life countless opportunities I have let slip by and fall by me, upset that I didn't act on them....And those opportunities never came round ever again, they are totally gone. No one to harness them back. Done. This was the inspiration for my post more than a deliberate way to live dangerously. When an opportunity comes act

(12 Nov '17, 18:23) Nikulas

So that is what I meant by "scarcity of opportunity." - to believe in the idea that yes, one certainly can waste an idea or opportunity by NOT acting on it. Why do they waste it? I believe it comes down to them thinking there is the abundance, and so they just don't act....And those opportunities are dead and never come back again.

Charlie and chocolate factory; here is your one chance to get in with your golden ticket, so use it. There wont.....

(12 Nov '17, 18:26) Nikulas

I wonder, @Nikulas, what thought would feel better to you: "they are gone and will never come again, I failed" or "even better opportunities will come, always, I am a success"

(12 Nov '17, 18:27) Olga Farber

......EVER be another one any time soon, and no promise there will be.

This is what I meant by rarity of opportunity. Does this make sense? What are your thoughts on this reality where it IS a HIGH probability of 'missing out' in life? And because of this knowingness, we are more biased to ACT on opportunities. This is not meant to encourage hopelessness, but paradoxically the opposite! It is GOOD that opportunities are rare. Do you buy into this?

(12 Nov '17, 18:28) Nikulas
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Both, in the proper way.

The opportunities that come to you in your day-to-day life where created by the universe, responding to your dominant vibrations. Once they have come, you have the opportunity the play them out. So it is good to be present in the moment, and not wandering off, when they come. It is also good to be confident, so you can act on them in the way of your chosing. In that sense, you treat them not necessarily as scarce, but as precious- something to be treated with great care. You don't have to wait for something to be scarce to do that.

However, you have infinite influence over the opportunities that you come to you, and no limit to your opportunity to create more of them. You do this by imagining things you prefer in great detail, and perhaps using breathing and a formal ritual with a strong beginning and ending to better override existing contradictory thoughts. When you are imagining, remove all limitations- the universe will make the best near equivalent available according to your current beliefs. Let the universe make all compromises, in your thoughts, you imagine exactly what you prefer. Here's one from Abraham Hicks I really enjoy in the imagination department: "It is just as easy to create a castle as to create a button".


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"View them as precious." I like this. However, does this imply that there is an abundance of precious opportunities? I don't think so. I believe that there is a situation, and yes, it is time to rise to the occasion right then and there. I stay awake by imagining it will be my only shot ever left in this world.

Yes we are unlimited beings. But this is my only life I will ever get specially in this form. Knowing that, I appreciate my existence more and I use it best as I can.

(12 Nov '17, 18:37) Nikulas

Thank you!

Yes, there is an abundance of precious opportunities- every moment is one.

To illustrate this, you could try looking at everything around you as alive and conscious. Keep it up for a while. This is the same worldview many nonwestern people have.

I did this was while walking down the street and in my imagination the spirit of everything around me came a live- it was quite the party. It was a not-obviously-pretty street in Berlin.

(13 Nov '17, 06:11) cmc

It reminds me of the movie "Yes man": at the end that big lecturer explaining, that his "say yes" meant not stopping ourselves in saying yes to things which we do want.

Your "scarcity" approach seems to do the same: encourage, push to act, instead of "waiting because we may not succeed with this action" or something like this.

So maybe it can be taken one step forward, to remove from that the scarcity, too: for example, saying "what if acting is beneficial for me?" or "what if acting now is fun and it won't matter what result I get immediately, acting will just evoke something beneficial anyway", etc.

Then it won't evoke the "acting out of fear", so it won't activate the negative side of it.

And I can already see that sometimes it will feel better to me than "what if I can just not do anything now", and sometimes it won't. And I love this beauty of being able to use this GPS every time currently, up to date, relevant to this specific situation.

Life is good :)

P.S. It is important to realize here, what you use action for: in the "infinite" approach the action is not "required" in terms of enforcing the result by it. But you can still act if you feel like it. The matter is that usually we let our fears stand in the way, because we see action as creating the result, physically.

In this case when we push ourselves to act anyway, overriding the fear with another fear, it won't be the best experience. When you know you'll have billions other opportunities, but "wildest horses can't keep you from acting now", then it's the best experience.

P.P.S. I wonder, if you use this scarcity model, will you experience then the situation, when you absolutely can refrain from action, "because it's done", as AH say, but you SO want to act, that you act purely because of it?

Because if you tie the result with going for the opportunity, you so develop the belief that you act "in order" for the manifestation to happen, that you may not feel this, that you can completely let go - because your life just works, and that you just want to act, and you act because you want to, being in the moment.


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Olga Farber

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Seeing infinite opportunities and following the energies of eagerness and joy is a more sustainable life choice.

Seeing opportunities as scarce with the fear of missing out or doing something wrong is surely a motivator, but not a sustainable one, as it has ramifications in the physical body like aging and illness.

It is possible to fully appreciate and have reverence for the opportunities that we present ourselves, without crossing over into a scarcity mentality - i.e. scarcity is only one way to inspire appreciation.

A lot of people, these days are struggling with finding balance between being and doing, "being" meaning that infinite mindset, and "doing" meaning, in this case, the scarcity mindset. Isn't it interesting that we are working to reset our internal fuel (motivation) sources as we are also working to reset our external fuel sources (away from polluting and limited fossil fuels, and towards sustainable, clean fuels like the sun)?


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"Seeing infinite opportunities and following the energies of eagerness and joy is a more sustainable life choice." - I absolutely love what you said! I would also add to it, that for me it's a more enjoyable way to live

(12 Nov '17, 09:37) Olga Farber

Thanks for your answer. "Seeing opportunities for fear of missing out is unsustainable motivation" There is some gold in this, but I also believe is more helpful to believe in lack than people want to subscribe to. I notice on IQ there is this cool aid of "yes there is abundance." In certain regards, yes, being abundant in money and friends is great, but 'opportunities' in life are different. I believe opportunities in life ARE few and when the universe comes knocking on my door, saying.....

(12 Nov '17, 18:33) Nikulas

..."Hey Nick, have a look at this." Then my role is to be appreciative to the universe, respect the universe, and ACT.

I have found this a sharper motivation for living life opposed to thinking "Oh I can just create opportunities whenever I want to." But really? Where is my motivation and likelihood, realistically, that I can or will? Theoretically it sounds good on paper to think I can do things whenever I want to, but in practicality I don't see this at all.

(12 Nov '17, 18:35) Nikulas
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in my perspective the univers we live in is based on a scarsity mentality. and the purpuse of Bashar, AH etc is to get us out of it. so in itrodusing us to the "infinite opportunity paradigm" they are soothing our resistance.

feer is located lowest in the emotional scale. infinit (posibilities) also is an extreme. while the expectation is to be balanced (happy)

so, yes, if we look at this world as only infinit we will never take any action, and if we'll take the fear based approach we'll experiece alot but not necessarily enjoy it or feel comfertable.

in the "infinit" approach" the focus is on "not doing" (there is always more so don't act). in the "rare" approach the focus is on "doing" (there is a lack so act immediately ).

so as you can see both approaches are focused also on lack and soothing: infinit - lack of action and soothing resistance. rare- lack of oportunities and soothing the lack of infinite (lack of action).

so there's got to be a balance betwwen the two in order to act and also to enjoy it.


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Totally agree. It is this wise balance, it is the paradox. At the moment I am more rested towards the pole of choosing fear/scarcity as means to motivate me to take action and appreciate life. For if I don't, I end up just sitting on the couch and watching life pass me by

(12 Nov '17, 18:46) Nikulas

If opportunity is viewed as rare, it is valued more. Think of Gold or Diamonds, these are valuable because of the rareness of these. If we are looking at something like dust, it is worthless, it is everywhere, there is always more so it has no value.

But something rare, has great value, people even die to attempt to attain it!

So when something is rare it is cherished, you see it and don't even waste a moment to grab it, so is opportunity viewed with that same reverence, you jump on it and are so thankful for it, it becomes something very satisfying.

But if you view them as common, they lose value, after all if you know there are always more you won't care if you miss any, maybe many because there are always more.

This reminds me of the commandment not to take the name of God in vain. It is saying, keep it sacred and special, keep it rare that when needed you feel the reverence that this is a very special moment of time and something great is about to happen.

This is the same for opportunity, if you keep that thought that it is like finding a diamond in a field, you feel like your whole world changes in that moment. You thank God for that opportunity and gladly take it and run with it to fulfillment.

I think if you see every opportunity as rare as extremely valuable, you will never miss one. But also you must feel that you can spot opportunity when you have it near. Have the mind that you spot it and take advantage of it wherever you find opportunity.


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Wade Casaldi

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