It begins with contemplation. Why? So you start the seeking, the finding, the awakening and the rejoicing.And you're bursting with love and compassion for everyone and everything in Creation. And those nearest to your heart are outraged and angered at your new attitude and behaviour which is though of as a dangerous mental breakdown :) So, beloved, what do/did you do? thank you, namaste

asked 03 Sep '10, 08:36

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Try to perceive it as a challenge rather than a problem. It is often those who irk us the most who prove to be our greatest teachers - they are showing us areas of our own being that we still need to work on.

Firstly, you're probably going to have to accept where they are on their journey - they're obviously not ready to awaken yet. When we first begin to wake up, the temptation to preach and enlighten everyone around us is great, but remember that old adage - "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". So if they're not asking and they aren't receptive to your ideas,it's probably wiser and easier to say nothing. Believe me, people will begin to come into your life who are on the same wavelength.

Secondly, hard as this may seem - use your family as part of your spiritual growth. If you find their behaviour triggers certain emotions in you,recognize that this is an area within yourself that you need to work on ( I know, easier said than done ) but the more you do this the more you will find that you react less and you may even see some of those relationships changing ( for the better) without any conscious effort or awareness on their part.

Good luck - I'm sure things will begin to improve - meditate and see them improving.

Maybe,too, you could try the Focus blocks or Positive aspects process to help with this -,


answered 03 Sep '10, 13:06

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very helpful, thank you.

(08 Mar '11, 03:23) Nikki777

You're very welcome Nikki :)

(09 Mar '11, 19:17) Michaela

Im on a journey and the wifes not the slightest bit interested in it.Neither are the vast majority of friends and family. I carry on anyway. Im not responsible for another human beings walk in life.I cant reason for them and indeed shouldnt try to do so. Whos to say my destination is the right one and whos to say my journey will bring me any further forward than they may already be. I enjoy my journey and this site incidentally and i can only SHARE what ive learned or the sources ( or what i think ive learned ) .Everyones got to buy their own ticket and get on a train themselves.And those that dont( or dont seem to be ) and arnt can still be the best folks in the world to be around.



answered 06 Sep '10, 12:48

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Monty Riviera

I love your attitude Graham:)

(06 Sep '10, 13:11) Michaela

Many thanks Michela for your comment.

(06 Sep '10, 13:45) Monty Riviera

I really like your answer... I was struggling with this for sometime... and your answer really helped! Thank you!

(08 Mar '11, 03:22) Nikki777
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Like your question asks your on a journey. A journey seldom is a strait line there are curves and up hills and big trucks going slow that are hard to pass.And if the people that are in the vehicle with you don't like the music your are playing you turn it down and hum the tune to yourself.It is your journey. They won't always be sitting beside you.So soon enough they will either like the tune or find their own journey

The rule in my car is I'm driving I get to pick the music.That doesn't mean that I play it loud when a passenger is not in the mood for it,or just listen to what I want I am open to listen and hear something different .

So play it LOUD.And ENJOY the ride



answered 03 Sep '10, 15:00

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Love them in spite of themselves


answered 02 Oct '10, 01:49

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The Traveller

Good one traveller!

(02 Oct '10, 11:31) daniele

you remember when you were not there yet and be patient,
it is your choice for you to be on the journrey,
be willing to share, when asked, without being pushy


answered 01 Oct '10, 00:36

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I have given up on trying to change or fix others because they do not need fixing. Everyone is just doing what they are doing and that is now fine with me.

Since I now accept every living thing on this planet as perfect, there is no need to change anything. Except myself when I find necessary. :)

The more I focus on control of my own thoughts and get better grasp on my own well being the less interested I became in others story. (as far as trying to mold or change)

Now, surrounded by like minded or not, I am content.

When someone says "Nobody is perfect" I say.

Everyone is.

Have a great day!

Side note: Since I have been living a more "spiritual" life, some have taken notice and see the peace in me. When asked I do like to share. But only when asked for help or advice, I will give it. When people want to know, they will ask.

Peace :)


answered 30 Sep '10, 13:18

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jim 10

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