My 5 year old does this instead of addressing her prayers to the infinite Creator (those are usually prayers of thanks and intent.) Thank you, Namaste

asked 05 Sep '10, 09:21

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I think it's awesome that she is aware of her guardian angel and communicates with her/him ( I'm sure our infinite creator isn't offended ). I would continue to encourage her to maintain this contact as it will prove to be a great guide and comfort to her as she grows, knowing there is someone she can talk to and trust if challenges arise in her life.


answered 05 Sep '10, 13:43

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No probs there. If theres only one power and one God then He hears the prayer anyway. I think the Creator is big enough to respond and big enough to realise a 5 year old may not know too much about God. Having said that ive met 5 year olds with more discernment than ive got by a mile.



answered 06 Sep '10, 10:36

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Monty Riviera

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