I ask this because I need prayers right now...but it seems so self-serving....

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We are all human and from time to time may need help. Giving and receiving are equally important. I think it is much better to ask for help or prayer than to stay stuck, this helps us to realize that we are all interconnected and on this journey together - I'll remember you in my prayers :-).


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It is selfish. But that doesn't make it a "bad" thing.

I grew up for half of my life (thus far) in the middle east. I can remember very distinctly one situation, where a girl in my year became angry at one of the teachers. She was angry, because the teacher was trying to pay her money after she had brought a whole load of delicious food for an event.

He was an Englishman, and considered it the fair thing to do. But, not to her - and not to the other Arabic students. It was gossip worthy and insulting. By paying her, he was taking away her opportunity to feel good by giving.

I've been rather bad at accepting offerings from others a lot in my past as well. I was of the 'give, give, give' type. I didn't want to get. When I was 13, one of my teachers asked me to help him set up a website (during some of my lunch breaks etc)...I accepted. Then he started trying to pay me and I wanted out. Because of my mother, I went through with it - after eagerly telling him I wanted less money.

In a way, I consider selflessness to the extent of being unwilling to ask for - or worse accept - gifts from others some sort of ego dysfunction. One I've for the most part overcome. Energy needs to flow - and it can't do that if we dam it up - regardless of if we dam it up at the 'getting' side or 'giving' side.

It is rather selfish of us to inhibit the opportunity for others to give freely when they desire. We are selfish - and that is not a bad thing. :)


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I don't see a problem with that. You are free to ask and other people are free give or to refuse. If you pressure others to give you something, then there is a problem.

Sending you positive energy to the best of my ability :)


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I think it's a gift to be asked for help. This short inspirational story I posted at the Spiritual Stories blog explains what I mean beautifully.

I'll pray for you Jaianniah. Thank you for asking.


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