Debt we all have it in someway or other at varying levels. I used to work on manifesting wealth, I even have a picture I used to look at someplace around here that had a picture of a million dollars. It said "Your first million dollars." right on it, it was something that came in the mail one day for some get rich quick thing but I kept the picture for manifesting. I had another picture that went with it of a beautiful log cabin home, I used to fantasize was my home. None of that ever came instead I am in debt and just want zero debt.

But here is the problem, as Abraham through Esther said in The Secret, the more we look at debt the more debt we get, so "No Debt" is a double negative. First the negative word No then the negative word Debt, Zero Debt doesn't seem much better. It is like trying to dematerialize something in this case the debt.

It is trying to reverse creative to be destructive, I can picture a huge pit being filled in but that doesn't give a feeling of achievement. Really it is not achievement it is just trying to get back to the starting line instead of someplace buried in the bottom of the toy box of life. Maybe I could picture debt as a giant monolith crumbling to the ground.

So much for the visualization now the prayer, anything I can think of is reaffirming the negative fact of the debt. Like, "Father I thank you for getting me out of this deep hole of debt." That is like saying thank you for taking away this PAIN the moment you say PAIN it is like saying, "Whoa yeah that's the pain I am talking about!"

I know what we focus on focuses on us, what we pay attention to pays attention to us, that I had learned many years before Esther was even channeling. So how could I pay attention to zero debt it is like trying to focus on something Not Being There. There is no red fire engine, it is like trying to imagine I am not in some deep pit being buried alive. I have to imagine the pit isn't there it is filled in and the debt is gone.

It is like saying I want to start over just get me back to the beginning so I can start to move forward instead of backwards. I have to visualize a negative, zero debt, nothing, at the start line ready to move forwards.

The sad thing is accumulative all the money people earn all their lives would equal millions of dollars but it gets spent all their lives until they are old an still need to work or they don't eat. I am presently seeing that right now with some people I know, and I have to wonder is that my future too.

Anyway the question is what kind of script or prayer and visualization could get me back to nothing a fresh start?

asked 25 Jan '12, 12:38

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Wade Casaldi

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Barry Allen ♦♦

why do you not visualize debt has a men creation? men invented money and system after all. why some people are rich and some are poor? should not men creation serve him rather then the opposite? why love money so much? seek and you will find.

(25 Jan '12, 20:55) white tiger

This has nothing to do with loving money. I wish I could just get to being broke instead of in debt. I remember reading Donald Trump when he was $10,000,000 in debt looked at a homeless guy and said he doesn't know how lucky he is he has no money while I am $10,000,000 in debt. That is kind of how I feel right now but thank God I am not that much in debt but thousands of dollars is nothing to sneeze at either, my creditors want paid, they lent it to me in good honor I must repay in good honor.

(25 Jan '12, 22:28) Wade Casaldi

of course wade but what i am saying is that we are stuck in a system that men created to serve him and now men serve it. yes old people do not arrive in finance price go up taxe irs services and pay go down. and men always wants more desire greed power etc. so the majority is poor and the minority is rich. is the system balence? is your own system balence? well pay your debt wade and spent less. is there anny other option?

(25 Jan '12, 23:21) white tiger

@Wade Casaldi - If I recall correctly, that situation with Trump happened after Trump had already been extremely wealthy and then lost it all. Once someone has attained the feeling of a particular vibration once, it is much easier for them to re-attain it because they are familiar with it. So you'll often see the lives of ex-wealthy people springboard back with comparative ease. That doesn't sound like your own personal situation at the moment

(26 Jan '12, 07:49) Stingray

@Stingray lol yes yes very true and good point! My situation I kind of feel like I started in life on the Monoploy board moving my piece along like every one else but slowly debt moved me back until I was off the board entirely. Then steped on and kicked around by various people to be found picked up and thrown into the toy box to slowly sift to the bottom, when all I want is to get back on the board at start at least.

(26 Jan '12, 11:08) Wade Casaldi

I am very much enjoying the many answers, I have to say the 1Shonta (Paid) answer flipped me out of the funk I was in and Stingray's answer was very awakening. I have been enjoying everyone's all contributing each piece of the puzzle. Thank you so much everyone! :-)

(27 Jan '12, 15:03) Wade Casaldi
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The Symbols Don't Change

Instead of focusing on the debt (all these unpaid bills) or zero debt... Try focusing on the 'feeling' of having all of your bills paid on time... To go from focusing on unpaid bills to no bills may prove to be a very difficult task... However going from unpaid bills to PAID bills may be feasible...

It's not that the people, places, and things in our world change, but our perception of and our relationship to them that changes... Which in turn causes different effects... In other words... The symbols never change, it's our relationship to (how we see ourselves with regards to the given symbol), and our perception of the symbol that changes...

For instance, those who identify with the poverty consciousness, perceive money as hard to come by or that money doesn't come easily, and they constantly entertain thoughts of not having enough,can't afford, I AM broke, etc... They see themselves as poor and their relationship to money is one of not having any... The reason WHY they don't have money is because they SEE THEMSELVES(in their minds eye)as NOT having any money...

To turn that around you wouldn't change money (one of the symbols for wealth), would you? Of course not. Instead, you'd change your perception of money and your relationship to it... You get it??? Change your perception of the symbol and the way you see yourself with regards to it!

For instance: Say you have a desire for wealth, but currently dwell in the state of poverty. To change that state you would start by seeing yourself (in your minds eye) as having money, despite the contradictory evidence surrounding you... Change your perception of money from: 'hard to come by', to: 'easy to come by'... Each time you find yourself dwelling on poverty thoughts change course instantly (do not allow the emotion to play out). You must continue to repeat this process until wealth becomes your natural state of consciousness and you begin to automatically dwell on wealth thoughts...

Remember, everything starts out as a thought... However only emotion filled, sustained thought hardens into fact... That's why some thoughts manifest and others do not... You get to determine your position, and then you get to play your part! Isn't that awesome?

Excerpted from my blog Untamed Thought... To read the blog in it's entirety please visit my profile and follow the link...


answered 26 Jan '12, 07:24

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edited 26 Jan '12, 07:27


Paid in full! I like that, that has a lot better feeling than No Debt or Zero Debt. It has a positive feeling of accomplishment! :-)

I have to admit every time I write the word paid on my bills I do feel relief oh I got through another one good. But Paid in Full wow just thinking of those words picks me up a lot! It is like saying I did it I am back at the start line on the Monopoly Board. :-)

(26 Jan '12, 11:23) Wade Casaldi

You're more than welcome!!! :0)

(26 Jan '12, 12:48) 1Shonta

I think you're quite right in noticing that debt is a tricky situation to be in. By trying to focus on being out of debt, you automatically trigger a reminder within yourself that you are in debt.

And money is so prevalent and basic to our societies that everywhere you look seems to cause that triggering to's like there is no escape from the pain of feeling in debt.

I would say this is one of those situations where you need to tackle the issue "head-on" rather than just trying to take your attention off it. The basic idea is that you have to find a new way to look at your debt and not feel bad about being in debt. Ideally, it should even be fun to be clearing the debt.

Sounds impossible, doesn't it?

But there is quite an effective method which I've used myself in the past that turns being in debt into a game rather than self-punishment.

The process comes from Abraham (who else? :) ) and is called rather unimaginatively The Debt Reduction Process. It's explained in Ask & It Is Given under the name of "Process #19: Releasing Resistance to Become Free of Debt".

If you don't have the book, you can probably find the method explained in many places online with Google/YouTube searches.

For example, this site seems to have a reasonable approach to the game under "Tracking Your Progress" but I would still try to hear/read an explanation of it directly from Abraham if possible.

alt text


Just one other thing popped into my mind to suggest to you...I've been a big fan of Paul Scheele's Paraliminal recordings for many years now because they basically bring about effortless inner change, apart from the "effort" of lying down for 20 minutes or so with your headphones/earphones on.

There's one called Fresh Start available which may help you get into the "fresh start" feeling/script you are looking for. I've not tried that particular one myself.


answered 26 Jan '12, 08:12

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edited 26 Jan '12, 09:50

Thank you so much Stingray I have so many books I have a whole library of books in my room, well small private library at lest. But yes of course that is one of my books, I bought it years ago when it first came out. The Secret influenced me seeing Esther talking and being the main person in that movie. It is a sham she was removed from the expanded version, Esther version is better. :-) I'll find that book, you also reminded me to get back to my cds it has been years since I listened to those.

(26 Jan '12, 11:27) Wade Casaldi

I'll check out the CDs you recomend too. Yes we can get to the point of only seeing debt and not seeing a way out, ignoring it is hard but I like that attacking it approach you showed me.

Process #19 page 271 reading it right now. :-)

(26 Jan '12, 11:32) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - Yes, the "attacking" Debt Reduction Process really puts fun into the feeling of money instead of the usual fear associated with it. I searched for quite a long time for some money computer software that would work in harmony with it and came across YNAB which you might also enjoy looking at in conjunction with your debt freedom plan. I still use it

(26 Jan '12, 11:41) Stingray

Wow checked out the link you sent! Tracking your progress link. Yes under-value is right, I usually say oh it's nothing don't worry about it, forget about it, if someone trys to pay me a compliment. For example my friend I teach for says I am worth way more than she could pay. I say don't worry about it I would teach and have taught Karate for free, I enjoy it so it's nothing. Then I think of those highly paid instructors that fly in planes to give seminars and think how did they get so high?

(26 Jan '12, 13:04) Wade Casaldi

But I came up with a new script based on this. "Every moment of every day is very valuable to me in every way." I think Florence Scovel Shinn would have been happy with that one! :-)

(26 Jan '12, 13:06) Wade Casaldi

Even better "My every moment of every day is very valuable in every way."

(26 Jan '12, 15:05) Wade Casaldi

so high or so low wade. find the right balence. if you seek you shall find. experience and enjoy.

(27 Jan '12, 15:11) white tiger
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Change the feeling. Look around you at the abundance of Nature and realize the feeling of gratitude. Focus on what IS. Identify with Awareness, Consciousness, Space and allow everything to BE as it IS. Be grateful for what you have and start saying Thank you to the Universe. Change the feeling, change the focus and let go. Its not really about money.


answered 26 Jan '12, 09:21

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@AuntyHoney - "its not really about money" yes money is the symbol, money can signify "liquid energy" or anything else we can trump up to save our skins ... a trifle trinket :)

(26 Jan '12, 13:07) blubird two

When you do manifesting I think u can only get what you think is acceptable to you. So how do you feel about money? Also money and love can sort of be the same thing...How do you feel about love? Do you welcome both - easily into your life. So I think from my own experience - no amount of manifesting will get you out of debt until you work out how you really feel about money. For instance some beliefs I've had about money - you have to work hard for it, be born into it, doesn't grow on trees, not enough, need it to survive, people will just use me if I had loads of money lol and so on. As you can see I didn't have a great relationship with money, no wonder I never had enough.


answered 26 Jan '12, 18:30

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Hi, this is my first time answering, but I have been reading here for almost 2 years. I have learned a lot from all your answers, but I never really felt qualified to submit any answers myself. But concerning this question about debt. I am in the same situation since the recent deaths of my husband and another close relative both of whose income I depended on to pay the bills. And in addition, I just got terminated from my job of 4 1/2 years.

I have been searching the internet concerning solving problems through subconscious mindpower. I firmly believe in this. It is just hard when you are grieving. I have come across the Prosperity Prayer by Lynn Robinson, , also this is available on youtube, . Either reading it out loud or watching it on youtube, or listening to the mp3, it is very comforting and helps you shift your mind away from the financial problems at hand and instills hope and faith in you that your situation can and will change for the better.

From I have downloaded their free Powerful Everyday Affirmations last year, and just recently when it was offered for half price, also downloaded the Powerful Prosperity Affirmations and also the Powerful Affirmations for Attracting Money. The Prosperity Affirmations are read by Lauren Falco and put to music by Claus D. Jenson, , Both the Everyday Affirmations and Affirmations for Attracting Money are read by Claus D. Jensen and put to music by him, too. All 3 of the affirmations are also set with Alpha Sound beats. Each contains 1 audible track and 1 subliminal track plus the Claus Jensen ones also contain an extra music track each with beautiful soothing music, great for manifesting or meditating. They are very long tracks. The Prosperity Affirmations as read by Lauren Falco also contains the prosperity prayer on the first track and on an extra track by itself. I considered those purchases to be an investment in my future.

I have put all 3 affirmations on my mp3 player and listen to them throughout the day especially since I am not working right now. This gives me a good 1 1/2 hours to listen to them and then I either sometimes repeat or listen to some of the other subliminal attracting money and debt free tracks I was able to find and download. I especially make sure I listen to them at night when I go to sleep. I know the tracks with alpha sounds have helped me tremendously in other ways too.

I attribute to them some of the good things which happened to me lately, one of them being a good friend paid off my van for me ($3,000)so it would not be repossessed. I realize I have to pay her back, but she is not pushing me and tells me to pay her back whenever I can. So this is a big load off of my mind. This same person also paid for the cremation of my husband. We had no life insurance and his death was unexpected. I did pay her back already for that.

Go to these 3 websites above and you will find help with taking your mind off your debts and focusing on the fact that you can and will pay them in full. I say my normal affirmations compiled to resonate with me from different meta physical books once in the morning, and then, when I get a chance I listen to the mp3 during the day, but I always make sure I listen to them at night.

I hope this info is of some assistance.



answered 27 Jan '12, 19:35

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Wade Casaldi

Lee I am glad my question is the first you answered! Because your answer was very good and thanks so much for all the links to check out! :-) I'll do that, don't be shy go ahead there are a lot of people that could use your help out there. :-)

(27 Jan '12, 21:18) Wade Casaldi

Thank you Wade, I have learned a lot from your spiritual insight too. Especially the way you talk to God. With reverence, but like he is a good friend. This is what I am still missing. I have the reverence for our Father God, but not the closeness. Probably this is the reason why I am having a hard time going within, to connect. when I get quiet to listen for answers to my questions and problems, I get nothing. I have not been able yet to make that connection.

(27 Jan '12, 21:36) PurpleRose

James 2:23, To be a friend of God is not so hard. God wants a close companionship, as we have this close companionship with God. God as well has it with us. I can say this that you wanting this closeness is the start. Talk to God daily and this doesn't need to be a formal suplication prayer. Think of it this way, a father rejoices at his son/daughters delights over achievements, even if he already knows them when that son/daughter says, "Dad guess what I got an A on my test today!"

(28 Jan '12, 00:10) Wade Casaldi

It pleases him even if he already knew it from the teacher telling him before, he still rejoices at hearing the proud son/daughter say it like it is the first time he has heard this news. This is the same with God, sure he knows everything but still share your joy with him. God is there for our sarrows but he wishes we would share our joys as well. Talk to him about your hopes and dreams for your future, share, share, share and you will know what being a friend of God is like. Don't ignore him.

(28 Jan '12, 00:15) Wade Casaldi
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I have tried to lay back and let the others help you here, Wade! It has been hard to watch you struggle with this problem, but I also think it has been good, because it is making you grow!

Growth is not easy. You and I have mentioned many times how we have lived in our boxes, letting the world go by, seemingly safe and secure. But that is not living at all! It is only thriving in a box; and it is nothing much to write home about, after all.

Debt, or lack of money, is an illusion. You have so much potential, and so much to offer the world that I am almost dumbfounded when you say that you live in a hole, and are trying to dig your way out of the hole with a shovel....(A good illusion, that!) Darling, we are being tested by life and God, just as Job was. All things were taken from him, and he was lleft with illness and suffering and nothing much else.. But he kept his faith. And God, seeing this, restored ALL to him, and then some.

I left behind a 2000 sq. ft. home, a beautiful piano, pets, furniture, books...everything....EVERYTHING I EVER ACCUMULATED in life save for my clothes and a few treasures to come be with you. I did this out of pure Faith.

I have already seen God begin to restore to me new family, new belongings, even new books. Would you have dared to do this? I did it because I trusted in the Lord. I trusted that God would restore "unto me" all that I had seemingly lost...and He will, in time.

Pray to have the Faith of Job. Re-read Job.( ) This is an assignment I give to you-it will do you more good than any other reading you could do.

Bless you, dear!

Your Jaianniah


answered 27 Jan '12, 20:06

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white tiger

There has to be a way to mention the problem without bringing it about. In other words, (sample) my car is getting older and I don't have all the money I would need to replace it. Now I have something to treat for. I didn't cause any problems I just took time to realize possible future reality, i. e. the car just took a dive.

Now my creative process can find ways to attract the money or car I may need soon. I must put the most feeling on the positive affirmation or letter to God. Then a letting go of the circumstances.

I would not be needy in my letter for the manifestation box, prayer or however you manifest.

Once again!

A general inventory that mentions assets as well as liabilities is normal. All business have to do this, and it does not incur any attraction to lack. As you know there is no lack

Oh sorry I don't know how to put cars and other object in my answers like Stingray.

Be a creator and think or pray yourself out of the circumstances. Remember you do not need to know how it will happen

I believe you can do it.



answered 25 Jan '12, 15:12

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@Tom - To add a picture, you just click on the sixth button from the left in the editing toolbar when you are writing an answer or question. Then either upload the picture to IQ, or link to one you find on the internet.

(26 Jan '12, 08:16) Stingray

@stingray I meant that a humor, but I appreciate your instruction and who knows. Thanks

(26 Jan '12, 15:50) Tom

Each day you are given a fresh start. Each moment is a new beginning. The moment one thought ends and another begins is that fresh start. The longer you wish to linger in the thought of your indebtedness is up to you. The reality of our debt is a nonperishable fact. We shall forever be indebted to each other and to the gravity of our lives. You may embrace our predicament or perish with it.


answered 27 Jan '12, 03:46

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