it is said that God forgives our each and every mistake. then, how does karma works, if every mistake is forgiven?

it is said that if someone does bad to u, his karma will definitely teach him its lesson. in fact, in my own family, i have myself seen 2-3 examples of karma. but, what if God forgives this "someone"..? then, karma won't work for him ?

ur lovely answers will be highly appreciated..

love,light and blessings..ur wayyy..

supergirl :))

asked 23 Apr '13, 13:12

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Barry Allen ♦♦

supergirl,Infinite Mind is above karma, yet as part of the Divine Plan it is allowed to take its course. the pontification that He forgives our each and every mistake is often taken out of original intent

(24 Apr '13, 06:46) fred

karma is no more, no less, than the law of attraction in action

(24 Apr '13, 07:54) ru bis

@fred Yes exactly I could forgive someone for breaking my fence. But the fence is still broken and he has to replace the damage.

Forgiveness doesn't let you off the hook for the lesson you have to learn.

(24 Apr '13, 14:21) Wade Casaldi

The forgiveness from God is Real and can be even felt. Wade, I like your example of the fence. For example, I had my neck, back and a heck of a lot of other things that we had "lost" in the past Several years. I am a Very Forgiving person, however, even with forgiveness, all our losses, including the loss of mobility and being able to participate in life and work and fun activities, that my kids and I used to love to do and now Gone. Period. So We now suffer for the ignorance of others.

(24 Apr '13, 15:09) Dragonflybreeze

Can I forgive them, yes, but will I trust them, no. If they do not make a change for the better in their life so as not to make the same mistake again. They have learned nothing and that God does not forgive cause they would then continue doing the same. Also, The "fence" was never fixed, nor replaced nor were we ever given something different that would help to alleviate the loss of the broken "fence".

(24 Apr '13, 15:10) Dragonflybreeze

Now a Fence Is simply only a fence, I speak on a much greater loss, but it is a good example that many can relate to. God does not even always punish, he is a Good, Loving, Kind, Gracious and Giving God. But I do not think that he will continue to allow predators or the like to continue without a learning lesson at the very least. Also, true forgiveness usually constitutes restitution of a blatant act. Those that read the bible usually understand that concept.

(24 Apr '13, 15:10) Dragonflybreeze

@Dragonflybreeze Yes very good examples, I am so sorry to hear this has happened with you. I think together we are giving a clearer picture of Jesus forgiveness. :-)

I ask God to take your pain of that past, my Jaianniah has terrible memories too. :-(

(24 Apr '13, 15:25) Wade Casaldi
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It depends on how you define "Karma"

Karma cant be the actions of a childish spitefull deity punishing people for misdeeds. It simply cant. Why isnt it? and how can i say that with such conviction? The simple answer is that I wouldnt operate a system like this. And if I wouldnt then it stands to reason that God wouldnt. Why? because were one thats why. If i wouldnt be this spitefull and childish, if I wouldnt hold peoples sins against them, and some outside deity would ,then we would have a situation where I would be more forgiving and mercifull that God!!

Now if that were to be the case i would suggest that everyone starts to worship me! Of course this is silly.

Most people that view Karma this way havnt had "THE revelation OF Jesus Christ" This revelation hasnt a thing in the world to do with being " saved" or not saved. Its quite simply when a person can literally and physically see Christ, as i have.

When this happens , and it surely will to us all, the teachings of modern day christianity become quite irrelevant. And youll know why when you experience this.

So back to "Karma" Its all really about cause and effect. What you sow " into your consciousness" is indeed reaped. God isnt mocked at all, Why? Because this world automatically mirrors what in our hearts. It mirrors our real beliefs, it has no choice. If a 30 stone man looks into a mirror he wont see a 12 stone man. The mirror reflects what we are spiritually or vibrationally.

Your busy sowing into consciousness every day, every second of every day.

Watch what you sow.


answered 03 May '13, 03:37

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Monty Riviera

Actually meeting Christ. That's an amazing thought. I've always had mixed feelings about his existence as it is described in that one book, and much of what it claims he said.

I better quit questioning his existence, I can't imagine he appreciates it.

I have regularly felt like God has popped in to say hi to me, even just in the form of an otherwise 'normal' stranger or animal. Those weird encounters that are just too.. quirky to be justified any other way. But Jesus.. interesting!

(03 May '13, 03:47) Snow

Dont worry Snow, you cant escape this revelation.It doesnt really matter if you question it or not. Your in for the most pleasant surprise and experience of your life. Theres no struggle, no having to do anything. You will see Christ, the real Christ sooner or later. A "person" will be revealed. There wont be any doubts after that.

(03 May '13, 04:49) Monty Riviera

"karma, it's all really about cause and effect", "you're busy sowing into consciousness every day, every second of every day" ... in other words it's all about law of attraction :)

(04 May '13, 06:26) ru bis

Yes ru bis, whether u call it law of faith,LOA believing you receive it, going on a different life track etc etc, your still creating a cause, lets say an habitual belief system and this is "causing" an "effect". If your into the Bible, Abraham, Bashir or Zeland it makes no difference. Something is being done to cause something else to happen. Its happening all the time anyway, were just adjusting the cause.

(04 May '13, 06:38) Monty Riviera

Interesting. I've always conjectured that Christ was and is still being dramatically misquoted and misrepresented. I would further this conjecture to say that if he were still around today I would hope he would stand up against the injustices being committed in his name, for thousands of years now.

Of course who am I to question the motivations and decisions of "The" son of God. Another point I'm bothered by, I don't believe the "real" Christ would ever allow himself to be put on a pedestal.

(05 May '13, 00:52) Snow

At least not THAT pedestal.

I don't think Christ would ever claim to have any ability or divinity not shared with all of God's children. One of many issues I've had with Christianity (a misnomer as far as I'm concerned, as I consider self proclaimed Christians to be far from 'following' him at all). Similarly I don't believe God / Christ would create an entity like 'Satan' and expect someone else to do their dirty work.

This is probably some extreme degree of blasphemy, but I've always felt~

(05 May '13, 00:55) Snow

~if any of those stories are true, and The Accuser was in fact real, it would be one of the aspects of Christ. I don't believe that he would ever expect anyone to do anything he would not be willing to do himself.

Sorry for the ramblings, you just really threw me for a loop pointing out he is a still active entity. Brought up all of the reasons I gave up Christianity as a child. All the questions no pastors could answer. <-- Another issue I have, why would he allow misdirection on his behalf?

(05 May '13, 00:58) Snow

I like your saying I don't get a choice and I'll end up meeting him. I hope he tolerates my endless barrage of questioning and interrogation without smiting me for all of my blasphemous behavior.

It'll be fun to see! If you see a news story about me getting struck by a bolt of lightning you can safely assume he didn't take so kindly to my faithlessness or skepticism.

If I'm still around after that encounter I'll gladly let you know how it turns out. =)

(05 May '13, 01:01) Snow

There not ramblings Snow....your writing is more inspired than u might imagine. Your close Snow,youll know soon.

(05 May '13, 02:12) Monty Riviera

@monty riviera- thank u fr the wonderful answer :)

(12 May '13, 04:43) supergirl

@Monty Riviera - Nice, thanks! What you put out is always what gets reflected back to you, in terms of positive or negative energy.

(12 May '13, 22:47) Eddie
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From what I have read about karma, it is because in actuality it is truly you who is judging yourself.

When you die, you will see every action you have ever done in this lifetime replayed back to you. However on top of this, you will also be shown through every other individual's eyes how you affected them as you are re-experiencing this replay. You will feel the effects of your actions in how it affected them, because you will be both people in these moments experiencing exactly how they experienced the effects of your actions on them. You will experience both perspectives of the actions that you did, for everything you did.

God himself does not judge. You judge yourself and through seeing your experiences being played from both sides and realizing how you actually affected someone, if it was in a negative way for example, it weighs on the soul and the soul wishes to correct this and make amends with this individual in order to remove this weight. This is is then from what I understand how you "build" karma.


answered 25 Apr '13, 15:49

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ikaruss21, you have studied well, from now on the more you experience it be for that reason in mind

(25 Apr '13, 19:36) fred

Wow thank you Fred :)

(25 Apr '13, 20:06) ikaruss21

@ikaruss21- thank u fr the wonderful answer :))) God bless...

(04 May '13, 06:06) supergirl
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Karma does not exist unless you accept it as a part of your reality. You can judge yourself and look at life in a way that will make you feel that karma is true but the truth is life is just happening.

I like to believe in The Law of Compensation. That those who get treated bad will be compensated, rather than ignorant people being punished for lacking in spiritual wisdom.


answered 01 May '13, 23:20

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@arpgme- thank u dear..fr the answer :)

(12 May '13, 04:44) supergirl

This is an excellent question!

Jesus said, those that live by the law die by the law.

This is living by karma, no matter how good we are we can't get to Heaven. Good deeds can't get us in, you have to be sinless to get into Heaven.

Here is an example, You are wearing a perfect white wedding dress before your wedding. You are eating a fudge sicle and drop it all over the dress. Now you wouldn't go to the wedding in that, it is ruined! Now let's say you just drip some on it. Again it is ruined and you can't get married. Okay calm down let's say you just drip one drop of fudge on it. No, not a chance it is still ruined.

That is how our souls are with sin, even getting angry at someone is like one drop, completely ruined. It only takes one drop of dye to change a full glass of water.

But the good news is if you accept Jesus, he washes away all sin! But this requires true repentance, being a changed person. This does not get you out of learning your lesson on earth, this is after life. If a lesson comes back on you, you must accept it without complaint. This forgiveness realeses you from feeling, undeserving, not worthy, from feeling bad, from guilt or shame of your past because you are a new creation in Christ.



answered 23 Apr '13, 16:44

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Wade Casaldi

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I am with Wade on this... Christianity has a good description and analogy of how it works. Sorta reminds me of what happens if someone runs into your car. They will have to pay for the damages. If they keep running into things, their insurance costs will increase and they will have to pay more. If they still keep doing it, they would probably loose their license to drive all together, because they did not learn their lesson and frankly it simply gets too expensive to keep fixing the damage.

(23 Apr '13, 17:00) Dragonflybreeze

I very much like how Wade describes it.

(25 Apr '13, 16:22) ikaruss21

we are here on planet earth to learn who we are, where we came from and how to use our gift of free will. yes, there are parameters in which we confine ourselves consciously or unconsciously and choices we make do return to us, as past choices have narrowed what is a possible future (or our now)

(02 May '13, 06:34) fred

@wade casaldi- excellently explained. I myself think the same way. I loved the way u hav describd it.thank you !

(04 May '13, 06:26) supergirl

The fudge sickle idea isn't mine, neither is the bottle of water idea mine. Please watch The Stranger (Women at the well)

(04 May '13, 16:19) Wade Casaldi
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Karma holds us accountable for our actions, it basically says that we are the architects of our own fate by the results of our past actions or present doings.

To be human means imperfection. Imperfection means mistakes. Life is a journey of learning (from our mistakes and more).

I'm actually disappointed by some of the answers I've seen posted here in response to your question. It seems so easy to 'solve our problem's' by taking God's message out of context. Accept personal responsibility for your actions instead of playing off of the mercy of your God. God also was big on telling us how to live right, I'm sure you have a few examples that come to mind.

Mankind was given free will, along with morality.


answered 05 May '13, 03:09

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yes i like it ... accept personal responsibility, however i'm not too sure about the disappointment bit, seems like judgement to me ... acceptance is also accepting how people are without judgment ... karma (law of attraction) can be considered as a balancing mechanism, without it the universe would be unbalanced and fall over :)

(05 May '13, 03:51) ru bis

@ZenMama- thank u fr the wonderful answer :))

(12 May '13, 04:47) supergirl

@ru bis- i agree with u :)

(12 May '13, 04:47) supergirl
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