This has puzzled me for years...

If Karma is cause and effect then it surely can only exist in places where linear time exists i.e. where there is a cause before an effect.

So speaking metaphysically, Karma cannot exist on any non-physical level - because linear time is only a product of the physical plane, is it not?

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John Drake

Very insightful question! I just came across this helpful observation by Stephen Proskauer, MD.

"The Purpose of Living in Linear Time"

"In the dimension of physical manifestation, our experiences only appear sequential. They are separated by time and space so that all the variations on the underlying themes determined by the quantum pilot wave occupy the stage by turns in a sequence that reflects the karmic learning process. This separation by sequencing in linear time allows each variation on the karmic theme to be explored fully, each in a different lifetime. The cumulative experiences of all these lifetimes hang together like pearls on the string of quantum memory. Keep in mind that the concept of karmic learning as a linear process only makes sense in the time-bound material world of ordinary reality."

I would agree that linear time is only a product of the physical plane, but couldn't karma also be seen as that master learning plan (Proskauer's "quantum pilot wave") that exists in the non-physical plane as a unity of cause and effect, two sides of the same coin, the yin and yang? It would then manifest in the physical plane of our lives. If one agrees with Proskauer that "our experiences only appear sequential" then we could allow that in a non-physical, non-linear plane our experiences exist all at once and karma would be the summation of all the lessons learned though these experiences, the "pearls on the string of quantum memory."


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A very deep and insightful answer. Thank you John

(08 Oct '09, 18:35) John Drake

True, but, when we cross to the other side (metaphysical side) we are registered to our Karma thru Akashic record, and our record in it was ended with our death(physical end), since time stops when we cross the line. If we come back we just will add to the record.


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I am certainly not sure but it is said in some literature that once someone has become enlightened they no longer have any karma to work through. This entity (spark) may choose to return to this universe again in order to help humanity/raise the vibration of the universe and will no longer have any karma when doing this??


answered 05 Oct '09, 04:01

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