I am a thinking creature, so it stands to reason that if I think the same thoughts all the time, I am going to manifest the results of those thoughts, whether I mean to or not.

It seems that the trick is to become conscious of what I am doing, and redirect my thinking towards my goals.

True? Or false? Or can you only manifest when you deliberately set out to manifest?


asked 24 Apr '13, 05:38

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yes, as one thinks different potential scenarios begin to appear for the future, and since we are responsible for our actions it may be best that we be consciously aware of what we choose to do

(25 Apr '13, 06:55) fred

Youve got it Jai, your doing it ALL THE TIME. Your probably very rarely deliberately manifesting. Its a bit like falling of a 200 foot building, getting smashed to smithereens and then saying" but i didnt do that DELIBERATELY".Why has gravity done that to me. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. It doesnt say DELIBERATELY thinking. Your a thinking being,these thoughts effect consciousness( heart ) results follow.

(25 Apr '13, 13:58) Monty Riviera

If that were exactly true, My house would be cleaning itself...lol Because I am daily thinking of having a Clean house.

(25 Apr '13, 21:12) Dragonflybreeze
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Sometimes I think the word "manifesting" puts us in a mindset of getting something that doesn't exist yet or making something eventually appear that is in a distant future.

That word can have a similar effect like saying I am going to "produce" a painting that doesn't exist or I will "make" this picnic table for the back yard even though the wood hasn't been cut from the tree yet.

A better word to use when we get tripped up by the word manifest would be shift or shifting.

We are shifting to a different (but eerily very very similar) parallel reality every moment of every single day. We shift out of bed and then shift straight to the bathroom, then shift to get dressed, and then to eat, and billions of times that we are unconscious of in between.

So when we know for a fact that we are going to manifest or shift to something numerous times every day for the rest of our lives, we can then start deciding what and where it is we prefer to be in life.

Which parallel earth manifestation do you want to be part of now, now, now , now.

alt text

There are an infinite number of earth's for you to choose from.

One earth as pictured above may have you buy the purple toothbrush at the store, while the other you may buy the green one. You may even decide to shift to the frequency of yet another earth where you don't even brush your teeth at all. On one of those earth's not brushing your teeth may cause horrible decay, but another one where you don't brush, your teeth may be perfectly healthy if you have a pure knowing and belief that it's true.

True? Or false? Or can you only manifest when you deliberately set out to manifest?

You make your own truth's through your beliefs and definitions just as I and everyone else here at IQ makes our own truth's in the same way. I share my opinion of belief and if nobody is in agreement with it, that is perfectly fine because their own definition of truth is 100% valid for them.

This is why there is so much emphasis on the Now Moment and Frequency/Vibration in The Law of Attraction. Each one of those infinite number of earth's in the picture exist now just like all the food you could ever want in an enormous warehouse. Each one has it's own unique frequency just like a station on the radio.

When we emanate that frequency for the majority of our day every day, we then manifest or shift to that earth while the one we just left still exists right now. We are just no longer tuned to that frequency but it doesn't mean that that reality no longer exists.

When we stay on the frequency of what we don't prefer the majority of our day, we continually shift to very similar earth's that we think are the same.

That's why we sometimes think that manifesting doesn't work. We are always shifting and manifesting. It just depends what we want to shift and manifest to at every given moment. Our conscious now moment awareness will get us to one of those parallel earths that we prefer to reside in and will continue to shift us to new parallel earths that we prefer as long as we hold the desired frequency.

It's not about having the non-existent become existent. It's about changing your frequency and vibration in every moment to allow the once invisible to now become visible.


answered 25 Apr '13, 15:36

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yes @Cory in other words we truly are multidimensional beings

(26 Apr '13, 02:12) ru bis

yes Jai, we're all manifesting all the time whether we realize it or not, here on IQ we often name that process ... the law of attraction, though it's also known under many other names ... when you finally get it, fake it till you make it




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ru bis

edited 25 Apr '13, 11:12

@ru bis I always enjoyed that little abraham clip. If we can get over ourselves just a little bit and learn to play around with make believe world, that world may just very well become real believe world:)

(25 Apr '13, 15:41) Cory

This clip fits in real well ru bis,thanks.Love and Light.

(25 Apr '13, 15:48) Roy

@Cory @Roy ♫ ♫ ♫

(26 Apr '13, 02:10) ru bis
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I personally think that sometimes if we are looking for something specific, we might more likely find it than if not. Like if we are in a grocery store and we are thinking about grabbing a gallon of milk, we will most likely remember to get that milk. If we think we can not get a certain job because we lack the skills or what ever, we might talk ourselves into not getting it. That does not mean that I can influence the other person in to doing my will or vice a versa..... Now I am going to ask another question, if someone let's just say has a "gun" pointed at you ..... then you might persuade someone to do your will, but you still have a choice whether to do it or take the bullet. But now if someone physically grabs your hand and overpowers it forces it to the ground.... could you call that your fault... probably not so much.


answered 25 Apr '13, 15:40

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absolutely ... there is always vibrational match in manifestation and your examples are proving the point

(26 Apr '13, 02:18) ru bis
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