How do I become more responsible for my subconscious?

Becoming "conscious of" and begin accepting responsibility for the "unconscious and under the radar thought processes" that you are choosing for yourself is where it all begins.

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I think the best way to think of your subconscious and it's effect upon your immediate reality is to imagine it as a mirror you are using to reflect sunlight upon a wall.

Let's say that you are holding a mirror in your hand and this mirror is the representation of your subconscious.

Now let's imagine that this mirror is not a perfect surface. It has many cracks, defects, problems, as well as beautifully reflective sections.

You cannot see your own mirror for it is not available to your immediate examination. In fact, a more appropriate description is to say that you cannot see your own face except in a reflection upon a mirror or a description by another.

now you catch and reflect the incoming sunlight (unlimited potential) against a blank wall in order to see an image created by your mirror.

Through this reflection upon the wall you can study the nature of the surface of your mirror

What ever features you have acquired upon this one-time perfect and innocent mirror are now reflected upon the wall with all of its complexity of beauty & blemishes.

Your subconscious is having the same effect upon your reality that surrounds you.

So you can examine the reflection upon the wall by studying the details of events that exist in your day-to-day existance, for that is your reflected image upon the wall of physical reality.

What is in your subconscious?.........well, that's what is being reflected back to you as circumstances within your physical reality.

So to say "How do I become more responsible for my subconscious" hints at the idea that somehow, you are NOT, right now, responsible for it and it's resulting effect upon your reality.

I know that this is not what you mean by asking the question.

You are probably asking "How do I fix my subconscious so that only what I prefer to attract exists within my subconscious"

So the first step to discovering what is within your subconscious is to take an honest assesment of your life, warts and all.

As things happen to you, that you do not prefer to experience, examine your own set of beliefs and accepted truths for a corresponding reference point.

Somewhere within your past memories there is an idea that was born that you accepted as the "truth" about yourself.

every movement of your own consciousness that runs on autopilot has a corresponding counterpart in your subconscious as an accepted "truth"

If you are accident prone, you probably have a counterpart of accepted truth "I am accident prone" within your self. If you constantly worry about not having enough money, you probably have a subconscious idea "I want to be rich" or "I hope I have enough for this month's bills",

So identify what you do not want in your life and find the corresponding counterpart within your subcionscious.


You can acknowledge that holding on to the counterpart in your subconscious was the cause of your current attraction within reality.

This in essence is exactly what "taking responsibility for it" means.

It is to notice that "I now understand what idea within me caused that experience to be attracted into my life"

Most people don't want to acknowledge that what happens to them has a counterpart within their subconscious, therefore the need to "take responsibility for it"

Understand, that many things happen to you because you want it to NOT happen to you.

In other words, things happen to you because you are trying to avoid them, like trying to avoid being in an accident.

Once it exists in your mind, wether you want it or not, it will exist in your reality.


Read the above statement one more time and try to really comprehend it.

If you get the paradox and the truth within that statement, you will break free from the trap and take responsibility for your reality by taking responsibility for your subconscious.


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The Traveller

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Excellent response traveller.

(17 Sep '10, 17:09) Drham

Great answer Traveller :)

(19 Sep '10, 23:46) Michaela

Great perspective Traveler.Don V.

(20 Sep '10, 17:12) Don V

@The Traveller: Very interesting, thank you.

(20 Sep '10, 17:59) Back2Basics

I deleted my last comment (didn't feel right)

(16 Oct '10, 17:41) The Traveller
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The mind is like the rest of the are what you eat or ingest. Mindful mental intake is a start. Eliminate negatives which come through television and radio. Be selective with the types of reading material you partake of. Limit contact with negative people as their negative conversation can impact you for years to come.


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nice, this is true.........

(17 Sep '10, 00:20) Back2Basics

I love the wisdom found in this answer too. Don V.

(20 Sep '10, 17:14) Don V

Thank you Don V. I have found this tips to be of help to me. What many of us experience is years of negative programing from our childhood....from family, friends (friends with lack of awareness), the media. When we become adults we become aware of how these various sources have impacted us. The beautiful this is we have a great deal of control over out mental intake. A technique I used over the years, which I find to be very helpful is to over-ride negative input with positive input. I dont know if this technique will work for everyone, but it has helped me a great deal. Love & Blessings!

(20 Sep '10, 19:51) GS415
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I think it is more of controlling your mind and the thoughts that you generate, always blocking out negative thoughts or thoughts that include things that you don't want or make you feel worse.


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I agree with this as well. Don V.

(20 Sep '10, 17:16) Don V

The answer must be that you already ARE responsible for it. Its yours after all!

Pretend your a farmer every day of your life.Your subconscious mind is soil,your conscious is seeds. Then just plant what you want.



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Monty Riviera

Exellent answer.Don V

(20 Sep '10, 17:16) Don V

think before you do somethings and get used to asking your mind if this is what merits your reaction.


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@ferd: the only I issue is that will be communicated to my conscious, not subconscious....

(16 Sep '10, 22:59) Back2Basics

Not bad advice at all

(20 Sep '10, 17:14) Don V

I think the key word is "accepting" responsibility. Do you listen to your subconscious when it prods, pokes, and inspires you? It is the responsibility to direct your consciousness towards those things that bring happiness to your life. The subconscious can only reason deductively from premise to result unerringly. It is our responsability to act upon and keep the consciousness in line with the steps outlined by the subsconscious.


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More good advice.All offerings today are well worth contemplateing. Don V.

(20 Sep '10, 17:20) Don V

Every day I make an honest endeaver to to center my thoughts on what I desire, not on what I want or need(I do not like the words WANT and Need as both suggest (not haveing) You already have WITHIN that which has yet to take form in your experience. You as a co-creator with the supreme creator bring it forth by focusing your concentration on your desire.---Know ye not that it is your fathers good pleasure to give you the keys to the kingdom.--Thy faith hath made the whole.Get the idea? Don V.


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Don V

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