Some time ago, when I was in a fairly horrible place, I was focusing on a desire and partly manifested it, but realised that I was manifesting something I was not happy with. I changed my focus and moved away from this area of focus - not totally, because this is a complex issue - but I did stop 'desiring' this thing.

Some time later this thing showed up again in my reality and I viewed it as an opportunity given to me by the Universe to clarify my desires. Almost "are you sure you don't want this any more?". I was not in any way unhappy about this and just reiterated to myself that I don't want this any more and what I do want.

It showed up again and I viewed it in exactly the same way and then sort of forgot about it. It is part of a bigger, more complex situation, but this particular thing just kind of calmly disappeared.

Then it showed up again. Now I know the Universe does not need to be told what we want, and I have been pretty clear in my mind about this. So why is it still showing up? It can only be because I am attracting it in a subconscious way - right? But then, how do I get rid of this? Or do we desire something, focus on it, and then you get it, whether you still want it or not? I was pretty disappointed when it showed up again because I thought I had dealt with this and I honestly don't know how to resolve this now because it is obviously something subconscious.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

asked 08 Jan '15, 10:53

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antheia, perhaps more than subconscious, responsibility for what we wish for

(09 Jan '15, 04:54) fred

  1. If something keeps showing up in your conditions, then it means you've still got it or its fundamental nature in your vibration. It's in your state of mind on some level since it seems to be linked to other things (: the big, complex issue you mention :) that are important to you.
  2. Keep it simple, choose any focus that makes you feel better and keep moving more habitually into the positive zone. When you're in the positive zone you're in the solution zone and all the necessary wisdom you need to handle this effectively are accessible to you.

Let me know if you need more information.


answered 09 Jan '15, 07:19

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Thank you so much @harsha. I am currently way down at the bottom of the emotional scale and I am working very hard to get up higher, but it is not happening quickly. All the replies I find on InwardQuest (which are very useful!) say to first get to a better feeling place and then... The problem with that is that if you can't yet get to that better feeling place, it seems there is no way to stop your world falling to bits. And that makes it harder to get to the better feeling place....

(09 Jan '15, 09:53) Antheia

... I am hoping to find some ideas on how to deal with things coming up in my life in a better way, but bearing in mind that I am not in the solution zone yet.

(09 Jan '15, 09:56) Antheia

Working very hard always slows things down. Remember it is a BETTER feeling place you seek not ABSOLUTE ECSTASY. So, being just calm and relaxed is good enough to begin with. Engage in meditation as often as you can. Try using affirmations as often as you can: not to try and believe them or manifest something with them, but just to guide the mind to something better to focus on even if you think it is a "lie" (: there are no lies, just infinite truths :).

(09 Jan '15, 10:13) harsha

Also remember when things are "bad" in terms of conditions, there is always an underlying desire for the good in place that is at work also so feeling bad alone is not enough to cause things to fall apart totally until you really over-ride the desire for well-being by DECIDING that things will be bad (: then you're setting up a definite problem :) and the baseline of all reality is peace, abundance and well-being because there is only Self so there is no discord, lack or conflict. Meditate more.

(09 Jan '15, 10:15) harsha

@harsha, thank you again. This is helpful. I meditate every day and I have a series of affirmations that I go through every day. Good to have the validations of being on the right track! I do feel that I have to 'work hard' though because at the moment my mind is running the show with terribly negative never-ending thoughts and I feel that I have to stop it or it will bury me.

(09 Jan '15, 11:46) Antheia

I used to be that way for a long time but fighting it hard actually embeds it in more. I'd be as relaxed as possible but continue the affirmations and meditations. Don't try to stop the negative thought as much as start thinking positive thoughts.

(09 Jan '15, 12:06) harsha

@Antheia - "I do feel that I have to 'work hard' though because at the moment my mind is running the show with terribly negative never-ending thoughts" - You might want to take a look at the method mentioned here for regaining control over seemingly out-of-control negativity...I used it myself many years ago: How do you simply love yourself?

(15 Jan '15, 04:18) Stingray

@Stingray - thank you for this! I have had a look at that post and I am going to order that paraliminal! I do have issues with anger though, it comes up (usually at inopportune times) and my mind just shuts it right down. I am managing to let out little bits of anger, but still struggling with that. Thanks for the tip!

(23 Jan '15, 12:05) Antheia
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well you seams to not want to deal with it and obviously it is not solved for you, so it might be the reason that it keep showing up again. so the universe give you what you need even if you do not know it. even if you say it is very complex all that you say in your question point to avoid, get rid, do not want any more.

take it as you need to learn something from it. since obviously it is not solved for you.

if it would be solved for you that it happens or not would be the same to you.

even if it is something bad or that you do not want or a problem you would know how to deal with it.

if you do not know how to deal with it and it disturb you. then it is not solved for you and if it is not solved it keep popping up again and again.

a good example would be a man that does not know to read, but do not want to admit it so that he can learn and deal with it. he can try to ignore it, get rid of it, not deal with it, even foul himself thinking there is no problem. but each day he will see written stuff book, internet, news paper traffic sign etc... and when someone will ask him what is written well the problem is there again even if he though there was no more problem.

but once it is solved he would say this is written:____.

then that it show up or not would not disturb him at all. since is problem is solved.


answered 09 Jan '15, 06:25

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white tiger

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