I have asked this question:

Reincarnation: Has it always to be Karmic?

from which I gathered that we reincarnate.

Also read this answer to the question:

Do you know which dimension Abraham is from?

And I was wondering, what happens when we die? What are we? Do we have a 'soul' that leaves the body? Then what? Where do we go, what do we do, till it's time to came back again? Are we 'entities' like Abraham? What is exactly an 'entity'? "The Secret" says we are energy and energy cannot disappear, only take another 'form'. Are we only energy then? What happens with our relatives, friends, beloved ones? 'Where' are they?

I am aware that the words I am using belong to the physical world and are not very suitable to speak about a somewhat phylosophical subject, but I am doing my best. :)

I'd like to know your thoughts on the matter.

Appologies in advance for asking soooo many questions! :$

CAVEAT: I respect all beliefs, creeds and religions, but I am not looking for an answer from a religious point of view. Only from Abraham's and other channeled entities point of view. Any personal thought on this will be welcome though.


asked 24 Aug '10, 15:30

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That's a lot of questions for one question :)

It's usually easier to answer a tightly-focused question because it's clearer where the questioner wants to go with it. Short of writing a small book, I'm not sure how much of a reply you want here :)

I think many of your questions will probably answer themselves if you start from the right premise...and that crucial starting point is...

We are not either non-physical or physical...we are always non-physical but, from time to time, we project a part of ourselves into physical.

You are a part of that idea which many term God. Like a drop of water in the ocean, you are, at the same time, separate and yet one with the whole.

When you die, you still remain very much you (that non-physical you) but you simply withdraw your focus from the physical plane.

You don't go anywhere because the idea of where only makes sense on the physical plane. In non-physical you are everywhere, and yet nowhere.

Are we energy? Yes, because everything in the universe is energy. Even matter is just energy vibrating at a rate that we can perceive with our physical senses.

In a nutshell, we are the imagination of ourselves and, when we want to imagine something new and fresh and different, we change our perspective i.e. die and reincarnate.


answered 24 Aug '10, 23:21

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Yeah, I got a little carried away, I admit. But you told me what I wanted to know, thank you! :) Once I asked you in this post: 'How did Esther meet Abraham and what are the characteristics of channelling?' if that practice wasn't called Spiritism, and you asnwered: "I don't know enough about spiritism to know what you would classify as spiritism or not. In any case, why does it matter what you call it?" I agreed. Now from the answers got to this post: 'True or False, I am God and you are God and we are all God?' and your reply here, I would ask you one more thing, (if you allow me). Isn't...

(25 Aug '10, 13:11) BridgetJones09

...this belief called Pantheism? (I won't mind if it is, I am not picky) :) Thanks for your patience!

(25 Aug '10, 13:14) BridgetJones09

I don't call it Pantheism because I don't much like labels (they usually lead to limiting beliefs) and avoid using them where possible. If it makes you feel better to call it that, go right ahead :)

(27 Aug '10, 06:20) Stingray

Thank you. I am not very keen on tagging either. It's just that I had been doing some reasearch on that before asking this question and it sounded so similar to me...But I think pretty much the same as you. :)

(27 Aug '10, 13:57) BridgetJones09
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We dont die, only change of plane in our ascent to ALL


answered 24 Aug '10, 18:34

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@ Robert: Are you not saying the same thing that the Bible teaches,( “ the material body will go to corruption, the soul/spirit shall never die; and we shall move onto a higher level spiritually,”) in a round about way?

(02 Sep '10, 23:19) Inactive User ♦♦

I agree with Stingray but I would like to add that when we die we can continue to manifest individually or we can go on to become a part of the collective energy or a part of a group of entities like "Abraham".


answered 25 Aug '10, 16:05

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I find myself in close agreement with Stingrays answer,but I seriously doubt that anyone of us,including myself of course has the total or complete answer to the question of where we go or exactly how we function when we return to being spirit without body.The true answer may only be revealed when we reach that stage.It seems that in this encarnation that as we progress we learn that what we have accepted as the absolute truth up to this point is not so clear cut.I for one find myself always looking for and expecting to find a greater level of enlightenment and understanding.-----Now as to question about Abraham which seems to be his main question,I must confess that I know so little about this as to be totaly incapable of rendering an answer.It is my hope that someone out of the many knowlegable particapants out there will offer their take on this,as it does seem to me as being worthy of an answer.-----Don


answered 03 Sep '10, 20:13

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Don V

@ Don V: I like the part of your answer where you said, you doubt anyone of us . . . etc, where we go . . . etc, and your honesty as to the question of Abraham. Have you read any of the books written by the Hicks on Abraham teaching? Maybe, if you did, you might be more inclined to share your thoughts. (Abraham is an entity/spirit that uses the body of Mr. Hicks to write books, speak at seminars, and to sell his teaching to humans. Mrs. Hicks does all the recording for Mr. Hicks, when Abraham is speaking.)

(03 Sep '10, 23:16) Inactive User ♦♦

I like Roberts answer Graham


answered 02 Sep '10, 22:07

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Monty Riviera

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