I was pointed out yesterday by an ET entity that, other persons are not sharing your experience. Or at least that's what I understood.

Say you are in a relationship with a person and this person has an accident. According with what I understood, this person is not necessarily focusing in this experience like you are, it's a co-manifestation for sure, but the other consciousness is actually focusing in another reality, but it does helps with it's energy to co-create the experience.

Is this correct?

If this was correct, it would mean my feeling when I was a kid that everyone was acting up the reality for me I was actually right.. sort of?

asked 26 Apr '13, 01:20

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So, what kind of remedy are you looking for?

(26 Apr '13, 04:44) CalonLan

@CalonLan remedy? I don't understand.

(26 Apr '13, 13:42) Notgonnatellyou
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Hi Notgonnatellyou, now i'm gonna tell you :)

"I was pointed out yesterday by an ET entity that, other persons are not sharing your experience." ... well let's consult the collective consciousness from the non physical dimension interpreted by Esther Hicks.

Esther says "the people who give you the most grief are your greatest co-creators" ... you do agree that in co-manifestation, co-creation if you prefer, the other consciousness is focusing on another reality ... in other words "you do it all to you because you are offering the vibration and you can change it"-Esther Hicks


and to change your vibration step into the vortex

alt text :)

reference; http://www.servranx.com/Products/Graphiques/DE-RADIONIQUE/N%C2%B0-43---Vortex.aspx


answered 27 Apr '13, 01:31

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ru bis

edited 27 Apr '13, 01:54

Nice answer. "To change your vibration, step into the vortex." Do you work for servranx? If not, you should. They should be paying you a commission. You want me to talk to my guy there about you?

(27 Apr '13, 04:28) ele

@ele ... hahaha :)

(27 Apr '13, 04:42) ru bis

@ru bis, What I don't understand if the other person is having another experience altogether, I mean if they could be focusing their consciousness in a totally different reality, say I'm co-creating a difficult experience with this person, and this person is having a totally different experience, not just seeing things differently, but being in a different reality..

(05 May '13, 20:59) Notgonnatellyou

@Notgonnatellyou it depends on what you mean by understand, there is intellectual understanding, example 1+1=2 and there is emotional understanding which is experiencing feeling

(06 May '13, 01:33) ru bis

@ru bis, (it should say "What I don't understand IS if.."), but I can't correct it for some reason. But still, I don't think I'm making myself clear, I'm sorry English is not my first language. However, I just got confirmation that what I understood is correct. My reality is only being experienced by me in a direct manner, that is, only I am focused in this reality, the other persons are giving their energy and all, but they are not necessarily focused in this reality, they are focused in...

(06 May '13, 03:02) Notgonnatellyou

other story. Metaphysically it makes sense, or at least it's not a contradiction. However, the implications are.. well, a lot, I haven't had the time to think it through.

(06 May '13, 03:04) Notgonnatellyou

@Notgonnatellyou "my reality is only experienced by me" ... :)

(06 May '13, 03:13) ru bis

@ru bis That is a fantastic Abe clip. Just curious - why do you have to point these graphs to the North. What is the significance of the direction?

(06 May '13, 04:39) Catherine

@Catherine when we meditate we line ourselves up with our animal frequency, our natural state if you prefer and this state is represented in scientific terms as the schumann(human) resonance and binaural beats ... the axis north /south is part of this resonance ... so when we line the graph up with magnetic north, we're tuning it into the natural state

(06 May '13, 04:54) ru bis
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It is true, I have to agree on this. Two people see an object and there is a reporter taking notes asking each what is was that they had seen.

This reporter and the other reporter will take different notes. This is because even if they both get the same description from the two different people, they will each be writing what influences them most. Each will see different points as important. But that is only the begining, each person would give a different description to their own reporter.

This is not because they perpously try to be different and confuse the two reporters but because they each experience the sight of the same object differently.

So all four of these people have different descriptions of the same object.

They experience the same object based on what attracts them most. One may be color, one smell, one tast, one shape, one size, one texture.

So all these people could experience a old car tire for example. Each asked to describe this object. One says it was round. One says it smelled musty. One says it was black with a white line. One says if felt rubbery. One says it tasted terrible. All we're right, but each experienced it differently.


answered 27 Apr '13, 01:46

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Wade Casaldi

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