Is emotion a driving force behind attracting circumstances or things.

Or is it a by product so to speak of our increased use of dwelling on the positive.


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Monty Riviera

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Indubitably, emotions affect our point of attraction. Our emotions determine how we feel and in order to have any power behind it, the thought must be driven by feeling. When the emotion is positive the feeling will be in alignment with that and hence we will be attracting positive circumstances into our experience. However, when we are experiencing negative emotion , our point of attraction will reflect that negativity.

Emotions are part of the human experience and I don't think we can really refer to them as a by product. We can cultivate a positive attitude and thus experience those positive emotions more which in turn leaves us feeling good, raising our vibration and thus changing our point of attraction.

The intensity of the emotion will determine the intensity of the feeling which determines the intensity of the pull into physical reality - the better you feel, the more you are attracting what you want; the worse you feel, the more you are attracting what you don't want.


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Thank you for this wonderful question! I would love to share my take on this phenomenon as this particular question has occupied my attention for a long time.

I have mentioned the idea that emotion is the primary ingredient in reality selection within the unlimited potential in the past. This idea is not original to me.

When you notice a common thread within various explanations of the attraction phenomenon and the ingredients within the formula of attraction, especially from channeled sources, you cannot ignore that emotion is an important component and seems to be the starting point and ending point within a loop of events.

The fact that emotion is chosen to be the starting point is probably no different from arguing which came first? the chicken or the egg?

Because emotion is not necessarily always the starting point in an infinitely timeless now moment.

However, let's take emotion as the starting point within a loop of events.

You have a strong emotion (or a desire for an emotion within and with clear intent) Basically you either feel something or want to feel something.

That emotion translates into an idea of experience in your consciousness. (essentially, you give meaning to that emotion in the only way you know how; which, in this case, is through a physical experience that triggers that emotion)

You will have layers of intensity and choice depending on how much you are investing in that moment of emotional meditation.

The most easily available information comes from your past experiences and memories. At a deeper level you will find a match to your emotion within your dreams and desires. Even further beyond that you will find information from your sub conscious and your access to the collective consciousness of mankind. But you can go even beyond this to search for a resonant match within the unlimited and un-manifest potential within creation, here you are not dealing with thought because you are seeking what has not yet occurred within the consciousness. However, within that emerges a sense of purpose that has no ideas but pure emotion, you can describe it as being guided by God. (And you don't know what it is that God wants you to do, all you know is that it "feels" right)

Now once you lock into the "vision" or the "experience" that is supposed to accompany this emotion within you, that "vision" if held without distraction within your consciousness (I believe 17 seconds as described by Abraham), will translate into a thought form which will create it's own event, independent of the thinker. In other words, If you think it long enough an event is thrust into existence.

This event is not always the actual experience that is in your imagination at the time you had the emotion and the corresponding "vision" or "thought" to go along with it.

What you have set in motion is actually an event with an emotion trigger hidden within it.

so If you feel a tremendous sense of Joy and in that Joy, you have the idea of "being free from the constraints of life" and as you are riding this emotion, you have a vision of driving a beautifully restored classic car along a English country road, you won't necessarily attract a real event in which you actually get a chance to participate.

Instead you may find yourself watching TV on a weekend and while flipping the channels, you suddenly stumble upon a scene in a movie, where the character is driving a classic car in an English country side, somewhat similar to the vision that accompanied your emotion in the past.

In that instant, in your imagination, you become that character in that movie and the emotion that originally attracted that thought form now re-lives as an event driven emotion that has come alive within your consciousness.

The emotion which originally triggered the sequence of events re-emerges as a response to a physically triggered event within reality.

The loop that started the sequence of events closes at this point and your original desire of emotion driven experience triggered by a physical event is satisfied.

So in a way even though you seem to think that you are not getting everything that you are wanting to attract, what you are actually attracting is the re-living of an emotion that is triggered by a physical event.

If you are not satisfied with merely living what you desire in the form of an imagined event that is triggered by a TV show, then you have to keep re-opening that loop of events again and again with greater and greater intensity until an event that is not only a emotional match, but also a physical match is finally attained.

So you are actually always getting what you want, for what you want is always provided in the form of an emotional re-play triggered by a physical event.

If you comprehend this seeming paradox you will start to see that you don't need stuff to experience happiness, you only need the emotion of happiness to be triggered by physical events within reality.

On the other hand, happiness is an emotion no different from sadness, and like any other emotion, cannot be sustained in a continuous state of mind. To seek happiness, one must also be willing to allow the counterbalance of sadness. It is somewhat similar to acknowledging that with the joy of eating comes the elimination of waste.


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The Traveller

Nice answer,i see a lot in this ( cant digest it all just now )but the first point that stands out is that the things that i want are not neccessarily REALLY things per se but actually the FEELING they give rise to.I will study this ongoing. Thanks

(16 Sep '10, 10:00) Monty Riviera

The funny thing is that the "thing" is the physical counterpart to the "feeling". so inside you it is a feeling and outside you it is a "thing" that triggers and accompanies the feeling. If you observe even deeper you will see that the feeling and the thing are different expressions of the same energy. your five senses pickup the energy as a thing, and your sixth sense, (consciousness), picks up the same energy as a feeling.

(17 Sep '10, 05:41) The Traveller

@The Traveller, this is wonderful. for a resonant match within the unlimited and un-manifest potential within creation... alone was worth the price of admission. :) This post is almost two years old, but I just found it - I love it. Bending my mind, and I just love that. I was able to follow all you said, except for the bit that drives me nuts (probably causing a mental block). I manifest extremely unsatisfying tv show drives through the country all the time...

(26 Aug '12, 14:37) Grace how do I take that from there to my reality? Please let me know. :) And I'm sure your thoughts on this have evolved since then - I'd love to hear any more insights you have. This is rich, wonderful stuff. Thanks again.

(26 Aug '12, 14:37) Grace

@The Traveller-great thoughts.

(28 Jun '13, 04:50) Zee

@The traveler-@Stingray-I wanted to ask this as a separate question but I cannot write 1000 word long I am asking here that"Is there any strategy or technique which can be applied instantly changing moods of person who are not normal .f.e. a blind or a deaf person is in angry mood.any instant technique?

(07 Mar '14, 13:03) Zee
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The emotion will come from your belief about the situation. If you are positive you will have an emotion that reflects that. The driving force to me is the belief.


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I must say this is the view ive always taken.I see the emotion as a reflection too.However the concept of the emotion as being so important is so new to me that i will have to think on this one a bit. I still mainly lean on the belief idea fueled by the correct use of the sub con mind/spirit etc. But ive been wrong before.

(16 Sep '10, 10:10) Monty Riviera

Kudos to both Michaela and Drham.and you for the question. The differance is like comparing two modes of transportation.The horse and buggy and a supersonic jet.They will both get you there,but one is far superior to the other.Don V


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Don V

So Don the emotion supercharges/turbocharges the manifestation.Good point.( been a bit of a petrol head in my youth...hence the phrases!! )

(15 Sep '10, 09:12) Monty Riviera

emotion or desire, which and what for;
am i seeking gain or group consensus, does it really matter;
in any case my emotions focus my energy, adding fuel to the directed fire


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if you are using the conscious realm on your mind to manifest something, emotions are certainly necessary. but if you use the sub-conscious realm directly (through self hypnosis etc), then emotions are not required. actually emotions themselves dont do anything, but they facilitate in giving out the necessary vibrations. but when you do self hypnosis to use the law of attraction, there you subside your conscious awareness, and bring to fore the sub-conscious mind. now here, the suggestions that u receive (affirmations or through a tape), they go deep and they give out the necessary vibrations from the subconscious automatically, without you having to do it.. why i feel this method is more appropriate is because here, you are not choosing the emotions. emotions themselves are very subtle. at times you may feel that you are bringing the best emotions, but actually your emotions are hampering the whole process of manifestation. for example, if you want to attract a soul mate, the emotions that you will bring consciously are most likely to make you long for her, desire her more and more, think of her all the time, day dream about her. here is the irony. this is not the way to manifest something because here you have given a huge place to your desire, as if she/it is something is beyond this world, and you are nothing in front of her. but when you do self-hypnosis, and will impress the suggestions in your deepest state, the 1st thing that will happen is that you will stop longing for it, you will stop day dreaming, this is because this is what the subconscious feels is best to attract that particular desire of yours.


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abhishek mishra

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