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are you sure that getting stuff in this life using law or concept is not doing harm? what if you got was suppose to go to someone else? do you know that you might pay it in a way! example like what you are suppose to get will go to somoene else!Three methods Satan uses to hinder and steal from you personally, and from God’s Work, are:



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asked 14 Jun '11, 01:23

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

We have choice. Why believe in ancient superstitious concepts such as Satan?

(14 Jun '11, 06:34) Eddie

well satan is the negative part example when people do harm to other because of greed desire temptation jalousy that is satan!

(14 Jun '11, 21:09) white tiger
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Interesting comment. Please understand that there is only abundance. It is incorrect thinking that creates a sense of lack or undeservingness.

Your statement:"what if you got was suppose to go to someone else?" This thinking comes from a mindset of limitation, lack, and undeserving. It is our own limiting beliefs, superstitions, and thoughts that distract, tempt, and misguide us.

The universe moves people, places, conditions, and things in order to fulfill our sincerest desires without discord to others. You are a magnificent being, made of the same laws that attract things into our lives. It is our God given right, duty, and privelage to be happy and live in harmony. You are deserving, you are worth all the fullfilment of your earnest desires. The universe is dedicated to your happiness and advancement.

Make it A Great Day, In The Spirit Of Love, I Am RPuls


answered 14 Jun '11, 04:19

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no not a mind set of limitation! a mind set of balence! balence is needed for harmony! we see it each day that desire does not make people happy! when people need something it will make them happy to get it! but if it is not needed the desire become vain! and some people will always get more desire that will not really make them happy!

(14 Jun '11, 04:51) white tiger

Nice answer RPuls. I can tell you're on a positive path :)

(14 Jun '11, 06:32) Eddie

@white tiger, I agree with balance and harmony, this does not infere that one can receive something that belongs to someone else. Balance and harmony is an Universal adjustment that gives ALL of us the most loving, unconditional, impersonal, perfect experiences needed for our happiness and advancement. Only God can know why someone needs to receive something to realize it didn't bring happiness into their lives, only for them to become aware of it and attract that whichwill truely bring happiness.

(14 Jun '11, 13:40) RPuls

i agree @RPuls ... The Universe is so magnificent, intelligent and abundant enough to supply everything for everybody in perfect harmony.

(14 Jun '11, 16:38) streetsanto
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