I realize that there are many articles, answers and quotes here on IQ and out there that make me nod happily.

But there are also articles, answers and quotes here on IQ and out there that not only make me smile approvingly but that also make me want to take action and change my life in a very tangible way now.

What is the difference between those insights that make one nod and those insights that inspire one to take action and change his life right now?

asked 27 Apr '13, 21:54

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Those insights that inspire one to change touch a deeper part of our being. They resonate with the inherent knowing that resides at the core of our being beyond the intellectual mind. When the heart and soul are touched we're never quite the same and change becomes inevitable.


answered 27 Apr '13, 22:38

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What makes the difference is that trigger, that something that touches your soul and sets it on fire ... an event, an intuition that clicks into place and you feel impelled to put your whole being into action like your life is in danger

alt text

in short a deep inner tension



answered 02 May '13, 04:24

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ru bis

edited 02 May '13, 04:28

The difference is the experience of it.

Many gurus can speak of many difference experiences but unless one "experiences" it themselves, then it will just be a conceptual understanding and not a realization.

OR, we can stop chasing around experiences and Service Others and receive joy from doing that = )


answered 01 May '13, 23:34

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If only everyone would share your perspective. Then I'd have over 6 billions of happy slaves serving me. haha

(02 May '13, 03:54) CalonLan
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