My personal experience with this phenomenon is like people making comments about an event I encounter a few days later, or perhaps commenting about something I saw or said when they weren't or nobody was around.

I've had dreams before that came true, this is for sure, but I've never had the clarity to know where or when it would happen, nor necessarily the specific details to quantify it in a way I could "make predictions".

I suppose it makes sense it's possible these abilities could be refined to a degree allowing this kind of behavior, but to be honest I've always somewhat doubted this extent of ability would be possible. I guess this paragraph is answering my own question as to the general 'how', but I would definitely love to figure out some more specifics than this, or perhaps simply how to train one's abilities in this area to reproduce the effects myself.

[Edit] I'm sure other people have noticed before there are times when you think of a topic or a question and they find it is already being brought up by another member here, or something related, etc. I figured it'd be worth noting I've also observed a few times when members have written things which were a [sometimes] subtle nod at showing off their foresight abilities. A few times I've seen events commented about a few days ahead of time, always an interesting surprise. Just saying, it isn't unnoticed, and you guys are funny. ^_^ Has anyone else noticed this sort of behavior?

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yh..this has happnd with me as well..,many dreams cmng true..n thy stil do, so wat i usualy do is, i note my all good dreams n wen i look bck into those dream journals of few days back, i find many my dreams cmng true.., it makes me feel good tht i progressng more towards metaphysics.

(29 May '13, 04:40) supergirl

glad to hear it @supergirl :)

(29 May '13, 04:43) ru bis
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I've had lots of experiences like these over the years as well, and the more I get into this metaphysical stuff, the more of these experiences I seem to have. Dreams coming true. Meaningful coincidences. Serendipity. People answering questions that had been on my mind, before I ever asked the question.

Bashar gave an explanation in one of his seminars about Psychic abilities...he said that the things we think of as "psychic" phenomena are all just synchronicity. Essentially, it's all a function of the same principle:

I suppose it makes sense it's possible these abilities could be refined to a degree allowing this kind of behavior, but to be honest I've always somewhat doubted this extent of ability would be possible.

One of my favorite moments in a Bashar seminar is where he seems to telepathically jolt a guest with instant information, rather than delivering the information verbally. The implication of this is really mind-boggling, if you think about the possibilities it opens up. If you want to listen, load this audio, then go about 41 or 42 minutes in, to the conversation between Bashar and the older guy named "Strawberry":

If Bashar (as well as my own experience) is to be believed, I would say that by having the intent to refine these abilities, and by following your highest excitement, you will automatically be refining them.

The more you observe the reality of this phenomena, the more your doubts will be removed, and consequently you will see even more of the phenomena.

If you desire to refine these abilities yourself, just focusing on them through study, research, imagination, daydreaming, etc., will attract more refinement and ability to you.

Many of Bashar's future predictions seem to have come true, but he always makes it clear that there is no "set" or predetermined future, so his "prediction" is only an "energy reading" of what is likely to occur.

So in a sense, one's ability to exactly predict the future with 100% accuracy is limited, because the notion of a single predetermined future timeline is itself a limitation. Since the future is not set, future possibility is unlimited...however you can choose or influence which prediction "comes true." By focusing on it or believing in it, you will be able to shift into that "future" reality.

Who knows...maybe one day you'll end up doing things like the kids in this video. :)


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yes @lozenge123 i like it, especially the bit about focus on study, research, imaginaion, daydreaming :)

(07 May '13, 14:31) ru bis

@ru bis - Glad to hear you like's a pretty easy method, but seems to work. :)

(07 May '13, 15:13) lozenge123

i loved it too..@lozenge123

(29 May '13, 04:43) supergirl
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