I was preparing for an exam for 12 months with complete faith that I'll grab a good rank.

Even some incidents took place which made it look like the universe was doing something for me. This boosted up my faith.

I accept that there were times which made some doubts in my mind but I always managed to retain faith.

And then, the exam. It wasn't as good as I was expecting.

I was upset for a few days and faith was destroyed.

Still, I gave my full to get back that utter faith. Again some incidents like 'news of low cutoffs', etc. were making my faith stronger.

And a day before result I was feeling weightless because of happiness. I had accepted it that I'll not only pass the exam, but also grab a good score.

And today was the result. I couldn't even pass the exam.

Now, I'm quite depressed. Feels like I wasted my parents' money and broke their hopes.

But that isn't a big problem. I can and will get back my faith on universal laws. It will hardly take few days.

The problem is that I've another exam coming in 20 days which is way much difficult than the first one.

I'm just curious to know what went wrong.

MOST of the time I was happy, enthusiastic and positive. I was getting better at giving good vibration to everyone. I ocassionally did visualisation, affirmation etc. Though I believe that utter faith is the best way to achoeve something.

Now I wish to clear out the next exam. My career is on stake.

  1. What went wrong with my first attempt? So that I do not repeat any mistake.
  2. Are tools like visualisation and meditation 'must' or they are just to built faith and make us feel goid about something?
  3. A lil motivation would help me get back my faith.

I'm ready to give all of myself.


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Barry Allen ♦♦

How do you stand it? I don't think I could. The self-created artificial pressure from delusion of importance of some exam possibly determining your career. When I was about to finish high-school. I told my teacher and my parents you know what, ef school..I'm gonna play computer games. I'll finish the school later. And so I went onto 18hours a day gaming for 2 years and then one day decided to finish my high school and get the diploma.

7 years later, I have a job, I have cash, I have a ball.

(07 May '13, 07:40) CalonLan

And did I have faith I would pass high school leaving test? No. I didn't know anything. I was fine with not passing it at all. I didn't care. I just showed up, and they gave it to me, because they wanted to report great statistics to the national school institute. Haha. And that's how life works. No need to stress, it's always gonna work out somehow.

So make a great big smile, and enjoy victories and defeats. One day you'll look back and laugh your ass off. Better yet, you start laughing now.

(07 May '13, 07:47) CalonLan

@CalonLan "One day you'll look back and laugh your ass off. Better yet, you start laughing now." Nicely said.

(07 May '13, 08:11) releaser99

:) That made me change the way I think about life :) @CalonLan

(07 May '13, 09:46) chandsethi

@CalonLan......you dont know how things are in india.....we can sit in home for 2 years!!!! our standard of living and economical background do not allow us to do that!!!!

(15 May '13, 16:38) ledzepp

sethi...sorry to say but i think u r ***....i also believed in this * and dint study seriously at the ending days and ggot just 150!........as u know studying for jee is a reall tough task and this loa...sort of provide a refuge...an escape from reality....its just a way to make people hopefull....and hope..is a dangerous thing my freind!

(15 May '13, 16:41) ledzepp

Please explain here why you downvoted: this is more of a comment than an answer imho

(15 May '13, 17:30) ursixx

hi @ledzepp yes there are many people who say that the loa is a load of bs ... a low standard of living, sitting at home for 2 years is a mind set ... here's a video on the subject


(16 May '13, 03:06) ru bis
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I'm just curious to know what went wrong

Perhaps you are looking at this incident in an unhelpful, disempowering way.

What if nothing went wrong? What if this was the best thing that could have happened?

What if there is a part of you that knows that your highest joy and excitement lies not within passing exams and gaining academic qualifications but within being who you really are regardless of society's controlling demands that you should conform to this-or-that career in order to play the artificial game of collecting as many lumps of paper and metal ("money") as possible.


Whenever anything doesn't go the way I expected, I basically ask myself a simple question...

What gift lies here for me in what has just happened?

When I've been honest and open-minded with myself, I've always found a gem lying in the rough.


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a real gem @Stingray ... beautiful ♥♥♥

(07 May '13, 09:08) ru bis

@Stingray, great picture!! I have always been termed the black sheep of the family, the picture gives it a totally different spin. Thank you for the great answer.:)

(07 May '13, 09:39) dreamersmiles

yes, there is a part of me which knows that I'm meant to do something I really enjoy - writing. I don't know how this idea got in my mind that I need good qualifications to show the society that I'm something. I need to get it plucked out :) @Stingray

(07 May '13, 09:50) chandsethi

You're welcome, all @chandsethi -some years ago I remember spending a long time convincing a friend of mine to pursue her dream of becoming a book author instead of chasing a career that she found boring and lifeless. After much convincing, she eventually followed that advice and enrolled in creative writing classes. A year or so ago, she won a national literary prize, been shortlisted for others, and been reviewed in national newspapers...passion can take you a long way if you go with it:)

(07 May '13, 10:15) Stingray

@Stingray- I will be shortly posting a new question on IQ about how to transform once perceived bad events into a good light; Bashar has said, never label anything as "that piece of my life was useless and had no purpose whatsoever." Not sure if you can help- I was stuck in traffic on a highway for a total of 1.5 hours twice in the last day. I'm trying real hard to see how I can learn from the experience, but it feels invaluable. Any ideas how I can look at it better?

(07 May '13, 22:27) Nikulas

"Any ideas how I can look at it better?" - Just off the top of my head...isn't that demonstrating an attachment to needing external conditions to be different? What if you were stuck in traffic and it made no difference to your life experience? What if you were just able to still enjoy being in the present moment regardless of the traffic? Wouldn't that be a demonstration of true freedom ? What if getting stuck led you to study Abraham's "Segment Intending" process in more depth?

(08 May '13, 02:58) Stingray

@Nikulas- I have found that sometimes there is just no logical reason behind outer experiences like these. Maybe there was something in the felt aspect of it. How did you feel when you were stuck in traffic? Feeling what IS will usually get you closer to the truth than thinking. Hope this helps:)

(08 May '13, 05:11) Satori

@Stingray- Brilliant answer. This helps me remember that when things don't go the way I would have liked or thought they should have, that I'm actually looking at it from the limited perspective of the little guy :)

(08 May '13, 05:17) Satori

@Stingray somehow, im still not able to get "what caused the failure". I did everything mentioned in The secret, Ask and its given, the master key system, think and grow rich etc. I had all positive feelings. I can't see the CAUSE.

(08 May '13, 07:04) chandsethi

@chandsethi - "im still not able to get 'what caused the failure'" - Failure is just a man-made concept. Everything is a vibrational match. You say you were feeling good and you received this vibrational match. I would suggest that you take a step back and think about what that means. For example, when people want a lottery win, they don't actually want the money - they want what the money will bring. Similarly, is it really exam certificates you are chasing or something that you think...

(08 May '13, 08:58) Stingray

@chandsethi - ...having the certificates will bring? The Universe always brings what you want by the most direct route...it doesn't play the man-made games of get-the-money-to-get-the-thing, it just gets-the-thing in the most direct way. Sure, you can bulldoze your way through exam resits to please your parents and get your result but, before doing that, you may wish to take this opportunity to ask yourself if the Universe is sending you a message here that you might not yet be seeing.

(08 May '13, 09:03) Stingray

@Stingray- I enjoy the feedback. Actually I did have more practise at using inuition and trusting Higher Mind in the traffic this morning- I was inspired to take an odd, different route than the highway and managed to get home equally as quick as I would have if there was no traffic. Im not sure if I can necessarily grasp what you're saying in terms of "an attachment to external conditions." Don't we need a level of certain, solid amount of attachment to thoroughly experience and enjoy life?

(08 May '13, 09:14) Nikulas

@Stingray- Or rather, are you phrasing it that you shouldn't rely on outer conditions to fluctuate your emotions?

In my study of segment intending, I feel it to be very contradictory to Bashar teachings- doesn't segment intending involve a great deal of wanting and expectations about future events in your life? Eg: "I intend the highway to be free of traffic..."- and what if it doesn't? From my experience it seems to set me up for disappointment. Perhaps I am approaching it the wrong way.

(08 May '13, 09:19) Nikulas

@Satori - You're welcome. Yes, "Little Guy" = limited, mind-based perspective. "Big Guy" = infinite, heart-based perspective :)

(08 May '13, 19:32) Stingray

@Nikulas - You really only need enough "attachment" to keep you immersed in the physical reality illusion so you can play the game. It doesn't need to reach the point of being emotionally painful. Regarding Segment Intending, you are only stating an intention and then releasing it. You are not becoming emotionally attached to whether it manifests or not. It's a general "pre-paving" of your future. The emotional stance is the same as when Bashar talks about "Dropping Expectations"

(08 May '13, 19:45) Stingray
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I am a student, so I understand what you're going through. I believe a few things happened:

  • You UNDERESTIMATED the exam because you felt so good. Do NOT let your high vibration and good feeling make you cocky about the exam. You must maintain your HUMILITY. Or rather feel cocky and confident in your ABILITY to study, stay focused, retain information, etc during each study session. Only when its time to sit down, take out your pencil and write should you start feeling cocky and confident about the actual test. Not before. Stay humble.
  • Do not become attached to the end result. Which is hard to understand. It took me a few years to understand it in terms of school, but the longer I stayed in school and screwed up my GPA, the more I realized that there is always a "way out". A different route to take for those who don't achieve the 4.0. It depends on you and having faith that you can achieve the life you want no matter what. In the present moment, you WANT to do well on the test. So go for what you want the best way you can! But do not be attached to the end result. Try to get to a place where if you don't get what you want, you don't feel devastated. Again, this took some practice and majorly screwing up my academics for me to understand it. I wonder if it is possible to learn this "the easy way"? lol But once I stopped being attached, I started making good grades, got accepted into grad school, etc.
  • Find a test bank. There are students in every class who have access to past papers, past exams, past notes, past SOMETHING. Find them and use those things because it will reduce your study time and anxiety in half. ;)
  • Reassess your study technique. I'm in the process of finding my "perfect" study technique, too. But I do believe that the best way to study is to answer QUESTIONS about the material. It forces your brain to understand the material in multiple ways. Use the questions from the textbook. My professors have ALWAYS had questions that are similar to what's in the text book -- even if they don't use it! I guess there is some universal language of testing for each subject, lol. So my brain automatically knew what to do to answer it. I use a method called "Guaranteed 4.0" (message me at quitejaded at gmail if you want to see it or just google it) to help me memorize and understand the information and then when its time for the test, I answer as many text book questions as I can. Ace in the hole!

OK, buddy. Hope that helps a lot! Keep in touch. :)


answered 21 May '13, 13:39

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Excellent answer!

I especially loved the part about: "You UNDERESTIMATED the exam because you felt so good. Do NOT let your high vibration and good feeling make you cocky about the exam. You must maintain your HUMILITY,"

(21 Feb '14, 20:24) Beach Baby

You gave a clue that you did not feel good post-exam. I am thinking perhaps you were not prepared for the exam? If you accept that we are spiritual beings living a human existence, we still have to obey the physical laws, which means in your instance, you had to have studied and answered the questions correctly to get the passing score. Nothing magical about preparation. Also, examine how you were feeling and thinking about the exam during your prep period. You may also think about whether or not you really want to pursue this career or even whether you have the necessary skill-set and/or aptitude to be successful. So, as you prepare for your next exam, be mindful of how you are feeling as you prepare. Are you excited about the work? Do you find studying challenging and are full of expectation after you master small segments of the overall material? Are you happy to be on this path? Do you look forward to the time when you can study? Hope this is helpful.


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Well,I can understand your situation.I am an engineering student from India.I gave an important aptitude examination in 2014.Please be patient to read my following article.I hope positively you will get benefitted from my personal experience.

I too had not prepared well,so to say,at that extent for the exam.I was feeling very depressed,I had only 2 months time for preparation while they say that minimum 6 months is needed to even qualify this tough exam in engineering.Then Someone told me about this affirmations,LOA or whatever you name them.I really studied hard those 2 months sincerely.But never forgot to keep calm and have a positive mentality in every situations.I gave many mock tests and scored well in most of them.Of course before giving the actual exam little doubts,fear hovered in my mind but I never let them to sabotage my positivity.Because I knew little doubt and tension is necessary for every candidate before exam.Finally I gave my long-awaited exam.Some questions ere tough but maximum easy.I never lost my cool.And during each and every moment of my exam(including those mock ones)I thanked God for whatever good and nice he had doen for me.After my exams were over I arranged some dummy results pic from the inetrnet and replaced their names,scores and other credentials with that of mine.I used to regularly visualize them in front of me with happiness and thanked God for the same."Thank you God for everything.I have given my exam so well and my results are very good.Now I can get admitted to those premium colleges or even get a good job.Thank You, Thank you very much."Finally my results came out and I scored 78.66% marks.The qualifying marks were 30 however.Now I have applied for many jobs as well as some good colleges for higher studies.I am waiting for their replies and I hope with his Grace and my affirmations i will succeed.Thank You.


answered 20 Feb '14, 04:52

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