I had been using LOA and tried it on an exam. I had complete faith of getting 200 or more marks (which is an appreciable score) but I'm afraid that by the way I attempted the exam, I'll be getting 150-200 and if it goes worse , i'll not even passout the exam (passing marks are 130).

Exam was yesterday itself and results will be out on May 7.

I believe that LOA can make things happen. All I need is faith. Will anyone please suggest me some ways to think good about result and start expecting a better score. If not 200, 180 would be okay for me. All I need is motivation and I'll fashion faith out of it..

I know thay changing my dominant thoughts would make 'something' happen which makes my result better. But I wish to have a planned or systematic process on daily basis or something which will make my mental state thinking and expecting a good result.

P.S. - It's not a matter of lenient or hard checking. Checking is computer based.

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Here's one to cheer you up. I went to school and I've been to life. The exams at school don't matter. You worry about getting bad grades, but how about you start worrying about wasting your time.

(26 Apr '13, 06:01) CalonLan

Time is only wasted when you worry about it.

(21 May '13, 14:28) iqjim
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Seems to me you did a great job to start with, having complete faith in getting 200 or more marks ... afterwards you've sabotaged it. I suggest that you start using again that same method you practiced before the exam that got you believing completely in yourself, this will not only keep your confidence up but also prevent any doubts creeping back in ... keep hammering positively, that is, keep sending out positive vibrations till the final results are available.


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You can't allow fear to come. Have a goal that you believe in (like your 200+ mark) and let it go. The fact that you were afraid might mean that you did not let it go.

I took a very hard class. I had faith that I would score at least an 85 and studied accordingly. I really wanted to atleast pass, but I dreamed as big as my ego would allow (before it said "OH cmon! No way!")I scored a 76. For the same course, I had faith I would atleast PASS the test. I scored a 65 (not passing. 70 is passing). So for the circumstances surrounding THIS class, my manifestations were at a certain level.

It's kind of like when someone says they want to be successful. Maybe "I want enough money to support myself" and a life coach says "DREAM BIGGER!" so they say "I want to appear on Oprah". They may not appear on Oprah (actually, some people DO appear on Oprah this way but it takes time), but dreaming big allowed them to reach their first goal or even exceed it.

As for using LOA to change the result post-exam... it is possible. Just stay in the vibration of whatever you feel you need to be in to change the result. For some teachers, this means SEEMING like you're a good student. Some teachers boost your grade and assume you are having family/life issues if they THINK you're normally a top student. Some teachers respond when the whole class does poorly and gives everyone extra credit. It depends.

But again, you can't stay attached to the end result. If you are going to live attached to the end result, then you need to use the Will Smith method: "I'm not going to stop working until I die" instead of trusting the "universe" for assistance. ;)


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