Please don't tell me that I shouldn't. Its not like I'm cancelling them, neither am I trying to get marks without studying. So, How do I postpone them? Today is Saturday and they start on Monday.

Can you help me phrase an affirmation or maybe tell me a way to postpone it.

I have read around 4-5 stories today where people have been able to postpone their exams by repeating an affirmation to themselves over and over. In one case, A person's school developed some technical error and the exams had to be cancelled and everyone was awarded 100 marks. (I'm not asking to go that far, just postponing.)

Today I was expecting a call from my friend, telling me that the exams have been postponed and I tried to feel a little happy. I visualized it happening in my mind and wrote the experience down but maybe I was stressing most of the time and noticing on the lack too much, I got no call.

I believe in miracles. I have manifested a deliberate intention in 3 minutes! (it was a raffle and I told myself, I'm going to go on the stage today and imagined myself stepping on the stairs and going on stage. When my name wasn't announced, I told myself it doesn't matter if I get my name get called out for the last prize, it doesnt matter what I get. I'm going home with something.

I took a deep breath and tried to feel happier and almost sat up, like a position when you know you have to get up. THEN my name was called out. So you see, I did manifest a miracle.) So any help from you all would be appreciated. thank you!

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Okay, Thankyou :D

(11 Sep '15, 17:36) Happyunicorn17

at the place of wasting energy to postpone your exam, why not use that energy to get good mark. and if you really need to postpone because you are sick, just call in sick.

(12 Sep '15, 09:40) white tiger
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I want to postpone my exams

Actually, I don't think you do genuinely want to postpone your exams :) I think there's something more to this like you not feeling prepared enough for them and you currently believe that postponing them is the solution.

I could be wrong, of course...perhaps you are actually starting a career as the world's first professional available-for-hire "Exam Postponer"...but I don't think so :)

alt text

Firstly, let me say first that if you are a newcomer to these manifesting ideas then it's never a good idea to start practicing these ideas with the biggest, hardest thing you can think of. You wouldn't expect to pick up a guitar for the first time today and by Monday, be playing a solo stadium concert in front of thousands of people, would you? :)

Secondly, let me say that if you think of something as a "miracle", you are putting it out of vibrational reach of yourself: See the principle of the Next Logical Step.

Thirdly, let me direct you to this answer which contains some tips about manifesting in a hurry: What does 'detachment' truly mean in Law of Attraction?

Having said all of the above, the following is a powerful method for a situation like yours if you are willing to try it...

  1. Spend a few minutes thinking (writing is better, whether on paper or computer) about "What?" you want and "Why?" you want it. Don't even think about "How?" it's going to come. Just stick purely to "What?" and "Why?"

  2. If you do this properly, you'll start to get a sense of a positive emotion behind your reasons for what you want. Try and get clear exactly what the positive emotion is, and label it using whatever words feel appropriate e.g. Pride (in getting good marks), Feeling of Accomplishment, Confidence...whatever...only you know why you want this thing

  3. Having identified the emotion (and you should be feeling it right now also), think about anything else in your life - past or present - that gives you the same emotional feeling.

  4. Think about (or write down) these other things to further strengthen that emotion within you.

  5. Once you've spent (at least) a few minutes feeling that positive emotion strongly, now go back and revisit your original desire (the one you made the "What?" and "Why?" about).

  6. You might now feel a course of action suggest itself or some other inspiration may pop in your head from the precisely-targeted good-feeling "state of being" that you have just conjured.

  7. Trust those courses of action, or inspirations, as being the best thing you can do/think/feel right now to get you quickly towards what you want. I've no idea what those things will be, you'll find out for yourself when you reach that emotional state.

That's it. Good luck with your exam-postponing career :)


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"if you think of something as a "miracle", you are putting it out of vibrational reach of yourself" - hmm see what you mean, i don't exactly think that something I'm desiring will be a miracle, but I do think that it would pretty amazing if that did happen!!! I guess that is also putting it out of vibrational reach. Thanks for a very helpful answer.

(12 Sep '15, 03:54) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty - "I do think that it would pretty amazing if that did happen!!! I guess that is also putting it out of vibrational reach" - Yes, it is pushing it away from you. I think the No Big Deal thing is a message that people seem to rarely want to hear even though it often seems to be a major reason why people don't get what they want. People want the thrill of receiving the physical manifestation but that's a vibrational...

(12 Sep '15, 04:04) Stingray

@Inner Beauty - ...mismatch. When you are "up to speed" with something vibrationally, you are moving at the same (vibrational) speed as it so it doesn't feel like you are moving. It's like travelling in a luxury car - even though you might be moving fast down the road, you get no sensation of the speed. The stuff that comes to me is invariably "boring" by the time I receive it. When I get it, it feels like "Yawn, whatever" :) It's only others who might point out it's something unusual :)

(12 Sep '15, 04:08) Stingray

@stingray you say: People want the thrill of receiving the physical manifestation but that's a vibrational... would you not then say that people are divided from their vibrational state in their physical form. then would it not be more profitable for them to first solve that division in them self. to be who they really are at the place of being who they think they are? to try to use who they really are when still in division for the benefit of who they think they are is it really helping them?

(13 Sep '15, 19:34) white tiger

@stingray people want a fast fix to their physical reality and experience. they forget that they are the one choosing those experience same as every one else around them because they are divided from them self and other. when they stop making division in them self and other other for their own ego and lack of understanding they will have a more deep and fruitful experience. for the time being many are intoxicated and not thirsty. let them be. let there be light,-

(13 Sep '15, 19:41) white tiger

@stingray be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(13 Sep '15, 19:41) white tiger

@white tiger "Then would it not be more profitable for them to first solve that division in them self" This is it in a nutshell! The problem is that most people are fixated on having the manifestations. The feeling place of anything you strongly "I must have it!!!" desire, is always higher up the EGS than you are currently residing. You only want 'it' so you can observe it and then feel the feelings of joy, love etc you're actually trying to be pulled up the EGS from a lower vibration....

(11 Feb '16, 10:53) Yes

.. Those "vortex" feelings are what you actually want but most people think they can only find them by manifesting, then observing and then feeling good. So if you're mostly feeling fear or worry and you want a new relationship or wealth you only want those things because you think having them and observing them will make you stop having the feelings of fear and worry and start having the feeling of love & joy. But, manifesting "good" things from the feeling place of fear/worry is not possible.

(11 Feb '16, 10:58) Yes

... Once you're in the vortex you don't really have a long time lag between desiring something and receiving it. You know the things you desire are yours already. You lightly desire and enjoy the "asking" but you already know you're going to get it. You know you will feel good when you get it because you already feel good now before you get it. It's like driving along picking up things as you go. One of those, yes, one of those, yes, one of those, yes. No drama, no bad feeling on the way to it.

(11 Feb '16, 11:10) Yes

@yes the problem is that people are afraid in ignorance do not know them self and yes they are in division with them self an also with other. and yes people look on the outside to solve what is not working in side. they don't feel good they go drink alcool, eat ice cream, go yell at someone else etc.... in fact those are just temporary band aid on the real problem and until they clean the inside of the cup it will stay the same.

(11 Feb '16, 23:03) white tiger
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