hi..frndss.., how to use loa for studies.means at the moment of exams? . like one tip i know that when we give our entire exam in vortex.., we r guided in exams by our higher self n we perform excellent. so...do u all have some more such tips..??? plss..let me know.. n also telme how to be "in vortex"..during exams for complete 3 hours, with eyes opened. i thank you all for replying in advance n i apolojize if i went wrong in any word or sentence. sending lots of blessing n positive vibes on ur way..friends..

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Before you study, do whatever it takes to feel good, even if only slightly better. Before your exam, do whatever it takes to feel really good.

(02 Sep '12, 03:49) Nikulas

@nikulas..yup..dear..thanks for ur cute short but sweet reply :)))

(02 Sep '12, 07:56) supergirl

@Barry Allen,thank you dear,for editing my question..:)))

(02 Sep '12, 08:04) supergirl
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Being "in the Vortex" is a state of focused excitement, joy and passion (as opposed to a calm, neutral, meditative state) so keeping your eyes open shouldn't be an issue.

You give the impression of being a pretty excited, joyful person naturally so if you just carry on holding onto your natural joy and excitement throughout the exam, you should be fine. Just follow your inspiration towards answering the questions first that seem to carry the most joy and excitement for you...or, at least, the ones that seem to grab your attention as the most interesting in that moment.

Excitement contains its own organizing principle, which means that different questions will feel exciting at different times. The one that seems the most exciting at any moment is the one to answer next in the exam. The excitement will be guiding you towards answering them in the best order. Just take each answer as far as you can.

Something also to consider is that the more you make Vortex alignment habitual throughout your life, the less you will have to work at "getting into the Vortex" before any significant event such as an examination.

You just naturally become someone who is predominantly in the Vortex regardless of what you do.


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wonderful reply.., u know wht i was like waiting for ur reply..thank you..GOD BLESS YOU!!!

(03 Sep '12, 02:03) supergirl

@supergirl - You are welcome. Enjoy the exam :)

(04 Sep '12, 09:24) Stingray

Call me crazy, but I always liked tests. Why? Because I was excited about finding out how much I had learned, and looked at tests perhaps the same way a mountain climber looks at a new peak to climb...with anticipation and a sort of thrill.

The question is this: Can you get yourself into that sort of state about this test? I especially remember taking my ACT tests...the only problem I had with them was that they started so darned early in the morning, and I am a night owl. But I actually enjoyed the challenge, and that is where you need to get. You need to look at this in a positive light, and not with dread.

Be sure to eat and get plenty of sleep...you cannot do well if you are tired and/or hungry. Also, be sure to take advantage of any breaks you may get...Do short meditations between sections, and be sure to rest your eyes.

"Being in the Vortex" for three hours depends on your state of mind, and your feelings about the test. Be happy, like the mountain climber, and just do your best to stay happy.

Good luck,



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@jaianniah.., ya..evn,i am very exicited for this mine upcoming test..n i am completely prepared for it n i am too much excited for this one. so..yup..i l surely be in vortex for the whole of my test. neways..., thank you dear,for ur reply.. GOD BLESS YOU !!!

(02 Sep '12, 08:02) supergirl

It is really easy for me to stay in the Vortex for a test when I had studied to the best of my abilities. Whether I had work late, fell asleep early one night instead of studing or something, as long as I did the BEST I could, I was excited to find out how I did. Like a game or contest.

When I didn't study, it was harder. I viewed the test as a way to see how much I NATURALLY retained and turned into a game that way.

So turning school into a game helps me.


answered 21 May '13, 13:52

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thank u udoka :)) God bless :))

(23 May '13, 04:59) supergirl
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