I was asked to give advice to artists, and though of this question about resistance. I'm cautious in giving advice to people regarding LOA, and would instead like to offer other infinite possibilities.

The Student
One of my aspiring art students commented "I have people praying for me to be to get an IT job, and that I do art only as a hobie." Ironically, I know the power of prayer and felt sad for him. That's a lot of resistance - "be prayed against."

The student who wants to do art full-time deserves the opportunity. Rather than discourage my students, I steer them toward a life/work balance so they don't have to face the hardships head-on. This bring me to my question.

The Question - Why do "job replacement dreams" receive so much resistance?
By job replacement, I mean having goals of doing something creative that would replace a day job. This seems to be an appropriate result of being dedicated to something.

Summary - How can my students protect their dreams from resistance?
My second question is, how can my students protect their dreams from resistance? I didn't want to go a metaphysical route, but there's a lot of energy expended keeping us trapped in jobs - as if there's something else going on we have no right to question. "Weird thought I guess."

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It's really simple - because it is out of the norm. I know exactly how your student feels because I feel exactly the same way, and I have been hovering back and forth around this issue for quite some time.

I have no offence against artists, but I am sure you would agree that most people in society generally look upon artists as not a very promising or secure career as compared to something like IT. When you have more people against your own decision and when you still do not know how to "block out" their opinions, you will be gradually convinced by them that being an artist is the "wrong" career/job, and hence the resistance.

When it is your first time trying to do something that seems out of the norm or something that almost everyone around you will put a wet blanket on, the resistance will definitely be there if you still do not know how to handle it well!


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