what does it mean when I am in deep mediation, over 30 minutes, looking for insight, and I get a chill all over my body. Begins in the center and spread out to cover my body whole as I think about the same topic. Someone with positive affirmations. Is it resistance I am experiencing?

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@Victtoria "looking for insight" Can you tell more about how you meditate? Do you focus on something specific?

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I am mainly following the master key system,and I am at week 15- focus on insight.Posture of clasped hands,indian style and this works for me the best.I also was told to mediate the same about of minutes as age; I mediate for 35 minutes.I begin the first few minutes with the cone ten inches from me with my eyes closed,and then I sort of go into prayer.then stay silent chatter and go into the vortex-often images of things I need clarity on.Particular chill reoccurs from a love left in limbo.

(10 Mar '13, 05:40) Victtoria

@Victtoria Sounds good :). You should get insights soon. Have fun!:)

(10 Mar '13, 11:45) releaser99
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It means that you are letting go of resistance. Sometimes you can also experience heat going through your body, convulsions or similar type of sensations. It's all natural and well. There is nothing to worry about. Just let all sensations be as they want to be.

I experience those things often during mediation or other types of vibrational work. I found out that they often are signs of spiritual growth. Afterwards I usually feel better or get some kind of insight.


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I get that often when I do Two Hands Touching, and so does my son. Sometimes it's pretty intense. It feels like something is changing on a cellular level. Like I am moving into a higher vibration. Like my physical body is responding to the THT by its self or with affirmations or EZ Deletion Sequence.


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