I have just been told that a freelance worker who currently comes into our office once a week is going to be in every day from now (beginning of Feb) until August. This person is the most annoying person I have ever worked with. Very loud, very inconsiderate, constantly muttering, constantly talking, talking over people, and so on. And we all sit in a very small office. I am trying to work out what in my vibration is attracting this, but I am just not sure.

I do need to add that my job has been an issue for a while now. I am not happy there and I am looking at leaving, but of course I want to clean up my vibration so that I don't just recreate the same situation again.

In terms of the job, I have a boss that is unsupportive and often dismissive (I can see what this is showing me: I need to respect myself more, and value my abilities and skills more). The offices are uncomfortable, too hot, airless and noisy (not to mention the toilets that have been blocked every day for the past two months). I think this may be showing me that I need to pamper myself more and there seems to be a little self-punishment in there.

OK, so I look at those things and I have been working with various clearing methods to clear those things and to shift them. But each time I think I am making a bit of progress, things get worse, like the co-worker who will now be in all the time. I am feeling quite emotional about this. I just don't think I can do this, day in and day out. And I can't work out what I am being shown. What the resistance is that I am carrying that is attracting this outcome.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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antheia, do not discount karma

(31 Jan '15, 06:10) fred

you know what it means when the bathroom is blocked for 2 months? it stinks. as for boss most of them are like that some hide it better then other. as for the co- worker he is stuck with you also so he might think the same think of you. what a dilemma in deed, and how to solve it? why not find positive things about that person? it would be better then to focus on the perceived negative aspect.

(31 Jan '15, 09:31) white tiger
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I am trying to work out what in my vibration is attracting this

  • Consider how this person makes you feel when they are engaged in activities you dislike.

  • Think about what else in your life right now makes you feel the same way. It might be one thing, it might be many things

  • When you discover what else matches the feeling, you'll have found the thing (or things) that is responsible for attracting the latest situation :)

Further information: How can I stop manifesting frustration?


answered 30 Jan '15, 14:44

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@Stingray, thank you again for a great answer, and link. Interestingly, I did just that earlier today. I thought about how this person makes me feel and some biggies popped up. Disempowered, helpless, punished. I also thought about where this comes from and this goes way back in my life. So in one sense he is a great signpost for me. I definitely have some EFT work to do now. I am still not sure how to get through each day, but that is another question. Thank you again!

(30 Jan '15, 17:43) Antheia

It means that you're in the beginning of attracting a super-wanted thing. It opened you the space, in which you can go, align and build, together with the fertile ground and the organizing friendly powers that work with you in this particular stream. Exciting, isn't it?

Update: about moving to love.

@Antheia, I think at this point you're trying to skip some stages, which might make it more difficult, if not impossible: when you're at the "helplessness" stage, the next stage to be on is hatred, being angry with her, and not loving her. If you skip directly to loving her, some part of you may still stay at the helplessness stage and come up from time to time.

I would recommend you to first, when she annoys you, to let yourself hate her, freely. Here's an example of such work from one of my books, the "Love Story":

And what you could do about that man at work, who doesn't want to let the sun flow to you?

You start with the feeling of helplessness, maybe even despair:

"He doesn't let the sun come to me, and I can't do anything about that."

Then you may go to some self-blame:

"Why do I not do anything to move to a different place or somehow else solve it?!"

Do you feel a little relief in it from just feeling helpless?

Then you may go to get angry with him:

"This ******* cares only for himself!! How dares he?!!"

Do you feel a little relief from blaming yourself? In blaming someone else there is some worthiness added, and so you may feel better.

Then you could find something defective in him, then feeling less anger:

"Well, poor *******, he can't make himself feel better in any other way."

Then you could find some use in it, finding peace with the situation:

"Wait a minute, but what if this situation is here to teach me to get truly independent? What if it's my life's way to push me into the direction, where I define what will be in my life? I do want to use it more. After all, let's face it, even though I'm really frustrated in this situation, but it's not something big like stopping my money flow or any other big loss. Maybe on this, let's face it, uncomfortable, but pretty minor situation, I could train myself into directing my vibration into better feeling places? Victor Frankel found good thoughts under much worse circumstances.. What if my life cares for me in this way? I want really to see into it more.."

Then next time you look there and instead of feeling helplessness and anger, you may start feeling curious: "What is life trying to teach me in this way? How can I live a fuller life out of what I'm learning here?"

And you feel "maybe it's not that closed. Maybe there is a chance that I will get my sun somehow."

Then you start remembering, or imagining, how it feels when the sun comes to your workplace. What you love in it the most. And you get immersed in it so much, that it stops bothering you that it still is not so in your physical life.

And then don't be surprised if you get moved to a different room. Or you start speaking with the ******* and he suddenly agrees to get 50-50 on the sun time, or you get switched in places, or he forgets at all that he didn't want to open the window (it happened so at my work :)).

But maybe the most important part of it is, that you show yourself that you can deal with the circumstances, and that you can direct your life into a better feeling place, even when it looks like nothing could really be done there.

Bashar says, "It's simple mechanics: positive meaning in, positive effect out." This way it looks pretty simple. :)

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Olga Farber

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I love this. Thank you!

(31 Jan '15, 09:47) Antheia

thank you :)

(31 Jan '15, 09:52) Olga Farber

thank you. very helpful

(31 Jan '15, 13:31) Inner Beauty

thank you :)

(31 Jan '15, 14:07) Olga Farber

@Olga Farber - just started reading your book and enjoying it. That's the truth and I want more of it in my life! ;-)

(31 Jan '15, 17:18) Inner Beauty

thank you, this is so sweet :)

By the way, regarding more of it :) I'm writing a new book now, would you like to be one of its ongoing readers? I mean, I can share the chapters as I go.

(31 Jan '15, 17:32) Olga Farber

and another "by the way" :) On Monday I provide a webinar on this subject:

Working with light/energy through thoughts
How to solve outside issues from inside, even in hopeless situations
Cultivating, using and enjoying the light within

Starts at 2015-02-02, 16:00 GMT Access password: light
No need to register

To convert to your time zone: http://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_GB.aspx?y=2015&mo=2&d=2&h=16&mn=0

(31 Jan '15, 17:56) Olga Farber

@olga - yes for sure!

(31 Jan '15, 19:28) Inner Beauty

Too bad I missed that @Olga Farber. I always enjoy your answers. Thanks for sharing.

(19 Feb '15, 09:53) Kriegerd

Thank you :) You can now access the replays of the two webinars that I had: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGS3otwBGM8 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAgUHCVsUe8

(05 Mar '15, 07:06) Olga Farber

"It means that you're in the beginning of attracting a super-wanted thing. It opened you the space in which you can go, align and build, together with the fertile ground and the organizing friendly powers that work with you in this particular stream. Exciting, isn't it?" thanks @Olga Farber, I love what you're saying :), I would just add one word to the phrase "It opened you the (inner) space in which you can go"

(30 Jul '15, 05:05) jaz
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I used to share an office with a person who used to make me feel very bad about myself. I saw her as bossy, arrogant and selfish and as treating me very poorly and unjustly. For a long time I didn't know what to do about the problem. Finally I tried some 'shadow work' on her... i.e. asking myself what about her triggers me.. and why... and what aspects of myself I'm suppressing that make me in turn dislike those qualities I see in her. Eventually I started to see more the reasons why I felt so negatively about her as having to do with myself, although of course I don't necessarily condone all her behaviour. I tried to stop seeing her as a problem and stop trying to think of ways to resolve the issues but to just be more loving in my mind towards her.. And one day quite out of the blue someone told me (of course she didn't bother to tell me herself), that she had been given her own office and she moved out straightaway. I have to admit that I have been tremendously happier at work since then. But the interesting thing is that this all happened when I least expected and when I had taken my mind off the problem.


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Inner Beauty

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Thank you for this reminder @Inner_Beauty. I have had this work once before with a boss who was awful and I managed to shift my feelings to the point where I actually felt compassion and then the job drifted out of my life. I do need to stop seeing this as a problem, not sure how though. This person is loud and vocally intrusive and constantly annoying. I am going to do my best to be more loving in my mind. I guess if I keep doing that, my perception will eventually shift.

(30 Jan '15, 17:47) Antheia

headphones and listen to meditations while working if that is feasible?

(30 Jan '15, 19:20) Inner Beauty

Great idea. Won't be possible all the time as I take a lot of phone calls, but a bit of peace is priceless!

(31 Jan '15, 09:47) Antheia

@Antheia, I think at this point you're trying to skip some stages, which might make it more difficult, if not impossible: when you're at the "helplessness" stage, the next stage to be on is hatred, being angry with her, and not loving her. If you skip directly to loving her, some part of you may still stay at the helplessness stage and come up from time to time.

I would recommend you to first, when she annoys you, to let yourself hate her, freely. I will publish an update to my answer now.

(31 Jan '15, 09:58) Olga Farber

I see no problem with taking both approaches. It's like seeing a doctor while you start working on your vibrations of health, otherwise you might drop dead in the meantime! :-)

(31 Jan '15, 13:30) Inner Beauty
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I will tell you a little secret in this world many look outside find things not to their liking and judge other, very few in this world when they look outside are able to find positive things about other people. yet in this world no one wants to have people finding negative things about them. then why do people do that?

if they would know them self and see that they also make mistake and they are not better or worse then another. they would change their inside so the outside could also change.

Verily, verily I tell you very few take the time to do this. know them self and know other solve their division inside and outside.

let me remember you those word.

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. "You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?...


my recommendation to you:

1:Get to know your self better so you can know other better. if you would truly do this you would be able to see the positive and negative in other people and how they complement them self(each positive as is negative). look at it this way if you ask some people about someone some will compliment them for something and other will find bad stuff about them according to their own standard, and out of self righteous they will not be able to see or agree that this person could be better then them at something.

example of self righteous:


2:if you are not able to get to know yourself to this point persevere and try to find positive stuff about people, also be merciful to other as you would want them to be merciful to you..

will also remember you those word: Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.


other things to better your self.


Let me ask you this question would it make you feel any better to have someone say the same thing about this person then you? and if so what will you say when the situation arise and the role are reverse and you are that person. will you still say the same? what does your mind and heart tell you? are they in accord(is the balance shifting more one side then the other causing a division between what the mind and what the heart tell you?) about the truth about this? I said the truth it takes more then 40 days to clean that cup.

little tip: if you lie to your self you will still find negative things about people or think that you are better then them. balance is long to acquire on a narrow path in the dark it is like walking on a razor edge. but now you are not in the dark any more.

Let there be light. be the light that you can be . experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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I can't believe you complain about menial stuff. You might want to consider how lucky you are to have a job. Millions would take your place and if your are more appreciative you might loose what you have. Anything you notice that irritates you is you being reflected back. Sorry to let you have both barrels but it time to wake up


answered 16 Mar '15, 17:42

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"Anything you notice that irritates you is you being reflected back" - exactly, my question was what I am doing to reflect this back to me. And I am going to have to ask the same question about this comment. I am clearly manifesting rudeness and I am not being rude to others, so I will have to think about why I manifested this comment.

(17 Mar '15, 11:56) Antheia

@Antheia Is there a chance that you have some limiting (negative) beliefs about yourself? Do you know that you are a perfect, whole, wonderful being that is here in this Universe for a reason. Do you know that you are loved and supported as you move through your life? When you love and value yourself, others will reflect that love back you. It does start with you. Just remember that you're amazing in every way, feel that, KNOW that and your outer reality will have to reflect that back you.

(17 Mar '15, 12:29) Yes

The trained mind knows that every (mental) transaction must benefit every person . . This principle of transmutation that Hannal pointed to in chapter 4 of the master key prevents us from being able to confer ill on other people through the power of mind, intentionally or Unintentionally. If not there would be no need for guns or knives.

Your disparaging description of this person matches the thoughts you maintain in your mind of that person, and if they were capable of it they would cause the person to shrivel and dry up.

The principle also states that any attempt to benefit, exploit, take advantage of or harm an unsuspecting target will result in circumstances that end up working against you. You have probably drawn this person closer into your world by wishing him as far away as possible.

Hannal also said that the greatest ability of the "I" is the power of thought, but that the vast majority do not know how to use or control this ability for any beneficial, useful end.


answered 24 Aug '15, 12:21

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