I have come across a lot of questions and answers where people had experiences regarding manifesting what they want 'effortlessly'. Example : Money appearing out of nowhere just when they needed it, a new fridge or apartment given to them at a huge discount.

So, when we actually want to manifest what we want, is the effort that we need to put in only in terms of 'spritual effort', rather than physical? Or is it a combination of both?

example : Let's say you want a huge sum of money, maybe $5000. You know how the manifesting process work, and you have successfully manifested other physical materials into your life before. When you start on processes to manifest this $5000, do those processes only include efforts more on the spiritual side , a.k.a meditating, focus blocks, etc. Or do you also need to put in physical effort, e.g you see a writing or competition where the first prize is $5000?

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Strictly speaking, you cannot manifest without action.

The above words are going to be shocking to those who've been reading my messages for a long time, but I like to shock :)

Isn't doing a Focus Block, a form of action?

Isn't even deciding to feel better, a form of action?

Isn't thinking a thought, a form of action?

Sometimes those actions manifest into physical form and you do something physically, and sometimes they don't and you do things non-physically.

Action is natural to human beings.

However, where people go wrong is when they feel forced to take actions they don't want to do.

Effortless means, in this sense, only taking inspired actions and, most people, interpret that to mean inspired physical actions, though you can often receive manifestations from physically doing very little other than happening to be in the right place at the right time.

You can't really predict in advance whether physical action will be necessary or not for something to manifest but, if you are in alignment with what you want, any required physical action will feel effortless because it will be inspired, rather than forced.

Manifesting Experiment 3 (Vibrational Goal-Getting), which I'll probably get around to releasing within the next month (am aiming for October 4, the birthday of Inward Quest), will be focused entirely around taking physical action to get what you want but in an inspired kind of way.


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Maybe I should phrase my question differently ; yes meditating, focus blocks, thinking are all actions, but they are all spiritually related, meaning the effort that you put in is more towards the spiritual side. what i i mean is are other more non spiritually related actions needed like working hard on a project, memorizing for a test, etc that kinda

(12 Sep '10, 11:08) kakaboo

It depends what you believe about what you are trying to achieve. If you have a belief that physical action will be necessary in order to achieve what you want then, in order to align that belief with your desire, you will probably need to take physical action. But if you take that physical action when you feel inspired, it won't feel like work, it will feel like fun.

(12 Sep '10, 12:11) Stingray

hmm what do you think of this sentence that skeptics of LOA sometimes make then when they are in a discussion about it? : "oh yeah , LOA works, why don't Person A just sit at home whole day thinking about what he wants and live his life, expecting money and wives to turn up at his doorstep?" or something along that line

(13 Sep '10, 10:25) kakaboo

@Kakaboo, actually that's not too far off what I do sometimes and it works quite effectively :) It depends where your beliefs lie. If you honestly had a belief that it was possible to do nothing and receive what you want, you would receive what you want - it doesn't matter how impossible anyone thinks that is. But remember that a belief is not just something you think once in a while, it is something that goes right to the core of who you are - it is something you have absolute expectation about, not just a fancy wish.

(13 Sep '10, 19:20) Stingray
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Agree with Stingray,a mental action is just as much an ACT as putting in an 8 hour shift.

My definition of effortless is that it contains no angst,worry or frustration but rather that your doing ( thought as well as action ) is accompanied by the feeling listed in the graph which i believe Stingray posted on another questions answered post.



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Monty Riviera

Mental actions are the most powerful actions of all, but unless the goal you're trying to achieve is a purely mental one, I don't see how something physical is going to manifest unless there is some form of physical interface involved at some point in the process.

(13 Sep '10, 04:03) Vesuvius

good point.At some point in the process the thinking/believing etc There must be a time that this mental action begins to have an effect on solid /physical things.I believe that they do,and im not fully convinced that this totally hinges on ones emotions.But i think there involved somewhere along the line.If the emotions were good then i think the manifestation would FEEL efffortless. But i agree about the physical interface.It has to happen somewhere or the thought or emotion would remain just that.

(13 Sep '10, 08:44) Monty Riviera

that's not exactly what i am asking haha.. I know that a mental action like meditating for 30mins can be as tough or even tougher than climbing up and down stairs of 10 storeys high, but is just e.g meditating all we need to do? or would we still need to put in physical effort like climbing up and down stairs of 10 storeys?(as an eg)

(13 Sep '10, 09:26) kakaboo

Im with you there,i dont think its all.Even if the universe delivers something to your door i doubt wheather the same power will pick you up and propel you to open the door .Perhaps its a blend of both.After all were a blend of physical and spiritual.

(13 Sep '10, 10:13) Monty Riviera
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With least effort, with ease.


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Did you ever hear the saying: that it is easier said that done, nothing will fall out of the tin air into your lap, or it is what you put in, you will get back, unless of course, you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth?

Effortlessly examples: I wake up every morning effortlessly at 6:00 am to do my meditation. Or I have been doing this job for twenty-five years now and I can close my eyes, and do my job effortlessly. Or I walked to the Store effortlessly to buy a Lottery Ticket; the Jackpot was 10 Million, and I won $100.00.

Effortlessly + Action = manifested desire.

How much action are you willing to put in effortlessly to manifest your desire?

Based upon my experience, you have to work towards your goals effortlessly, and you can manifest some things in a very short space of time, and in other situations, sometimes it take years to manifest, and may come as a surprise, when you least expect it. So, it is different for different people, and it also depends on what you are working to create!

Also I know of some people manifesting wealth unexpectedly, either, due to the fact that a family member has passed on, and has left them a very large sum of money, or they have encountered an expected job offer that has made them into Millionaires almost over night. The LOA works differently for everyone!


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