How does schizophrenia work metaphysically?

How can we explain someone who is hallucinating for the rest of their life after doing heavy drugs? What happens metaphysically?

What is the metaphysical reason for hallucination when being deprived of sleep?

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And who's to say hallucinations are something strange. What if hallucinating in fact is seeing to parallel worlds and whatever they are seeing and make them appear crazy to us, is present at the same time at the same place but in a different reality.

You assume we are the sane and they are the crazy. Maybe it's just the other way around.

...I swear that oasis is there =)

(10 May '13, 03:06) CalonLan

@CalonLan You assume that I'm assuming and that's all right because I assume that we all assume things to some degree because of our past assumptions and beliefs. :)

(10 May '13, 06:41) releaser99

@releaser99, what else would we be doing in the world built on assumptions. If we'd moved out of that world, there would be no questions, which only spring from the world of assumption in order to confirm and clarify those assumptions. lol

(10 May '13, 07:17) CalonLan
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Hi releaser99 ... here is a video that gives deep insight into how the right brain functions like a parallel processor, very close to the phenomenon of ubiquity

of how the left brain functions like a serial processor, a sequential unit

and loads more

just for reference here's a bit about schizophrenia that can be defined as being any group of psychotic disorders usually characterized by withdrawal from reality, illogical patterns of thinking, delusions, hallucinations and accompanied in varying degrees by other emotional behavioral, or intellectual disturbances and it's associated with dopamine imbalances in the brain. Here's a representation as seen from the outside

alt text


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ru bis

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I always liked brain science :). Thanks @ru bis

(08 May '13, 12:16) releaser99

It depends on what drugs and what sort of hallucinations they're experiencing.

Drugs in general will either activate sensory perceptions we don't normally use (hallucinogens for example) or amplify normal activities and abilities.

If you take steroids and don't work out, I imagine there will be dramatic consequences because your body is being given a bunch of jet fuel and it isn't being put to use. This is a category I have yet to research personally.

If you use stimulants and don't exercise your mind, it begins to reject its inactivity and all of the unused potential begins to be utilized in the only way your mind is left able to: It creates experiences to engage itself.

If you use creative enhancers like weed and don't have a creative outlet like some variety of art form, again your creative side will use all of the stored up potential in any way it can.

If you use hallucinogens and begin opening up extrasensory perceptions and don't train or utilize them, same problem.

Stimulants in particular are also a risk of causing nutritional imbalances, usually VERY dramatic. Stims not only make your body run at higher / nearing peak performance, but for longer periods of time than you normally would by reducing sleep. This multiplies your need for hydration and nutrition, a problem which is further complicated by the fact that most stimulants are both diuretics (meaning it's more important to get hydration AND electrolytes to allow absorption) and appetite suppressants (meaning your natural sensors indicating you are hungry or thirsty are turned off, so you don't even realize you need to refuel whilst already burning hard).

Different drugs increase your need for different nutrients to supplement the activities they are increasing. I don't know what foods are necessary for compensating for hallucinogens nor MJ, but I could conjecture a lot and also assume when your body starts craving different foods it often isn't simply a random desire, but instead it trying to request whatever nutrients it needs to accommodate the demand you're putting on your system.


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