I heard Darrly Anka say that Bashar and the Essassani civilization don't experience "doubt" as an emotion. So whatever they do or say, they do it or say it without doubt.

I wonder how the emotional scale of the essassani looks like. Sometimes I get the impression that Bashar gets angry or impatient. But that could be just my own perception.


If found the video where Darryl Anka says that he gets to feel what "they" feel all the time. So his words imply that Bashar has some emotions/feelings. However maybe there is no better word than "feel" in our language to express what he experiences in the channeled state.



Another input to this subject of emotional scales on other planets comes from the Pleiadian Collective channeled by Wendy Kennedy. (thanks @Catherine for sharing this information in this answer here.)

51:40 -

"You have so many subtleties on this planet because of this huge range of genetic material that you came in with. You have an enormous range of emotion. We call earth the planet of emotion. Because emotions don't exist on any other planet in the way that they do here. Because you have so many of them. And there is subtle differences between them...between frustration and irritation. Most don't have those subtle increments in their expression. Most of them are lumped together... like joy, delight. And maybe that would be it. Or maybe you would have five or six emotions that you would go through on other worlds... Hard for you to wrap your mind around because your current existence involves so many of them that you deem as real."

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@Releaser99 - This is an Interesting question. I always assumed emotions as something only we experience in the physical as an emotion needs a reason for being. And a non-psychical entity as an unchanging Higher State of Being. Maybe some of the channellers ( Daryl Anka) personality traits comes through in the channel? I would even say that what Abraham call emotions like joy, appreciation on their EGS scale are more like states of being. Thanks :)

(08 May '13, 11:40) Satori

@Satori "emotions as something only we experience in the physical" Yes, I thought the same and what you say makes sense. But isn't Bashar also partly physical? I also assumed that entities in higher dimensions also experience some emotions as a orientiation, as a signpost to source which I assumed is the highest density of all. I'm probably completely on the wrong track here :)

(08 May '13, 12:11) releaser99

@Releaser99- That makes perfect sense. I simply don't know the answer to this one. Thanks:)

(08 May '13, 13:00) Satori
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When I had a personal chat with the 9D Pleiadians a while back, we touched upon this idea of "higher" emotional scales.

The basic concept is that there comes a point where you no longer just sense "vibration" through emotion (which is a physically-based system) but instead, you directly perceive it....it becomes more of a "direct knowing".

In our discussion, the 9D Pleiadians were saying I was at a point where I was able to do this direct sensing of vibration rather than needing to just rely on emotion and they said this was a skill that many on this planet were on the way to acquiring.

From your question, it's not clear exactly what words Bashar used when he said his civilization didn't experience "doubt" as an emotion but I suspect he may have been alluding to this idea of direct vibrational sensing.

From the Sassani perspective on Essassani, they may still have a system of sensing vibrational differences that is analogous to our emotional sensing system but, because it operates at much higher frequencies than human emotion can translate, it can't legitimately be called "emotional" and we wouldn't be able to access it from our physical perspective.

Regarding Bashar getting "impatient" or "angry", I think that when Darryl Anka translates vibrational blocks of thought from Bashar in order to communicate through words to a typical physically-based audience, his own physical vibrational translation system makes some of them come across as emotions like "impatience" or "anger" because that's his best physical representation of them.

It's not that Bashar has those emotions but instead, I believe it's a case of "stepping down" those frequencies, in the same way that an electrical transformer "steps down" voltages, to make them usable (or understandable) by us physically.


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@Stingray "direct sensing of vibration rather than needing to just rely on emotion" Very very interesting! So you don't feel emotions anymore and instead you sense vibration? Well... 1. I want that 2. NOW! :) 3. What does it "feel" like? How is sensing vibration different than feeling emotion? I can't imagine what it is about. I'm very sure that sometimes I get a huge load of insights from higher self. I just know it. Is it similar to getting insights?

(09 May '13, 03:56) releaser99

"it's not clear exactly what words Bashar used when he said his civilization didn't experience 'doubt'" It wasn't Bashar. It was in an interview with Darryl Anka. He was asked how Bashar has influenced him through channeling. And he said that he learned to be less doubting in life because Bashar and his civilization don't experience any doubt on their planet. He said that he can feel this absence of doubt when channeling and it influences his life in a positive way.

(09 May '13, 03:56) releaser99

"they may still have a system of sensing vibrational differences that is analogous to our emotional sensing system but, because it operates at much higher frequencies..." Yes, this makes sense. So it's a different system of sensing information. And fundamentally it should still be a "a call to move downstream toward source" as Abraham would say, right? So shouldn't they have in a sense their step 1 moments too?

(09 May '13, 03:56) releaser99

"It's not that Bashar has those emotions but instead, I believe it's a case of 'stepping down' those frequencies, in the same way that an electrical transformer 'steps down' voltages, to make them usable (or understandable) by us physically." Very well put. Thanks.

(09 May '13, 03:57) releaser99

@releaser99 - "So you don't feel emotions anymore and instead you sense vibration?" - Well, that conversation was from a couple of years ago so "anymore" isn't entirely accurate :) Everyone feels emotion while on the physical plane - I think it's just an "optional" sensory layer on top. "Is it similar to getting insights?" - That's all I know it as. Nothing unusual or weird about it. Lots of people seem to receive knowledge "intuitively" these days.

(09 May '13, 05:00) Stingray

@releaser99 - "So shouldn't they have in a sense their step 1 moments too?" - Abraham have said a number of times that contrast still exists outside the physical plane (so Step 1 moments must be occurring). The contrast is less "extreme" however than when focused physically so, from the physical perspective, it seems much less focused. I think when one is vibrating at that level, however, the contrast is still probably sensed as quite significant.

(09 May '13, 05:06) Stingray

@Stingray "direct knowing" ... we are surely waking up to how animals communicate, animal telepathy, or a kind of animal vibration


(09 May '13, 06:03) ru bis

I have sensed that direct knowing. I also noticed that I can use that 'feeling' to raise my vibration, not naming it, just raising it, expanding it.

(09 May '13, 11:08) Fairy Princess
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Yes, I have the exact emotional scale you are looking for through my recent hours of research with Bashar.

  1. Joy
  2. Excitement
  3. Passion
  4. Joy
  5. Excitement
  6. Passion
  7. Joy
  8. Excitement
  9. Passion

Did I mention follow your excitement? :-)

In all honesty I understand the question you are asking, but I really don't ever notice Bashar directing other peoples focus towards something other than following your Joy, Excitement, or Passion. Maybe it's just me though.

Bashar gets angry or impatient. But that could be just my own perception.

I used to think that when I first started watching Bashar videos back in 2009. Now I see it just a being very blunt and very direct. I think Bashar's style is to keep us focused on what we truly want instead of allowing us to go on a tangent of the things we don't want.

Just like when people continue to say things like "try" he immediately interrupts and says...what did you say....you are going to TTTRRRY?

To me his style is to be blunt and to the point and to focus you right this very moment on what it is you are wanting. I thoroughly enjoy his bluntness myself and it's interesting to be able to predict when he's about to let someone have it.

As for the emotional scale, I think that Bashar simply comes off with a pure knowing-ness about frequency and vibration and wants to laser pinpoint us in that direction by saying things such as 'you are no longer the person you were five minutes ago," "you are shifting to infinite parallel realities billions of times a second," etc.

I just think the essasani live in pure joy and they know it without a doubt and that is how Bashar shows his unique personality.

Sorry if this answer wasn't what you were looking for. This is just my interpretation of how I see Bashar in relationship to an emotional scale. His instant answers and bluntness help keep me focused on what I want instantly.


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@Cory It's always pleasant to read different perspectives. I considered that the Essassani could as well constantly live in a state of bliss. But I thought that maybe it's a little bit more interesting:). Maybe they have for example just 4 emotions: 1.Joy 2. Passion 3. Contentment 4. Impatience. And I never doubt that Bashar always wants to point us towards joy. I just want to get a feel for their life on their planet.

(09 May '13, 17:38) releaser99

Honestly, in my physical and personal view a life without contrast and negative moments must be somehow boring. I really do love the contrast and what it causes us to become on earth. It might sound weird but I also like it when I let my vibrational work or negative beliefs slide for a while only to feel negative again. Because using Bashar's or Abraham's belief change tools afterwards is then much more exhilarating than staying joyful all the time.

(09 May '13, 17:38) releaser99

And I agree that Bashar's bluntness is not only entertaining but helpful. Thank you for your thought provoking answer.

(09 May '13, 17:38) releaser99

yes @Cory just keep calmly vibrating in the now as an animal ... as for Bashar, yes there's a great deal of hypnotic attraction

(10 May '13, 01:01) ru bis

@releaser99 You are welcome. I totally see where you are going with your question. You are in a way searching to see if the essassani or other similar beings mix it up with a little contrast once in a while. I'm not saying that they don't sometimes experience some impatience or anger, but my personal experience with Bashar just doesn't feel that way. It feels to me more like pure confidence and a strong knowing with zero doubt. I believe we incarnated here on earth for a unique experience...

(10 May '13, 02:29) Cory

@releaser99... just as Bashar incarnated on his planet for a unique experience. What may seem boring to us humans may be immensely exciting to other races. Bashar actually seems to always find what we think are bad situations and hard times very exciting because he understands the broader picture of what our life is all about. To me, he seems to be open to all emotions good or bad, he just makes a point that we have the choice to define as positive or negative since there is no built in meaning

(10 May '13, 02:35) Cory

@Cory "Bashar actually seems to always find what we think are bad situations and hard times very exciting" Yes, it seems that he enjoys our "problems" :). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_E22FOg0o4

(10 May '13, 06:46) releaser99
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I think that part of the human experience is the illusion of separation. What if in the Genesis Creation story, God told Adam that he could eat of all plants in the garden, but if he ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, he would hallucinate and experience separation from God. So Adam told Eve that God said not to eat of that tree or they would surely die. Eve, knowing that God loves them and would not put a lethal tree in their garden, proved it to him by eating the fruit. So Adam ate the fruit, and they hallucinated the illusion of separation, and saw that they were naked. As a natural consequence of being separate from God and from eachother and All that is, they would have to work, wich casts them out of the easy life in the Garden of Eden, and naturally, childbirth would be painful, a separation.

So life as a human on this earth is experiencing the illusion of separation. Higher or other less dense entities experience more Oneness with All that is, therefore they do not experience the negative emotions that stem from the illusion of separation. In my post Clear Your Way up the Emotions, I used a list of emotions and added some that I thought were important. You can see how I start it with the most severe negative emotion, separation. I think that all other negative emotions stem from that one.


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Fairy Princess

Excellent response. ^_^

I particularly love the Garden of Eden bit pertaining Eve. Though I still believe Earth IS Eden, the faith part spoke to me. =)

(09 May '13, 21:16) Snow

Thank you. Yes, Earth is Eden, but because of the illusion of separation, we experience it differently.

(10 May '13, 00:02) Fairy Princess
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