An ex-wife once said to me, "Bill, you only do what you want to do!" I clapped my hands and said, "Wow, you finally understand me!" I saw it a major breakthrough in our understanding of one another. She did not see it that way, perhaps that is why she became an ex-wife.

Some people say that I, Bill, do what I want to do because I am successful and can do what I want to do. It is really the other way around. I am successful because I consciously do, and have always done what I want to do.

If you want to motivate me -- or ANYONE else -- make them want to do whatever it is you want done. And get out of the way!

Ask me to feel guilty about the starving masses, I won't, because I think this will increase their plight, besides, I really don't see any starving masses, and I will not be motivated by being made to feel guilty.

Giving very often weakens the recipient. Abraham say do not focus on the perceived weaknesses of others, you will only weaken them further. Focus on their strengths and you will empower those strengths.

There are situations where I give. I am part of a project to dig wells in Ethiopia fresh water. Good. There is also a system of charter schools that I really like. Give. Check out KIPP schools if you like.

But even then I give through anonymous trusts. One reason is that if I give substantial amounts, I get hounded by others wanting me to "support" them. But the main reason is this is how I want to do it. I am not doing it for personal recognition.

So what is this post all about? For me it is about successful living, and this, for me absolutely hinges on doing what you want to do!

My family was very poor, but I never noticed that. At the age of ten, I found work that I liked. Built a business, with my father and mother's support and guidance. I flourished. Others came to me and said, "You have so much and I have so little, give to me."

At first I did, and I invited them to join me in my business, or let me show them how to build their own. But it became apparent that they saw it was easier to ask for money than to find something they liked and build a business around it.

This mystified me. Frankly it still does.

The more I gave them, the less inclined they were to work, and I found joy/fun in working.

Asking for handouts was necessarily limiting. Having your own business opened up limitless opportunities. At the age of ten, my income was over ten times anyone else's allowance, and I was very happy! If I wanted, I could have expanded and had twenty times their allowance.

As I grew, my businesses got bigger and more sophisticated and more money rolled in. If I tired of a business, I sold it and did something else I liked better. I never really set goals. I want this much income, this much net worth. I just found things that I really liked doing and did them. I really didn't keep score.

My banker told me I had achieved millionaire status. Ho hum. I bought a Ferrari, but didn't like the way it rode. Very harsh. Major tune-ups were $15,000. Seemed a colossal waste waste of money. Sold it. Bought a two year old van.

There is a story of a deca-millionaire (Worth ten million dollars). He had helped others achieve millionaire status. As a gesture of appreciation they bought him a Rolls-Royce. They noticed he was still driving his older Chevrolet. He thanked them for the Rolls, but said he liked his Chevy better. (Edited He liked fishing and said he could not throw fish in the back of a Rolls.)

My additional point is that the things don't really matter, and making them goals is self-defeating. Edited: (even if you say, "I want to have $xxxxx, or more, the focus is on the money)

Doing what you like is what matters. Things will be drawn to you as you follow this simple advice.

This is simpler than most people seem to think.

If the Genii in the Lamp told me I could have three wishes. I would only ask for one. I want to be happy. For me, there really is nothing else.

Am I perfect in this respect? Hell no! If I was perfect, I wouldn't be here. I have little ups and downs, as my hero, Donald Shimoda (Illusions of a Reluctant Messiah - Richard Bach) once said, "There is a bit of drama in all of us."

What lesson did the Donald Shimoda come here to learn? If your happiness depends on what someone else does or says, you DO have a problem!

And remember this quote from the beginning of "Illusions"

And he said unto them, “If a man told God that he wanted most of all to help the suffering world, no matter the price to himself, and God answered and told him what he must do, should the man do as he is told?”

“Of course, Master!” cried the many. “It should be pleasure for him to suffer the tortures of hell itself, should God ask for it!”

“No matter what those tortures, nor how difficult the task?”

“Honor to be hanged, glory to be nailed to a tree and burned, if so be that God has asked,” said they.

“And what would you do,” the Master said unto the multitude, “if God spoke directly to your face and said, ‘I COMMAND THAT YOU BE HAPPY IN THE WORLD, AS LONG AS YOU LIVE.’ What would you do then?"

What would you do, then? In the source of our greatest happiness will we find the reason for which we have chosen this life.

God is not asking for anything else. Be Happy. Experience and enjoy. For me to be happy, I turn to God. (Edited: only a one-ness with Source, or God in whatever way you see him will give you successful living)

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Dollar Bill

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I think the point is God doesn't want to have to command anyone to be happy, or command them to do anything. That would eliminate the point of free will. We're supposed to find our happiness ourselves.

Excellent post, great read. Now of course finding what actually makes us happy is another question, and then finding a way to survive and make money that way. Still, a good road map, following it is just another story.

Thanks for sharing. =)

(10 May '13, 14:45) Snow

I heard along time ago that you should never expect to learn from a rich man if you expect him to buy you lunch.

(10 May '13, 18:36) ursixx

even if no ones rights are infringed upon, you ought avoid doing what brings deprecation to the self

(18 May '13, 07:16) fred
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Great read! You have had a great life, and have written a wonderful road map to happiness, Bill! I am sure it hasn't all been bliss, but it sounds like you made lemonade out of lemons!

I, unfortunately, did not wake up until I realized that nobody cared if I was happy or not. (And no one cared, especially my now ex-husband!!! :) ) So I dumped the husband, got the he&& out of Mississippi, and followed Wade all the way to Pennsylvania. Fortunately for me, this made Wade happy, too...Mutual bliss!!!

And here I am, being a cougar (yeah) and having the time of my life waking up! 'Cause that's precisely what I have done- I woke up! You are absolutely right. Follow your nose and smell the roses and lilacs...

Always try to be happy. Always follow your bliss. If it feels like drudgery, it ain't what God wants for you. Period.

I have a short list of things that I dislike doing... but I love the end results, so I do these things--- like the laundry. Filling the dishwasher. Ahh! Clean dishes and underwear! And I thank God I can do it myself, because two years ago, I was in an electric wheelchair, and could not even shower myself. Truly. All the people here know I was really sick, and that I almost died....They prayed for me, and I lived....Thank God, because the last two years have been the best of my life. Yeah, Wade is that wonderful...

And guess what? Every time I spend a bit of cash now, the most weird thing happens.

More money fills up the vacuum.

It is really weird, eerie, and amazing. Manifesting depends on my happiness! It's not the other way around...Just keep on trying to be happy, feel your gut talk, and do what you know you should, and all will be well.

I know that sometimes, I seem mixed up. But this is the real me talking here. I do not hang out on Inward Quest just to preach. I actually, secretly, believe what I read here (For the most part...the channeling aliens has me a little bit doubtful. :) )


>Everybody should do what makes them happy.

Thanks, @Dollar Bill.

Bless you!



answered 10 May '13, 17:36

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Hi Dollar Bill, "should i do only what i want to do?" ... well doing from a place of want implies filling an empty space within to fill a need, this is the self, the I speaking my friend, this is feeding the insatiable appetite of the individual self.

Feeling needy, needy for assurance, needy for security, needy for approval, needy for lack is the individual self asking to be fed.

The flip side to "need" is to "have", a state of plenitude, that inner vacuum alimented by natural abundance

alt text

and in this state we feel loved no matter what is going on around us, we feel whole and secure, we are focused and aware of all the positive energies, all the positive things that we are receiving.

Successful living is being happy at all times, it comes from being aware of the natural abundance that surrounds us, of being grateful for all that is positive. It's food for the soul and brings joy, excitement, passion and feelings of fulfillment, it's living in the "now" dimension


answered 11 May '13, 03:13

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ru bis


@anyone, it's the little bird singing at the very end of the song that says it all ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ♥

(12 May '13, 07:52) ru bis

Yes and No. Our larger goals should be our own, regardless of what social pressure, conditioning etc but along the way they may require us to subjugate our "in the moment" wants in order to achieve them.


answered 12 May '13, 05:40

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The answer depends...

From where are your desires arising? Do they arise from lack or fear?

Or are your desires arising from joy, happiness, satisfaction (feeling whole)?


answered 17 May '13, 23:02

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