According to Abraham,

When we begin living the art of allowing we will appear to outsiders as lazy.

Over the years I've tried different routes to being successful and it all seemed so painful, tedious and unnatural.

Now as I'm living the Art of allowing I'm confused on my real "work". If i want more money do have to go out and start a business? I have a small business that doesn't excite me should I work on it anyway? (but it feels unnatural, it feels like so much work)

Is the only work I'm truely concerned with vibrational work? Focus blocks, focus wheels, wouldn't it be nice if..., positive aspects? ect...

Is that my ONLY, or main work?

BUt also that seems like hard work sometimes too.

I actually remember Stingray refering to himself as being "lazy" I look forward to the answers.

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Chris 2

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Chris: Great question, I have wondered and felt the same.

(15 Sep '10, 01:35) Back2Basics
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Yes, your only essential work is the work of alignment with what you want, and therefore who you now are...everything else in your life is optional. Just get into the Vortex and let your life take care of itself.

Yes, it's true that I'm about as lazy as they come...however let me clarify what I mean by laziness.

To me, doing anything I don't honestly feel like doing is really too much effort for me. There are times when life gives me no choice but then it means I have more material for my Focus Blocks (and that's never a bad thing) :)

But when I come across something that ignites my interest, I'm about as passionate and enthusiastic a person as you'll ever meet. There have been many times in my life when I've got so involved in things that are truly enthralling to me that I've forgotten to eat and sleep - no joke.

If you can relate to that kind of excitement about something in your life then you'll realize that there is no incompatibility about being lazy about things that seem meaningless to you, while being incredibly energetic about things that really matter to you.

And the nice thing about spending your time doing something that is genuinely interesting, perhaps exciting to you, is that during those times of passion you are in perfect alignment with the broader other words, you are in the Vortex.

And when you are in the Vortex, all the other things you want in your life are also coming closer to your physical reality too, even if they have nothing whatsoever to do with the thing you are excited about.

You win all round when you deliberately choose to do things that you are interested in.

So your real work is just to find ways to feel good in your life and let everything else take care of itself.

Abraham recently reworded my favorite phrase of theirs...Joy first. And anything else you have time for into a new one...

Vortex first, any way you can, then everything else.


That says it even better. :)


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Funny I just read that quote in the other post. I'm understanding what you are getting at. It's just so out of the norm. Even from a self development or success teaching point of view. Which I've studied but had little success because I always thought it was too much work :) I like this method better. It feels more natural. Thanks!

(14 Sep '10, 22:31) Chris 2

I love your answer. It's like listening to your own inner self re-assuring the outer self to not get hung-up about the expectations imposed upon the self. Thanks for sharing it!

(18 Sep '10, 01:03) The Traveller

You are welcome :)

(19 Sep '10, 07:24) Stingray
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What did you want to do when you were a child? If you had all the money you could ever need or want, what would you do with your time?

answering these questions will indicate the kinds of work you would enjoy. What would you enjoy doing for work even if you didn't get paid?

Here's a suggestion, become a life coach or someone who helps people apply the LOA, or a psychologist. I would say everyone here on Inward Quest, that actively participates, would be great at these types of jobs and enjoy it.


answered 14 Sep '10, 23:36

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HA! that's funny because, that's exactly what I want to be/do. I want to be a life coach!! I thought I wanted to work with computers(I work with computers now) but I realized it was to much work and I wouldn't do it for free. hehe LIfe coach it is! As i'm an informal life coach to many in my life already. Thanx for your answer :)

(15 Sep '10, 02:01) Chris 2

Fantastic! I'm happy for you, and it is amazing what is accomplished when you resolve and come to a decision.

(15 Sep '10, 03:55) RPuls

Know what you mean Chris.I work for my own small business and really enjoy the work.However there are things which would excite me more.

My take is that im a bit lazy too.But i have bills to pay and i must earn cash to pay these.

Having said that i know that many things take a little time to manifest, so i will do what i do until i dont have to do what i do .And thats going to happen and in a way it has already.

I sometimes feel that the vortex thing is similar to the old adage " letting go and letting God" At the times in my life that ive let go so to speak ive seen great things happen.

This state of mind seems to rebel against most widely held knowledge that youve got to work/beleive/do something like hell to be successful.

But if it can be done without effort or too much effort then....well... happy days.



answered 15 Sep '10, 11:20

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Monty Riviera

What do you want your real work to be? Since you are responsible for creating your own reality, then, it is up to you to manifest your heart’s desire, and do what you like doing best! There is no shortage in Universe, so you get to decide what you want. Go for it!

Here is something to think about: are you truly living the art of allowing, if so, then you would truly know what your real work is? There is no penalty in giving yourself permission to allow something you are passionate about to manifest into your life.

If you like your business, you can do many things to change it to what you want, and you can also find out from your customers, what changes they would like to see, be productive. And much later, when you see a significant change in profit, you can hire staff to do the work for you, while you vacation. In fact, if your business is really doing well, you can allow yourself to live the lazy man's life, from your profits. But is this what you really want? The lazy man’s life style, doing nothing, seems boring to me, what do you think?


answered 16 Sep '10, 06:16

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