I just realized that I was never motivated by competition when I was a kid - my parents only wanted me to do better and I had seen them working hard for our family (for example, my mom who cannot read and write wanted to make sure that we won't suffer because of illiteracy).

Back in those days when there used to be first and second in class examination, I never thought of first guy when I was second (that means I never thought like I have to win him next year, rather I only thought of to read well so that I am along with family will - and family used to be a big part in that part of the world where I was grown up). Now I realized that competition and jealousy has been part of how I see success (after I left my home country).

And I only think that it is not helping me at all. Of course, I have realized that I can no more live up to the expectation and vision of my parent (neither I think I can live up to comparing with others). And in that course, I have realized that my motivation is inspired by I can do better than this one and that one (but I have ended up doing neither that nor that).

Is it because I don't know what I want? Is it because I don't know how to take inspired action? Is it because I am too much worried about future? I have just manifested something (which I started to appreciate lately as my power to manifest) - and love to manifest a life with no jealousy to others! Many have realized: for example, facebook is not helping at all regarding. How can I live in peace with other's stories? Does it need 'Focus Block Methods'? (I just read it today, and going to try it).

Probably this and my work is the only topic that bothers me a lot (and maybe I am jealous with people because of the work they are doing?). Is only having two topics for Focus Block Method is okay?

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Any emotion including jealousy can be recognized by it's vibrational qualities just as a note of music can be identified by it's tone, slowness/fastness, loudness/softness.

The raw emotion can be considered as the root as in music. Here's some info;

"The root note is always the note that is the basis for the chord, regardless of its inversion. In root position the lowest note is the root (hence the name), but other notes are the lowest in other inversions of the chord.

For example, take a C Major chord. In every position, the root note is C. Whether it is voiced as C-E-G (root position), E-G-C (first inversion), or G-C-E (second inversion) is irrelevant. (The voicing is always given from the lowest note to the highest.)

There are multiple ways to interpret chords as well. For example, C-E-A could be considered a C Major 6th in root position or an A minor chord in first inversion. How you interpret it depends upon its function in the song as well as the song's key. In the key of A minor you would definitely consider it to be an A minor chord.

C-E-A could also be considered a rootless F Major 7th chord (normally F-A-C-E) in second inversion. You might interpret it this way in certain F Major pieces, for example. In this case you might say it has no root, or that the root is an "implied" F."

ref; http://music.stackexchange.com/questions/7380/how-to-identify-the-root-note-of-a-chord

It' all a matter of learned interpretation, substitute "song" in music for "story" in everyday life and things become clearer, the root or raw vibration is neither good nor bad it just is, it's indifferent in the same way that a note of music just is and is indifferent, it's personal interpretation that renders the music good, bad, pleasureable or a load of ****.

Look up synonyms for jealousy and you'll find that "attentive" is one of the synonyms for "jealous" aha, so I could say that the raw emotion of jealous is the same or very similar to the raw emotion of attentive, now I'm on to something, I could associate the two using a drawing

alt text

I think you'll agree that most people consider that jealousy is "bad" and attentive is "good" so where's the "deliberate" mistake. It's all to do with education and learning.

Someone comes along and says jealous is "bad" and this happens so often it becomes a belief, the same goes for attentive is "good" it becomes a belief and all this becomes an unconscious automatic mindset mechanism.

How to deal with the learned label jealousy? Realize that the hidden motivation, that is, the motivation that undermines any automatic mindset, that hidden motivation is "Happiness" with a BIG "H".

In other words center thoughts on "happiness", but what exactly is complete Happiness? That's a whole new chapter :)

In the meantime here's the symbol that I prefer for complete happiness

alt text


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Thanks for the eye opening answer @jaz. I will see how can I find attentiveness in those situations.

(16 Jul '15, 14:14) ZDCobran

an "eye opening" answer @ZDCobran I like it :)

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jealousy start at a young age it goes with desire. a child see another child that as something he wants and he is jealous and want to hit him, insulted him, or take or steel what he as, some go as for as stoning, just like in the bible Cain killed Able out of jealousy. they killed Steven out of jealousy. they also killed Jesus out of jealousy and put him on a cross. Jesus even teaches about this saying: let the one who is with out sin cast the first stone? and of course none are with out sin so no one casted a stone.

well you will have many people jealous about you for what you have or what they think you have. and you might also do the same as them. in this world where they think that your value is by what you own or how you appear to be. do not be surprise that many are in error. those that act by what they own it is harder for them to pass through the eye of a needle then a camel. and those that act to appear to be are like whitewashed tombs. do not be surprise at this.

and in this world many will accuse you of their own sin when they are jealous of you. simply because what matter to them is not what matter to you. but because they mention it you know where their interest are. any way you shall know their heart and their mind eventually.

solve your division and do not make new one with other because of what they have or what you think they have.clean the inside of the cup. because I am telling you if you would walk a mile in their shoe you might not like it or might not be jealous of what they have and if you are jealous of what you think they have you are probably deceiving your self it is making you delusional and it is not healthy. and if you deceive your self who can you blame?

Let there be light, be the light that you can be. experience and enjoy.


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Thank you white tiger :)

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