Say someone has cleaned up their money vibe enormously and someone else still sees shortage, panic and worry over money.

Naturally, they spend more and more time apart when it comes to money and there are often arguments over viewpoints. If they have shared bank accounts and the first person is expecting money to come while the second doubts it coming what can be expected to happen, do you think?

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Focus Dude

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hii..focus dude..

nice name huhmmm ..

well,, i suppose the one who is more positive ..will win over the other one. u might hav read here on IQ tht ," a positive thought is thousand times more powerful than a negative one...", so ,eventualy ,the one who is very positive wil pour money in the account.

regardless, the positive one shld completely focuss on the positive inflow of money..

i hope i hav helped u in anywayy..

love,light n blessings ur wayy..

supergirl :))


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supergirl is an appropriate handle, too ;)

Yes that was helpful, thanks, that the positive thoughts will always trump the negative ones. It's never exactly equal of course but it's all heading in the right direction and is useful to know for general encouragement anyway.


(14 May '13, 03:52) Focus Dude

@focus dude- pleasure is all mine :))

(14 May '13, 04:28) supergirl

Do you ever go into nature and feel the peace of the animals, grass, and trees?

Even though there are nearly 7 billion humans on this planet, living in a pattern with thoughts of good and bad of money, and material goods, nature maintains its peace and balance.

Regardless of how mean and dramatic humans are in cities, you can always go into nature and feel the peace of the trees and grass....

That should tell you something. If you can keep your energy confident and calm, then that will be powerful. It is like the eye of the hurricane! Everything can be chaotic but the inside is still calm! It will be ok.


answered 17 May '13, 22:52

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Thanks arpgme, lovely thoughts to hold onto

(17 May '13, 23:56) Focus Dude
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