Hi there,

I've made some fabulous progress in shifting my attitude towards money and it's showing up in increasing amounts.

I'm out of work and the muggles around me are baying for me to get a job. I'm not averse to getting a job but have very little desire to do so. Consequently I'm not being all that successful.

Intuitively I know it's the right thing to do but can't find the vibration to offer up to help make it happen. It might be fulfillment in doing what I love, I dunno.

Any ideas? Why would I take a job if technically I didn't need to, to make my money as it's all in my head, my vibration etc. What am I missing?

Many thanks for all comments!

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Focus Dude

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Barry Allen ♦♦

The answer to this might bore people already but it is always the same.

You get what you believe. If you can believe, all things are possible.

However I agree with @Monty Riviera that it is sometimes better to take the path of least resistance.

Yes, you will fly as elegantly as a bird if you believe you will after jumping from the 13th floor. And then you could fly from London to New York just by beating your hands like wings.

But do you believe that such a thing is possible? Or does it sound ridiculous?

Instead I would suggest to just buy a flight ticket and go by plane. It's the path of least resistance.

Because you asked this question, I'm assuming you don't believe completely that it is possible for you to not work and attract money. Maybe you think that it would be nice if you could believe it.

But if you quit your job now because you want to escape from the negative feelings of having to work and you want to attract money without working, it will probably backfire.

Because you could have 30-50 active limiting beliefs and 100+ references (memories) that "proof" that it is not possible for you to not work and attract money. And if you quit your job you just add more resistance to your vibrational mix and increase the "dependance or importance of this manifestation" as @Monty Riviera said.

I would suggest an easier and more effective approach instead:

  1. Make peace with (where you are) having to work. Make a huge list of Positive Aspects about your job and why you love it. So you are in the vortex and feel great every time you think about working.
  2. Reach for more. Find the feeling place of attracting money without having to work. Make a huge Positive Aspects list. So you are in the vortex and feel great every time you think about attracting money without working.
  3. Let the universe do the rest.

answered 29 May '13, 14:08

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Thanks for your comment and yes the reminders, more so than the beliefs, are problematic although I have spent a long time away from work.

I do believe it's possible to not work and attract money but I feel there's a piece missing in my vibration and just don't know yet. Perhaps I do like working, but for myself, doing what I want, but don't believe I can pull it off ... yet!

Thanks again for your comment.

(29 May '13, 19:20) Focus Dude

No, you dont have to work to "attract" money. You attract money because of spiritual laws.

But you may find it usefull to get a job to " earn" some money. Why?

First off let me say that im no massive fan of work myself, its not something i relish, its overrated and im sure that soon i will be relieved of the burden of doing this. Im working less hours now and hope to carry on this trend. Work sucks, thats only my opinion but i know within myself that there are far more interesting things i would rather be doing.

I have a plan for fullfilling this, it was worked out the second i wanted it...maybe even before that.

But if i rely "too" heavily on this thing manifesting i may well increase the "dependance " or "importance" of this manifestation. I firmly believe that an excess of either of these two things holds stuff away from us.

So i work as a plan B! This relieves the excess importance and dependance. My mind thinks this " I know this stuffs coming, its all good...but "EVEN" if it doesnt or its held up then no probs.....its all cool, i have an income anyway.

This soothes any negative feelings i have about my windfall, its insurance that i dont really need, but the thought of it being there makes me " feel better"

Now some would say that if i had lots of " faith" i wouldnt need this "insurance". Fair point, but in my case i can assure you it really does make me "feel better", have less or no worry about my wishes manifesting.... It puts me in a good feeling place.

And thats where i want to be mentally,emotionally and vibrationally.

And my temporary job allows me to do just that.

It serves me for the time being.

Thats my take on this. And it does keep the Muggle im living with off my back !!!


answered 29 May '13, 12:32

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Monty Riviera

Many thanks, Monty, how I see things, too.

But the path of least resistance dilutes the desire (just made that line up). It also shuts you off from the most intense evelations and clarity that you open yourself up to, as I have, when you go right down to the (financial) wire because you know it's an illusion and you have a burning desire, like I do, to figure out what exactly you have inherited and can therefore turn around. Anyway, thanks again.

(29 May '13, 19:11) Focus Dude

Yes your right, lowering importance does dilute the desire. But it gets me my money! Its maybe not as thrilling as it could be, but i can make up for that will the joy the cash will give me when i then go on to use it. But i do see your point.

(30 May '13, 01:52) Monty Riviera
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