I joined this community after googling street light phenomena but im searching for any insigtht or guidance on some experiences Ive been having. Some old but the above google search is a product of a more recent one. For the last 6 months it feels like I notice the clock when its 1:11, 3:33, 11:11, 4:44 etc MUCH more often. I dont really talk about it with the people in my life because i think it they would think im crazy. Hell half the time i think i might be going nuts and just imagining it all. Normally i wouldnt even post about is but I recently had an experience driving home a couple weeks ago that had multiple syncronicities. I was at a stop light and all the street lights around me began to blink on and off in an alternating sequence. The intersection turned into what seemed to be a light show. I rolled down my window and there were no buzzing sounds or rattling that indicated some kind of electrical failure. The street light was functioning normally so it turned green. After a moment i continued through the intersection and looked at the clock it was 1:12. It was just the street lights too other lights around me had no flickering. I googled it and found some stuff on sodium bulbs but they were the new LED street lights. I dont even think LEDs need to powercycle. Right before the lights started their show I was thinking about another synchronicity. I was thinking about how a random gypsy at dennys read my palm 13 years ago. I know it sounds fabricated but its true. Much of what this palm reader said has come true over the years and thats an experience that needs its own thread to explain it. I mean kinda weird to have a bunch of blinking street lights turn an intersection into a dancefloor and more so after thinking bout some stuff like that is just too much for me to ignore. I find unsure what to think about it all and almost stunned in disbelief that all those coincidences happened before my eyes. I feel kinda isolated when i think about it because it sounds so ridiculous and if someone told me without experiencing it id think they're looney tunes. Any similar experiences would be appreciated.

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You certainly have come to a good place to perhaps get some good answers about this. I know that @Wade Casaldi used to have synchronicity with the number eleven (I will let him speak about that). I have a weird synchronicity with 1836...which is connected with the number nine...which works like zero sometimes (in casting out nines). I can be minding my own business, and will get an urge to look at a clock; inevitably, it will be 8:36, or 18:36, or 8:36 pm (20:36 military). So I understand exactly what you talking about. I do not think I can explain this; I will leave that for others to do. But I wanted to reassure you that synchronicity does exist, and I believe we have discussed this here on Inward Quest.

But you are asking why this is happening, and I can only provide wild speculation on that! Numbers and mathematics are the foundation, the underpinning, of physical existence. Physicists are trying to come up with a single equation that explains all of existence, as Einstein did for relativity. Everything in existence comes down to numbers. Time is part of this. We just "know" that Time fits in this somehow...And we use numbers to keep Time straight in our heads, and to connect with everyone else. Time is the Greatest Connector of all. Without Time, we could not meet with others in a predictable way. We explain our past with Time, and sort it in a unified way across all of humanity.

So I am getting that you have found yourself really "connecting" with your own soul, your own existence, and the foundations of who you are. Maybe the Universe has found a way to get your attention. Only you can ask yourself why this is going on...Have you been ignoring your spiritual nature? Or are you ready to "connect" with some new idea that will blast your life into a new place? Think about this. You can always update us about your journey at the end of the question you posted.

Welcome to IQ! I hope you hang around.

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