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There are many techniques and methods out there that teach you to use words, mental images, visualisations, affirmations, questions etc to clear negative emotions.

But there is also another way of clearing emotions and letting go of limiting beliefs. this is a bodily approach to emotions. you kind of completely ignore the mental and logical and focus on the body and the sensations in it.

for example faster EFT deals partly with bodily sensations a lot. also the mc2 method and mindfulness body scan are excellent imo.

can you recommend material regarding this bodily approach to emotions? books, videos, articles etc. all kinds of info is welcome.

this questions popped into my head as i read Catherine's question. i seem to attract this topic so i would love to learn even more about it.

thank you

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Feldenkrais and Alexander technique are two things I really recommend checking out regarding this.

(08 Nov '12, 19:26) Benjamin

@Benjamin thank you. i will do a research on it.

(09 Nov '12, 19:39) releaser99

@releaser99 we are on the same track :) I'm glad to know that you guys bring this topic. please update me with your discoveries, I'm so into this as well :) thanks!

(09 Nov '12, 21:06) Angelfire 1

@Angelfire 1 you are welcome. a while ago @Fairy Princess shared this Video. i think this might be of interest for you:).

(10 Nov '12, 09:06) releaser99
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Anything on Yoga. Yoga practise releases stored emotions in the body. This excerpt from one of my books explains it well.

Our minds and bodies are so intimately related that it is possible for emotions to be stored physically in the body.

This is a useful coping mechanism in the short-term, but over a longer period of time it can be debilitating. Yoga helps to free stored emotions by opening the channels that connect the mind and spirit with the psychical body.

You may experience dramatic emotions during or after performing postures or breathing exercises. Don't be alarmed if you find yourself temporarily angry, frightened or even gloriously happy.

This marks the letting go of emotions that have been building up over a lifetime. Powerful emotions that are released during yoga will pass quickly, leaving you refreshed and unburdened.

Yoga for You

Also check out Zhan Zhuang standing meditation.


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@satori yoga i always wanted to try out. thank you. can you suggest a particular yoga style?

(08 Nov '12, 17:23) releaser99

I recommend this as well. Kundalini Yoga works for me. I'm doing yoga for a more than a month. I have red an article on a yoga magazine about body scanning.It says there that you should do this the moment you wake up. It's about conditioning your body, mind, & spirit to how you want your day be like.

(09 Nov '12, 21:15) Angelfire 1

@releaser99- Your welcome. As @Angelfire 1 has said kundalini yoga is great. There is video links to excellent kundalini workouts by Maya Fiennes in my answer to this question. ..........

(10 Nov '12, 05:06) Satori

If your totally new to Yoga a great book to get is this one. It has many colour illustrations and easy to follow instructions to get you started on the Asanas.

(10 Nov '12, 05:07) Satori

@satori @Angelfire 1 thank you very much. this seems to be very interesting.

(10 Nov '12, 09:07) releaser99

@satori @releaser99 have you ever heard about Yoga Nidra?

(10 Feb '15, 05:54) vitos
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Hi @releaser99 I would to thank you for the useful methods you post in this forum. I definitely find useful these methods (mc2, Pure Awareness..) and benefited from them. During these years I looked for methods to ease my anxiety and found that Bach Flowers are great. These were created specifically from Dr. Bach (in England) about 100 years ago and are very common here in Italy. Bach flowers really solve emotions, they bring to light old problems and push yourself to solve them. I would suggest you a couple of books. The first one was written by Edward Bach and it explains the real cause of the disease (according to him) and his own vision of life. (other books of Bach are ok)

The second and the third one book in my opinion continues the work begun by Bach (because Bach had only one life :-) ).

The last two books analize how Bach flowers are related with certain emotions in specific body points. I definitely suggest you to take a look at these books. Finally I would suggest you to be careful to try Bach flowers by your own (if you are a beginner) because they require a bit of experience. In fact they could bring to light inner conflicts that you have removed across the years and you could not be able to cope them. For example Star of Bethlehem ad Agrimony can cause some problems because they lead directly to the root of your problem (in case you have anxiety for example) and you could not be ready to face it (anxiety could increase). Also Bach flowers must be balanced with other flowers. So for beginners it is advisable to rely on skilled hands if you choose to use them (they are really powerful).


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@vitos Interesting that you've mentioned Bach Flowers and The MC²Method in your answer. Some years ago, severe panic attacks forced me to explore my emotions which I had been ignoring for a long time. But it all really started when a friend (she is a herbalist) gave me Bach Flowers to cure my panic attacks. I didn't believe in any kind of herbs, however I took them to see what happens. Now that you have mentioned it, I remember that the Bach Flowers made me feel better...

(12 Feb '15, 08:29) releaser99

I also could feel my emotions much better and clearer. But a few days later, my panic attack reached its peak in intensity which forced me to explore my emotions in any way I possibly could. And then I found the Mc²Method within the next couple of days...and IQ a few month later. So I think maybe the Bach Flowers forced me into this wonderful journey...

(12 Feb '15, 08:29) releaser99

Maybe it's similar effects like meditation since you've said that "they bring to light old problems and push yourself to solve them". It makes you feel better but it can also bring things to surface. Recently, I've been exploring herbs a lot. I will check out your recommendations. Thank you.

(12 Feb '15, 08:29) releaser99

Imagine our emotions. Them are like layers of an onion (for example you could feel guilty after you feel anger and you could fall into a deep depression after you feel guilty for a lot of time). With Bach Flowers we peel back one layer at a time to get to the layer underneath. We go back to the root of our problem. So the first time we take Mustard and guilt go to the surface, so we'll take Pine for the guilt and than Holly for the anger we are feeling and so on..

(13 Feb '15, 06:28) vitos

Here an article that explains this concept By the way Bach Flowers are not drugs but a method for personal growth in my opinion.

(13 Feb '15, 06:34) vitos

I also had panic attacks and severe anxiety and now I feel better thanks to the Bach Flowers and meditation.I'm glad to see that someone looked for and found a way out (from panic) that works. But I still don't feel a hundred percent: for example I don't manage (or have the courage) to travel long distances alone, take the plane, bus for long distances and something else.

(13 Feb '15, 06:39) vitos

If you don't mind my asking, do you manage to do these things after panic attacks? Now I'm looking for a method for improve my life.Any book or method you found useful for you is appreciated.

(13 Feb '15, 06:39) vitos

@vitos What I have been finding is that panic attacks are not exactly about fear but about the fear of experiencing fear. So if you fear traveling or taking the plane, it is not about the fear of traveling or taking the plane. It is about the fear of experiencing fear while traveling and losing control and feeling completely helpless since there is no one who can help you in that kind of situation (except yourself). But what if you could know without doubt that you can handle any fearful...

(13 Feb '15, 07:39) releaser99

... situation by yourself? What if you knew without doubt that you have total control over your fears and you don't need anyone to help you out? I suggest that you wouldn't have any fear because no longer there would be anything that is out of your control. So what helped me is to build up that trust in myself by demonstrating to myself that I can handle such fearful situations using some tools.

(13 Feb '15, 07:40) releaser99

The MC²Method and the book Panic Away and its One Move Technique helped me to build that trust by applying these techniques to my most feared situations over a period of days or weeks again and again. I don't remember having panic attacks since then. And even if they were to come back, I wouldn't mind at all because I still know without doubt that I can handle them.

(13 Feb '15, 07:40) releaser99

Paradoxically, by allowing them to be there whenever they want, they no longer bother torturing me :). So I would recommend to write down your most fearful situations in specific detail and when you feel the fear coming up, apply those two methods (or any other releasing method) to those fears until they feel completely neutral. Here is the book Panik Away

(13 Feb '15, 07:41) releaser99

If you apply this again and again to your fearful specific, most charged situations on paper (and in real life situations afterwards), eventually you will have no resistance/fears left. And as a side effect, you will know that you can handle any situation which gives you the side benefit of knowing that you are the creator and master of your own reality since you never have anything to fear.

(13 Feb '15, 07:41) releaser99

And once you have the belief in place that you can handle anything, you will probably attract wonderful opportunities into your life that are beyond your imagination now. So I hope you try it because it's definitely worth it (even if your fears try to convince you that it isn't worth it and dangerous) :).

(13 Feb '15, 07:42) releaser99

Thanks for your advice! Very useful and informative! Of course I'll read this book and try this method :) thanks!

(13 Feb '15, 14:36) vitos
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There's a book by Bradley Nelson called The Emotion Code. It uses a method of asking the body questions using various muscle testing techniques including some that you can do on yourself. Through a series of questions you can determine what emotion is trapped, where it is, when it occurred, etc. Finally the trapped emotion is released using a magnet.

The process is well explained and very easy to learn.


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Check out the Sedona Method. It's a method of disidentifying with your emotions.

When you identify with emotions that's when you block and hold on to them. Through the Sedona Method you get to the core of the emotion, feel it as much as you can, then you welcome them. Allow them to be there as best as you can.

Once you do that, you ask yourself these questions:

  1. Could you welcome the emotion as best as you can?
  2. Could you let that go?
  3. Would you?
  4. When?

You keep repeating these questions until you feel courageousness, acceptance or peace.

Here's a chart of emotions. At the core of who you are, you already have courageousness, acceptance and peace. It's just that you hold on to all these other emotions, thinking that's who you are, and block yourself off from your core, true emotions.

alt text


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Matrix Reimprinting using EFT is really fantastic. If you are a visual person it can be really enjoyable and extremely freeing. The book is fairly easy to find online and if you already have a basic understanding of EFT it doesn't take long to learn at all.


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thanks for your post

(11 Feb '15, 10:23) vitos

Emotrance has been very helpful to me. It's a body-energy technique where you try to follow and release your energy as you think about your issue or triggers.


answered 12 Feb '15, 13:50

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Inner Beauty

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