In the book of Genesis it says that God created everything and everything God created was good. So how do you explain "bad"?

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I think it depends on how you interpret the word "good".

I would take it to mean that everything is in Divine order and is perfect just as it is, so the only meaning anything has is the meaning that we assign to it - thus the labels good and bad, right and wrong etc.

When we begin to let go of some of these labels or judgements, the world no longer seems such a scary place and we realize and begin to trust that there is a higher power taking care of everything and that everything does indeed have a Divine purpose.


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Nicely said, Machaela. Everything is set in place and set in motion and all is good.

(18 Sep '10, 12:00) RPuls

I like your definition of "good"

(18 Sep '10, 19:57) Gleam

Thank you Guys:)

(18 Sep '10, 21:51) Michaela
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Brian, look at it as an evolving proccess or a scale graduating from good, to more good, the most good, to all impersonal good.

Like the cave man times. It would be good to live in a cave or a grass hut, to protect our selves from the weather. Now move up to modern times. It is horrible or "bad" to live in a third world country. Living in shelter that barely protects. It's just a matter of where on the scale of "GOOD" is your perspective.


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the source is witin all of us, yet illumins at different frequencies, actually what we let it. you may choose to keep it covered and listen to your senses;
or take steps that allow it to shine brighter, becoming closer to his radiance.

what is 'bad' are those things preventing or taking us on a detour, away from our evolution. we are all left to return at our own rate,
when we get so attached to mother earth, wanting her all for ourselves; we keep the light covered. when done for this we also send a vibration, starting the law of adjustment.

maybe when modern man realizes this, he may take more responsibility for his actions, unless he wants 'bad' to happen.


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There is only once source of consciousness. When we are in alignment with that we feel good. When we are out of alignment we feel bad. It does not matter what we are experiencing. We can know where we are based on how we feel. That is how the universe guides us.


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God-The Source-The Universal Mind-The Creator, is all seeing, always present, and all powerful. What He/She created is perfect and all good. We were created in His/Her image. A perfect body and spirit. Think about that? Our bodies run on auto-pilot, the human body is perfect, our minds are capable of wonderful things! This is where it get's tricky. We have the ultimate choice of "free will". We are energy beings, the most powerful mind transmiters and receivers in the universe. It is our choice to bring forth all that exists in the world without. In fact, we have. Everything from tooth picks to the space shuttle have been created by human beings not the Creator.

This means that Bad/Evil has also been created by human beings. We have the ability to be perfect in body, mind, spirit and creation just as the CREATOR. The Creator provided all the tools for perfect existance. We, as the human race, have not alway's chosen the right thoughts from within. An example, a gun is good for putting food on the table, but if you choose, a gun is bad if used to kill another human. It was your choice between bad thought and action, and good thought and action. Do not blame the Creator! All knowledge is provided to us through the Universal Mind. It is within us to connect with the All seeing, always present, all powerful Universal Mind Source to create the perfect existance from within. Until we all learn this and become one with the Source, there will be those who choose wrong. Thus, there will be bad things out there.

This is my belief. I hope this has answered your question, or at the least, given you food for thought.



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Randal Brown

I guess it is fair to say: That God created the Tree of Life of Knowledge of Good, and Evil in the Garden of Eden for a purpose. He also created the Angel Lucifer / Satan and Adam, and Eve for a purpose. He gave the man and the woman every thing that was good in the Garden of Eden, and he asked them for only one thing in return to service him in, “obedience.” God said to Adam, and Eve you may eat of every tree in the garden, except this one, for the day you do, you will surly die! Now the Angel Lucifer/ Satan, wanted to be like God, so he appeared to Eve in the form of a Serpent, and told her, if she eats the fruit from the Tree, she would not truly die, she would be like God. Eve ate the fruit, and gave it to Adam to eat also, and they were both banished from the Garden of Eden forever.

Bad is the result of disobedience from the first man, and woman that God created.

Bad is the result of the Serpent Satan convincing Eve to disobey God.

Bad is the result of Eve eating the forbidden fruit, and giving it to Adam.

Bad is the result of the first sin committed by the first humans Adam, and Eve to teach evil to the world.

Bad is the result of God sending Adam, and Eve out of the Garden of Eden to labor and sweat for their living.

Bad is the result of God cursing the Serpent Satan above all animals to crawl on his belly all the days of its life, and eat Dust.

In essence: Bad is the result of cause, and effect, and the choices you made in your own life.

Here is a poem I created: “When Good Turn Bad”

People, People, look around you, everything is so good, and pure.

Gather around together plant your seeds, see them grow and bear good fruits.

Commune with each other, show your love, good will to all men rejoice now.

Laughter from above happiness every where, we gathered around to see a blessed new day.

The lights are shinning from every where afar, people are singing, people are rejoicing, a good day to celebrate.

People, people, look around you, everything is so bad, and evil.

Gather around together plant your seeds, see them grow, and perish in the soil.

Commune with each other, show your evil deeds, bad will to all men sin all around.

Sorrow from above Sadness every where, we gathered around to see our evil deeds.

The darkness over shadow from every where afar, people are weeping, people are in pain, a bad day to celebrate.

Now you know choose GOOD, or BAD, now you know the reason why?


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Brian,Lets begin with a borrowed quote,which for a while was hard for me to wrap my mind around.(Nothing is either good or bad until thinking makes it so) We are just now begining to grasp the real truth of the magnificience of our beingness.God or infinite intelligence by any other name is beyond our ability to fully understand at this point of our evolvement and every occurance no matter how reprehensable, ie(atrocities)natural desasters,inhumane acts whether by individuals or governments surely must serve as guide posts that are necessary at this point to bring us to a state of awareness of our devinity.Though the human body may suffer terribly dureing our journey back to source we must come to understand that ultimately no harm can EVER come to any liveing creature that our creator has breathed the breath of life into,but we must at some point come to the realization that Supreme Source ( is ) ,and has allways has been in charge.I accept as an indesputable fact that I as a human cannot lay claim to anything. All that I claim as mine belongs to him-her-it. We are priveledged indeed and should be honoured to accept our role as caretakers.Remember the parable of the talents?Every day I feel honoured and pleased to express my gratitude for my role in his plan,the unpleasent,the heartbreaking, the percieved failures,which my humanity causes me to view as BAD as well as the pleasant,the heartwarming and success which I percieve to be GOOD.It is my desire and hope that in some way this answer to your question will will assist not only you but others as well to come to a better and hopefully a full understanding of this most difficult question.your friend Don V.


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Don V

Perhaps God knew that certain negative things would beset His creation.However the universe was set up to run along certain lines and rules that were His.

Things were working along these lines and still are.The universe runs along well as its always done.Humanity has done,said and chosen a lot of bad things.BUT in and from the perspective of eternity we have an opportunity to progress and improve as a race and as individual expressions of God.

The world seems rather a negative/bad place at times but we may have countless realms to go on to that will refine things still further and further.

An intelligent and loving creator must will that these things will come to pass. Do we neccessarily have to see them in this realm.Is this life a starting point or maybe even a mid point in our total lives?



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Monty Riviera

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I do believe that God created everything. The question is that if everything He created is good then why what about evil? Evil is not good but then if God created everything then did He also create something so bad? Again my belief is yes. When God decided to give us this physical experience he created it rife with contrast. When the first humans were created God’s most loving angel Satan rebelled, and at that moment the purpose of our life was also created – choice. I don’t think Satan really went against God, here merely followed God’s master plan. When we were in the non-physical state we existed in a perfect reality everything was good, pure love. The contrast between good and bad, is what defines this experience and that is where we get the chance to exercise choice i.e. the purpose of our creation. Good and bad are two extremes of a spectrum and our constant dilemma is to make choices which take us towards the good side of the spectrum. If we didn’t have this contrast wouldn’t this experience be the same as our non-physical experience and pretty boring?


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I Think Therefore I Am

Some say there is another opposing consciousness to God, some call it Satan.

I would then think that everything Satan created was bad.

Others then go on to say there is a spiritual warfare between the two and we can see the some effects of it the physcial.

This would help explain things like rape, murder, torture of the innocent.

It is hard to believe God or Source created those things (even if we precieve it as bad.....)

However, some say everything is from source no matter how we precieve it and that leaves me clueless....


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Great ^^^^Answer Drham!


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jim 10

Yes. God created everything and everything that God has created is good. As with everything God created, so has God given free will and so bad has entered into existence. God is also all knowing and so, know that you are part of an ongoing event that has been culminating into a greater existence.


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