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If you ever wondered what would happen if the subjects discussed on Inward Quest actually hit the mainstream, even for a short while, here's a taste...courtesy of David Icke.

The blank and puzzled expressions on the faces of the TV presenters during the interview, especially the woman, probably says it all :)

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I guess many people spat out their morning toast from laughter while watching this live :). But I love how he goes abstract and lives totally in his own reality :). It's interesting that he performs at Wembley. But why does he blame the Royal Family and so forth if he knows so much about reality creation?

(24 May '13, 11:16) releaser99

@releaser99 - "why does he blame the Royal Family and so forth" - Icke's philosophy is that the more people that know about the Party On The Ship, the better. The problem with that approach is that while you can "wake people up" that way, they are now focused on that party instead of their own power. It's an alternative approach that I've enjoyed watching for a long time now. As with everything else, there's no real right or wrong on how to play the game.

(24 May '13, 11:46) Stingray

I think he has some truth mixed in with a bunch of fear. Conspiracy theorists live in their own hell of fear and paranoia. He said that he lives in a one room flat and would trade incomes with the host/s. That tells me that he isn't using the information that he has gathered to create a reality that he desires.

(24 May '13, 11:57) Fairy Princess

@Stingray- Perhaps you and others could council me on this: Since learning and now having firm beliefs about reality creation and other ideas, I find it, at times, very challenging to authentically fit in with others beliefs....I can't really say to someone who's complaining about their problems to do have an EFT session, or do a focus block, or clear up issues in your life, or try vitamin C/MSM mixture. Relevant to the presence of David in relation to these other people, my question is...

(24 May '13, 12:12) Nikulas

Do others here, like myself and perhaps David Icke, have the same trouble finding yourself putting on an act to fit in?

(24 May '13, 12:13) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Yeah, I find it pretty impossible to "fit in" with many mainstream beliefs so I don't bother trying. As I've mentioned before on IQ, you could meet me, even spend the whole day with me, and never have any clue I was interested in these subjects. I've just found it easier to keep quiet and talk about other things. You could call it "putting on an act" if you like. But that doesn't mean you can't help others in a more "secretive" way...the most helpful thing you can do for...

(24 May '13, 12:50) Stingray

@Nikulas why would you want to try to make other people do all these stuff when it's them who are facing these problems, not you? Of course you can offer advice from your own experiences, but if they do not want to listen to you, what is the point of continuing to make them listen to you? How does it benefit you in any sort of way ?

(24 May '13, 12:52) kakaboo

@Nikulas - ...another who is suffering is to soothe them within their existing beliefs. Telling them "The Truth" when they are not ready to hear it just causes them more pain usually. Abraham talk about soothing quite a bit - it's just about talking them into a better-feeling place without trying to change them or judge them. It just leaves them feeling better. And from that place of feeling better, they'll have vibrational access to their own solutions that fit their own beliefs.

(24 May '13, 12:53) Stingray

@Stingray @Nikulas "you could meet me, even spend the whole day with me, and never have any clue I was interested in these subjects" Ditto. I never talk about anything that others don't want to hear or are not interested in. Recently I have been experimenting with "soothing" by using "oral focus blocks". I soothed my father from anger to optimism just by talking a little bit :). And he has a totally different belief system in general (he's a religious muslim).

(24 May '13, 13:18) releaser99

You have to step into their reality a little bit to work with their beliefs without being too attached to them. @Nikulas I think it is also wise to focus on similarities instead of differences if you want to have fun with people without triggering a discussion about something. You have always something in common with everyone. If you are further interested, check out the concept of "Rapport Building" from NLP

(24 May '13, 13:18) releaser99

@Nikulas "Do others here, like myself and perhaps David Icke, have the same trouble finding yourself putting on an act to fit in?"

Up until recently in my life I would say that I would agree with you on this. To be honest though, I really don't care what people think about me and my personal beliefs anymore because no matter what version of you matches their core belief, that is their truth and there isn't anything you can do about it why bother with "their issue."

(24 May '13, 13:19) Cory

I've also taught Focus Blocks by giving a "scientific explanation" about how it works, and how brain cells re-program themselves to achieve goals more easily and so forth :)

(24 May '13, 13:21) releaser99

@Nikulas If you truly believe that you create your own reality anyway, then technically, you're not trying to fit into their reality, they need to fit into your reality...right? So since other people out there are just reflections of your own inner and personal YOU-niverse, just focus on yourself as much as possible and those versions of people you are itching to give advice too but feel like you just can't, won't be there anyway. I've witnessed people in my life change more and more...

(24 May '13, 13:25) Cory

@Nikulas ...everyday using this way of thinking. I'm in the driver seat of my "one seat" sports car. Why try to shove a bunch of other people in where they don't fit or belong to begin with:-)

I don't put on an act to fit in. I put on an act of imagination in my being to fit into the reality that I desire and whatever version of a person/s shows up in it will who needs to be there when they need to be there. Just be yourself in every way.

Being yourself in every way = excitement

(24 May '13, 13:26) Cory

@Nikulas, @Stingray, @releaser99 - Just wanted to chime in and say that I feel the exact same many ways it seems that during the last year I have been "living a secret life." I sometimes have to dodge and weave a bit when people inquire about my approach or feelings regarding logistical issues, etc.. They just won't get it if I say "I'm not worried about the apparent absence of X because the Universe has already manifested it, you just can't see it yet" etc.. :)

(24 May '13, 15:17) lozenge123

@Stingray, @Cory, @releaser99, @Cory- Thankyou for your personal reflections. I believe my original insight was exactly as ^^ lozeneg123 has articulated, that I sometimes have to dodge and weave a bit when people inquire about my approach or feelings regarding logistics- Big fat ditto right there. I think what people are missing out on is that the world operates on feelings solely opposed to logic and reasoning. Great to hear Im not the only black sheep.

(26 May '13, 05:48) Nikulas

@Stingray I find it hard to fit in with any beliefs, even my

(13 Nov '13, 10:23) CalonLan

The hostess in the clip asked a valid question, I think, whether there's anything wrong in her reality if she is enjoying it

(30 Aug '14, 13:14) einsof
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Pre-2008 I may have reacted to David Icke like these two interviewers did.

One thing I always seem to notice about people when their dominant core beliefs get shaken up in a public setting, is that they go into "automatic joking herd mentality phase."

Automatic joking herd mentality phase is when you hear something so far off the wall, you don't want to look stupid (in this case on national television) if you don't get the funny punchlines in like the guy tries to do every few minutes which I find amusing yet very interesting.

It's almost as if you stray too far away from the heard, the Shepard in charge will come along and paint your wool black and banish you from future heard activities. So you have to fit in and go along with the program by not being open to new possibilities.

Being open minded and listening to new possibilities doesn't mean you have to accept them as your new reality. It just means to sit and listen without trying to deflect and go into debate mode like your on the defensive. We seem to do that a lot in this world from my perspective.

I personally have a mixed opinion about David Icke but he no longer strikes fear in me like he did when I discovered him and others in the "great conspiracy theory phase of early 2010."

I loved him back in that phase for showing me "the truth" about what's going on in the world but it was a far more fearful, angry, and sad vibration at that time.

Then I got into heavy into Abraham/Bashar and others and officially hated him (but still not as much as the dreaded Alex Jones who I loved for about 23 minutes...not hard to figure him out:)

Finally, I got into a phase within the past year or so where I all of a sudden, seemingly at once, made peace with things like conspiracy theories and the like and felt totally neutral about the subject/s.

I realized that I truly do create my own reality and I don't have to give away my power unless I focus on the things that I don't prefer and feel negative emotion while doing so.

I even watched a whole David Icke seminar on youtube in a completely neutral way and I rarely if ever watch anything like that anymore. It felt good to not be triggered emotionally for the first time by looking at all of this as a game being played with the illusion of "good guys" and "bad guys."

I just can't seem to figure out if David Icke is the type of person that sprinkles enough positive - good feeling information with the negative - bad feeling information to get a wider audience and seem more legitimate.

I love what he says about reality creation in general but sometimes he contradicts himself by bringing up certain subjects about control, power, greed, and fear. I just don't know if he is truly trying to help people, make people fearful, or this is just something he genuinely loves to do and you get what you get.

I came across a Bashar video recently that made me really get into thought about this subject and people like David Icke.

Bashar - Illuminati not as much power

The people that are attempting to be whistle-blowers are actually their greatest advertisers.

I find a lot of my own truth in that statement. At the same time I feel pretty neutral about Mr. Icke. I'm not really into conspiracy theory like I used to be, but on occasion I can watch or listen to what he has to say in a fun and playful game type of way without bringing the baggage of negative and fearful emotions along for the ride.

One thing is for sure, he definitely has my curiosity in more ways than one.


answered 24 May '13, 13:04

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@Cory "or this is just something he genuinely loves to do" Yes, maybe that's his highest excitement. And I guess it could also be possible that a fear based topic (like conspiracies) could also trigger excitement in some people. Maybe he likes to be provocative, blaming and thought-provoking at the same time. Abraham said that even soldiers in war can follow their highest excitement (be in the vortex) and do a "joyful job" in scaring and killing people.

(24 May '13, 13:42) releaser99

@releaser99 "Maybe he likes to be provocative, blaming and thought-provoking at the same time."

Good point. Even though I can't really figure him out that makes a lot of sense. I seem to be more on the side that he genuinely loves what he does and you just get what you get. It's his way of expressing and explaining the world we live in.

(24 May '13, 13:51) Cory

@Cory Yes, he gets what he wants. And maybe he is extremely happy about what he gets. I think you and me and others on IQ live the paradigm that only helping and caring can (and should?) be the highest excitement in life. Because for us it's the only logical thing considering our beliefs. But we will never experience how other belief systems are structured and what triggers high excitement in others.

(24 May '13, 14:00) releaser99

@Cory the concept of humans appearing as green reptiles is easy to understand once you realize that at the very center of the human brain is the instinctive reptilian brain, it developed long before the higher brain neocortex came along ... when humans delve deep within their consciousness they may suddenly perceive a reptilian humanoid what they're really perceiving is an image of their own instinctive self ... this image can easily be projected outwards as if belonging to another world ...

(24 May '13, 14:25) ru bis

@ru bis It's not the concept of reptilians that I don't get about David Icke. I am just in the middle on his motive mixing self empowerment and reality creation with focused attention on fear. I actually understand both concepts of a possibility of actual physical reptilian beings and also the projected reptilian state of the mind.

I recently watch a Bashar video regarding this very subject.

Thanks for the links. Nice detailed breakdown.

(24 May '13, 15:05) Cory

@Cory - "Automatic joking herd mentality phase." Brilliant. Love the term. This is something that I've noticed all my life, but never saw so aptly defined and described. It reminds me of this incident:

(24 May '13, 15:24) lozenge123

@Cory - "The people that are attempting to be whistle-blowers are actually their greatest advertisers" - This sums it up so well :) Despite not agreeing with the fear he generates in some people, I must admit to admiring Icke quite a bit...and even among the "spiritual" people I know, I seem to be alone in that. I think @releaser99's comment about it being his highest excitement might be what it is. He represents to me quite a dramatic living example of someone who is doing what he loves...

(24 May '13, 16:05) Stingray

@Cory - do even when the rest of the world thinks he is wrong for doing it, or even shouldn't be doing it at all. I tend to think it's quite a feat to pull that off in a public arena and still retain some degree of "spiritual centeredness"...though Icke has admitted he did go through a phase of "ego problems/turmoil" which he has now come through. Whatever one thinks of his opinions, he's an unusual and intriguing character :)

(24 May '13, 16:10) Stingray

@lozenge123 I think laughter is among other things also caused by orators who are uncertain of their message/being. I've always loved to listen to great influencer of history that lived so intensively in their own reality that other's who lived in "lower vibrations" couldn't resist their message. They almost automatically joined their reality. Abraham says that one who lives in the vortex is a thousand times stronger than one who lives out of the vortex.

(24 May '13, 17:15) releaser99

So if you want to tell something and you want others to hear what you say, you should better be in the vortex. Here are 2 examples of 2 people living in the vortex while speaking:



(24 May '13, 17:15) releaser99

@releaser99 - "I think laughter is among other things also caused by orators who are uncertain of their message/being." Great point. One wonders how that audience would have reacted if instead of struggling to explain , Kucinich had directed a level, serious gaze and replied, "Yes, I did. What of it?" On the other hand, I have shown people Bashar clips, and they laugh their butts off at that as well...does it still have to somehow tap into the audience's accepted reality to strike a chord?

(25 May '13, 00:16) lozenge123

@lozenge123 Yes, I thought that one up all by myself. Seems to fit pretty well for a lot of situations like the video you posted.

I also agree that people in general should start to be more confident in themselves and say things like "Yes, I did. What of it?" That's what I'm starting to do more and more often. I simply don't care whatsoever what another person or group thinks of what I say or enjoy doing. They are my creations anyway so I get choose how I feel when a situation occurs anyway.

(25 May '13, 01:22) Cory

@Stingray I do admit, out of all the more popular conspiracy theory guys that I listened to in my CT phase, David Icke is the only one I ever really go back and listen to on occasion. He explains things so well and in great detail and it doesn't come off as pure and utter fear like some guys spew out there. I can see now how this work could be his highest excitement and the more fearful based parts of his lectures are just how he explains the structure of this reality. It also helps to not...

(25 May '13, 01:28) Cory

@Stingray ... to take the negative stuff he says so seriously anymore. I used to be addicted to the fearful aspect and it just made me feel so frustrated and filled with hate. Now I feel more like the person up on the mountain looking down and seeing everything instead of the angry guy stuck in the muddy bog in the dense forest with no visibility. It's funny to say but I can actually be interested in reptilian chatter and feel zero negative emotion now. It has become more of an infrequent hobby.

(25 May '13, 01:33) Cory

@Cory thanks for the Bashar video it comforts my idea of projection ... i know this is projection because i have lived through these kinds of phenomena myself :)

(25 May '13, 02:28) ru bis

@Cory- Excellent answer, thanks. Mr Icyke does seem to create drama in his interviews, something we all like a taste of from time to time.

(25 May '13, 10:37) Satori
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Yes there's certainly a place for David Icke here on IQ, that is if he's not here already under a pseudonym :) ... having said that, if we look at what wiki says about him there're some things he proclaims that even here on this site plenty of people would find hard to swallow such as "at the heart of his theories lies the idea that a secret group of reptilian humanoids called the babylonian brotherhood controls humanity, and that many prominent figures are reptilian" ... it's a pity because the basis of what he says is in perfect alignment with a lot of what is discussed here on IQ.


answered 24 May '13, 11:07

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ru bis

Thanks Stingray, enjoyed this. Yes he is using a more forceful approach to wake people up. The more subtle approach must work better though when you have celebrities introducing you:)


answered 25 May '13, 10:13

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@Satori One really feels how Jim Carrey went through "all hell breaks loose scenarios" and how he asks for more than the usual approach to life. I love him as an artist and also his spiritual side.

(25 May '13, 13:49) releaser99

This is a refreshing vignette of David Icke; in stark contrast to his "lizard people from the Draco constellation" conspiracy theories, he sounded quite lucid here.

There's nothing here that we haven't heard before, whether in the Matrix movies, the Bible, or even Star Wars. The idea that solid objects are mostly empty space, that our experience of the physical world is based on electrical signals in our brain, that there is some overseer that controls everything (or who is at least responsible for the projection), that higher beings are controlling our destiny (the Bible talks about spiritual wars, and how we are pawns in these spiritual wars), that we give up our power to others.

What he didn't mention, I believe, is that we chose this physical life in order to experience the sense of self and the contrast that comes with it. Abraham (Hicks) mentioned one time that, while the spiritual beings that inhabit the upper dimensions have tremendous freedom, what they don't have is the degree of focus that incarnated life provides, and the joy of discovery that comes with that.


answered 12 Nov '13, 18:41

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@Vesuvius "joy of discovery" reminds me how we are like small children. I have always admired that in small children " the joy of discovery"

(13 Nov '13, 02:45) ursixx

I can remember David Icke when he was a sports commentator. Ive always liked him, i agree with some of what he says.

But i think some of his more unusual beliefs deflect from some of the common sense stuff he teaches. He seems to run of at a tangent at times and there doesnt seem to be any " theme" to what hes trying to say.

When a metaphysical teacher tells me my countrys royal family are really lizard type aliens, and the moon that shine down on my home at night is hollow with a big engine inside it.....well , i do tend to think hes talking ########!

I wonder if David "REALLY" does believe some of the stuff he says he believes.

Perhaps ill never know.

Hes a colourful ,charming and very funny man.

Im glad i share this reality with people like him.

Hes the spice in lifes curry.


answered 25 May '13, 04:52

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Monty Riviera

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IQ Moderator ♦♦

yes @Monty he's a charming man and as you say some of what he says appears to be ######## ... what he's pointing out in such a colorful manner is that there's more to our physical reality than meets the eye, that there're also active energies at work that are beyond the realm of the physical :)

(25 May '13, 06:37) ru bis

In this video, it is clear that his reality is based on fear of something/someone that is controlling humanity, aka Illuminati. He emphasize though that we have the power to liberate ourselves. I found his discussion so different compared here in IQ. As far as what I found here and the outgoing links, our enlightenment is based in love and joy without magnifying any fear to anything and anyone.

It is my first time to hear about Mr. Icke so I may sound uninformed here but that is all I got for now.


answered 24 May '13, 20:29

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yes this kind of person was often labeled "paranoid schizophrenic" ... in other words someone living in fear, a fear that is projected outwards thus a feeling of being attacked and being controlled by other people ... such people are usually extremely intelligent ... "There are no mistakes anywhere, at any time. What appears to be wrong is simply your own false imagination"-Robert Adams

(25 May '13, 02:37) ru bis

I always will love David; even though I think he should move on to the next phase, perhaps his "wakey wakey" is needed, still. And although I did very much enjoy Bashar's comment and it resonates with me about people like David being the biggest advertisers, I think the bigger picture is needed here. David is talking about the darker versions of the Earth, in the interest of helping those who are ready to wake up and choose. There are unlimited versions from which we constantly choose, and I for one am most interested in finding a way to one which I prefer at this moment. If you are not familiar with David's work, this video is not a good introduction, as he was cut off just as he was about to say the key point: if the many simply wake up and walk away from the few who are in "power", the world will change instantly. David means well, I feel sure of that. Thanks for posting this video, I enjoyed it. And although the male interviewer kept interrupting, I felt that the woman was actually thinking about what David was saying. You should see some other interviews, either humour as mentioned above or a "deer in the headlights" expression. With heart, MHG


answered 23 Nov '13, 22:21

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