This question has been on my mind for a few months...

I mean, is life fair?

People are born, one "luckier" than the the other one. (i know it's only matter of perspective) No one is born into a perfect live (unless they believe it?). Some are born handicapped, some got a big nose or good quality teeth, nice hair.

Do we choose this life? Before we are born can we decide how we want to look like, what we want to be like in life or we are just "randomly spawned", everyone being different by a higher power?

If I'm right all these genetic & hereditary stuff can be changed with LOA (cuz after all everything is energy, and energy can be manipulated) ,which is really awesome.

But still... why are we born the way we are?

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i loved ur question @petike1

(30 May '13, 10:52) supergirl
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I just found out yesterday my right and left brain fight for dominance. So I often miss many parts of conversations without knowing it.

But this same disability allows me to in less than a second see an answer in a jumble of seemingly unrelated parts. This same answer might take others hours to figure out how everything is related.

While this would seem a great attribute to have it makes talking with people difficult and interviews nightmares because I get so lost and confused missing a great deal of what was just said I just want out of there! Imagine how that affects my karate business.

Also I seem to have sections of my brain that are unrelated to eachother. As long as I am in a certain section, everything I did, every one I meant, I remember it all. But if I change, it is like never happened or never meant this person.

Then lastly I seem to dispose of every day, or if something bothers or upsets me, I get rid of it almost instantly along with any memory of it.

It makes it hard to deal with life like most normal people.

I don't know if it is a birth thing or if it is the brain learning how to survive, adapted behavior.

It seems like short circuits in the brain. It is a way to deal with things I don't want to deal with like (boom) problem gone, what problem?


answered 28 May '13, 10:50

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Wade Casaldi

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"but this same disability allows me to in less than a second see an answer in a jumble of seemingly unrelated parts" interesting @WAde, could you give a practical example of this

(31 May '13, 04:09) ru bis

That was actually a quote from an internet friend I used to talk with years ago. He was amazed with me, how I could do that. It would be hard to pluck an example. I never tried it that way to just come up with an example.

(31 May '13, 13:44) Wade Casaldi

I just tried to write an example but it felt forced. Usually when this happens I am lost in a flow of conscious. Then my mind is accessing everything in my mind. I remember I quoted people from all different times and all dependent professionals explaining how they were all saying the same thing.

I wish I could remember it but it is like a stream of , thought flowing and growing.

(31 May '13, 22:41) Wade Casaldi
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I mean, is life fair?

It all depends on what your definition of fair means to you. If you think life is unfair, then you most assuredly will get reflective manifestations of your belief that it isn't fair. Same goes for the opposite belief of life being fair.

Also, when we see other people in situations where we feel sorry for them, or wonder why they got such a bad hand in life given to them, or bad luck, how do we know that the particular life they are living is perfectly fine for them? Maybe their life is a challenge that they wanted to explore to help expand their consciousness.

Do we choose this life? Before we are born can we decide how we want to look like, what we want to be like in life or we are just "randomly spawned", everyone being different by a higher power?

I completely believe we choose every incarnated life that we live. I think we get a sort of blueprint put together in our non-physical state of how we want to look, where we want to live and who we want to be our family, any physical handicap, and what our life path is to be.

I think we also set up a life plan but it's not something that is set in stone. I believe we can always choose a different path by changing our vibrational frequency by the way we think, feel, and act.

But still... why are we born the way we are?

Even though some people who are struggling in this life may find this hard to understand, I think we are born the way we are for the fun of it, for the experience of the journey, and for the challenges that we can choose to overcome and expand from or even the decision to stay stagnant.

Essentially, human life on earth is just one big virtual reality game. In our non-physical state we know that the solid physical bodies we create through our consciousness are just made up of energy vibrating at an extremely fast rate which produces the illusion of solidity.

So no matter how we come into this world, what so-called bad things may happen to us here, we are always going to be just fine since the physical isn't actually as solid and real as we think it is with our limited conscious minds.

We choose to be born the way we are for experience and growth. Who knows how many other incarnate lives we have possibly lived and who knows how many different variations we chose to manifest in.

There is a great book that I just recently read called Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born.

This book will answer your question/s a lot better than I can. It talks about pre-birth planning and all kinds of different ways souls choose to be born for experience and growth that the everyday regular person may very well think is insane. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested on the subject.


answered 31 May '13, 14:59

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@Cory - Wonderful answer. Pre-life planning has always been an interesting subject to me. I used to say out loud to the universe, to my higher self, that I wanted to grow and evolve as much as possible in this life - bring it on! :) .... that was about 20 years ago. I think it was about 5 years ago that I started howling enough! Enough! Don't wanna grow no more, enough! :) I would sure like to know what the hell I was thinking during my pre-life planning.

(31 May '13, 15:26) Grace

..... Hmmmm I didn't mean that as negatively as it looks... let's just say I think I may have been a tad over-enthusiastic in my goal setting lol! ;)

(31 May '13, 15:43) Grace

@Grace Sounds to me like the universe delivered just what you asked for. You asked to "grow as much as possible" and sometimes the things we see as "so very bad" are the things that gives us the most growth. Just remember, if you weren't a strong and brave soul, you wouldn't have manifested here on earth at this time. You really do know (deep down inside) exactly what you are doing and why things are happening the way that they are.

If pre-life planning interests you, I recommend you get...

(02 Jun '13, 22:33) Cory

@Grace ...yourself a copy of the book I mentioned above. It puts a whole new perspective of what our existence is like before we decide to manifest our focus as one with these physical bodies. It makes the things we think are so bad, seem just like another blip on the radar of eternalness.

(02 Jun '13, 22:35) Cory

@Cory - Yes, I did get what I had asked for. That's what I meant to say, sorry. That is why I was howling for no more growth! I knew that I had brought on some extreme circumstances. LOL! I started saying "I will take this level for this lifetime now, thank you very much dear Universe. I have learned all I can handle." But yes, it has been worth it. I would just like to relax now and be lazy and have some fun for a while...

I will put the book in my Amazon cart right now. Thanks @Cory. :)

(02 Jun '13, 22:45) Grace

@Grace Your welcome!

Relax, lazy, fun...sounds like a great plan to me:)

I hope you enjoy the book. I would be curious to hear what you think of it when you finish reading it.

(02 Jun '13, 22:57) Cory
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a picture he sees and ponders
our body with parental genetics
our life giving spirit is us
attracted to mother's soul

our urge to reincarnate
to fulfill our destiny
as desinged for us to be
focusing our striving


answered 28 May '13, 18:40

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