I was just lying down, eyes closed but not sleeping, i was aware and suddenly saw that someone was talking to me, a lady wearing black and there were two men in front of us, we were all in some restaurant, all were unknown.

She was offering me non vegetarian food and i said sorry i'm vegetarian and then perhaps i said, today i can't have anything because today i'm fasting .. that day i was actually on a fast.

Well as i opened my eyes, they all vanished, it was like i jumped into my this reality.. after that i was blank, i was completely neutral .. i neither felt good nor bad .. can anyone explain, what was this? can you predict anything about this situation?

your replies will be highly appreciated.. thank you !!!

hope to hear your answers soon..

love, light n blessings ur wayy,..

supergirl :))

asked 30 May '13, 07:37

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ru bis

@supergirl How did you feel about the 3 people in your dream or were your feelings neutral both during as well as after the dream? Since you were fasting; I think you were just hungry & naturally you would dream about food. If your dream does carry a message - I think your dream signifies self empowerment & free will. If dining alone - restaurant represents choice - creativity - opportunity.

(30 May '13, 19:22) ele

@ele- i ws cmpletly neutral before n evn after the dream.., i loved ur interpretation..ele.., i always feel very self empowered.

(31 May '13, 03:58) supergirl

@supergirl Great! Funny thing is, I had a similar dream this morning. I was going to dine by myself in a very fine restaurant. I think my interpretation fits you as well. I agree with ru bis in regards to dynamic equilibrium but as for the rest - it doesn't fit cause you were dining alone or you dislike fasting.

(31 May '13, 04:04) ele
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hi supergirl ... this day dream is clearly your higher self communicating to you ... in the invisible world restaurant signifies a place from which we receive spiritual enlightenment, spiritual food if you prefer ... you saying that you don't eat certain foods means you're consciously or unconsciously resisting what your higher self is offering ... fasting reinforces the idea of being deprived ... and feeling neutral afterwards means that the situation is in a state of dynamic equilibrium

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answered 30 May '13, 11:49

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ru bis

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ok..thank u @ru bis..

(30 May '13, 11:54) supergirl
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