Enlightenment seems to be a universal concept, but what is enlightenment exactly, and how do you know if you are enlightened?

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For me enlightenment would be a true realization of my higher self on an experiential level and living my life fully from that perspective and seeing the illusion for what it is. A life lived from this perspective would have no attachments and would not need anything because there would be that knowing that "All is well".

Although quite a few claim to be enlightened on the planet, I think very few are and those who are don't even claim to be.

I think rather than being something we have to attain, it is something we have to realize in the Now moment,as it is already within each of us but has become obscured by the ploys of the ego.


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Well said Michaela :-)

(21 Sep '10, 08:25) Eddie

KNOWING All is well is it! Great response!

(12 Nov '10, 15:11) figure8shape

Enlightenment - Lighten Up! ;))


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You beat me to it :-)

(21 Sep '10, 08:24) Eddie

Within, and without, spiritual connection to the one God, and universal mind, and harnessing the gifts of the spirit, spiritual teaching, and higher education, creating my own reality, and enlightenment by praying, meditating and the LOA.

The work I do in my life purpose is my source of enlightenment to teach, write, support, help, and to share with others my spiritual understanding, and wisdom through my personal life experiences!


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Good job Vee :-)

(21 Sep '10, 08:26) Eddie

Super Duper Vee!

(12 Nov '10, 15:15) figure8shape

Enlightenment is awakening of the right-brain, which fully realizes the unity and interconnectedness of the world, as opposed to the left-brain which gets stuck on the concept of I/me/mine. Realizing you're an organ of the world means you will want to act for the global good, as opposed to the separated thinking which makes you fear and compete.

You know you're enlightened when you directly experience that so-called free-will is an illusion and that you are the world, 24/7.


answered 27 Sep '10, 20:59

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To me, enlightenment is achieved by those who have found the secret to dominant sustainable happiness and joy.


answered 12 Nov '10, 14:51

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Pink Diamond

Hi Rani -- This is what enlightenment is to me as well! Thank you!!

(12 Nov '10, 15:14) figure8shape

On those occasions when you feel at one with the universe, or come upon a exceptional experience in which you seem to go beyond yourself, you can said to be in a state of illumination (enlightment), and this has many degrees and levels.

Source: The Nature of Personal Reality


answered 12 Nov '10, 23:58

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Knowing, with certainty, the truth: there is no truth.

As for how does one know, you will know when you remember your naturally enlightened state.

For a trip through enlightenment-land, read Jed McKenna's Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment :)

Here's Jed's answer to your question:

Enlightenment is selfless awareness. The process of enlightenment is not about becoming who you really are but about unbecoming who you never were. It cannot be desired or wished for because prior to its achievement failure is pre-ordained by the radical deconstruction of self required to slip from the grip of the intolerable lie of 'self'. From the perspective of ego, enlightenment is the biggest nothing of all time, totally anti-climactic, like waking up from a spectacular dream. But, further, this Truth is beyond any possible sensation or thought in the mind -- it is more than human. The real price of enlightenment, of immortality, is the severance of your attachment to all that is mortal, a complete disidentification with all that changes and passes away -- this entire world, in a nutshell.

PS... Do you believe there are any truly enlightened people on this site able to answer this question with real authority on the matter?


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Hu Ra

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To me, enlightenment means to be fully aware of who you are, a divine spark that is part of the whole, the One, and how all your thoughts/feelings/actions effect all else. It is through Love and service to others that we attain enlightenment. This I know, but I have a lot of work on self yet to be enlightened (watch out ego!)

thanks and blessings, namaste


answered 30 Sep '10, 09:56

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To me enlightment is an awakening into a conscious realization of the spiritual aspect of our being and living our lives from that perspective.


answered 13 Nov '10, 00:16

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Harmony with the Universe :)


answered 27 Sep '10, 23:26

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jim 10

For me enlightment is a spirtual journery where you never needs to think are talk about anymore anythink. everthing is answered and everthink is understanded. Enlightment is a journery where every one can achieve. I feel now nothing is true or nothing is false nothing is stable or nothing is instable.


answered 12 Nov '10, 12:57

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enlightement is when you leave the body and see the light!


answered 16 May '11, 08:35

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white tiger

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