I seldom get angry but when I do I found myself in prolonged silent mode (no talking). It is honestly not really good to feel and most of the time I cannot identify if I am really angry or just upset.

Just recently, I found myself accomplishing more when in anger. That was my first time observing myself when I am on that state of feeling. I have my son not eating his meal of vegetables and fish, he demand something like hotdog or any processed food. I get mad and he knows it because of the tone in my voice and to the way I look and through my body language. Because I noticed that he knows I am angry, I took the advantage to let him do the eating of vegeis. Well it works and that time and he eat all the vegetables and the fish in his plate. We are not able to do that before, my son is really hard when it comes to vegetables and fish.

Noting that event, I get an idea to make my anger do productively for me. One time I was angry (or maybe upset) to a thing with my wife. When in that feeling, I turn to silent mode again, so there is less to no-talking. It took about 3 days for me to say a word to her. With that three days however, I accomplish more than the usual, I found myself more productive and more focus. I am not sure if that is me everytime I am in anger (or upset) or that is because I started to monitor what I do and had that motive to do productive things. As far as I can recall, I always divert myself to work when I am in that mood, but this is my first time observing how I really do my stuff.

So here are my few questions.

  1. Is it okay vibrationally to hold prolonged anger in days? How will it affect manifestation?
  2. How do you find yourself when in anger (or upset)? How do you handle it?
  3. I am not sure if what I am doing under anger (upset) are the necessary things to get what I want. Only that I accomplish more per my recent self observation. Does it matter?


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or, does one accomplish more when focused and energized. and that decisions from anger will come back to you

(01 Jun '13, 05:42) fred

Quote: "and that decisions from anger will come back to you". @fred, I hope you can elaborate this a little bit.

(02 Jun '13, 03:46) Romel

@Romel it's that good old law of attraction in action, the rebound effect, what we send out sooner or later always comes back x10

(02 Jun '13, 04:07) ru bis

Hi @Romel "Is it ok to vibrationally to hold prolonged anger in days?" ... here's a video you may find useful


(05 Nov '15, 04:52) jaz
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Yes it CAN BE used productively. Although i am not sure about using it to influence others, i might be a little careful there and check in a little more with my own inner self.

but this is pretty common in Athletes and i do that often too. When you are angry/upset or when chips are down you can call on this energy thats very focused and sharp and in many ways gets me centered too and it enhances my own performance. I use it when i workout or when i practice dancing or other tasks i need to accomplish. I can get myself into another gear.

But you always want to checkin with yourself after fact whether you were using it in the right way or not. If it gets out of hand and you do something thats not right or centered then you want to find more distinctions of how its working and use it only when it its productive for us and not use it in other circumstances.


answered 31 May '13, 14:20

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Thanks for the reply @abrahamloa... Very much appreciated. I also want to hear how it affect manifestation to things that I want when I am in prolonged anger, like I sustain it or fuel it in my mind.

(01 Jun '13, 20:28) Romel

yes anger is a powerful motor and it's important to consciously canalize this energy into something constructive ... civilization starts when instead or throwing bricks we throw words

(02 Jun '13, 02:49) ru bis
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