I have been listening to the MC2method Audio Program (www.mc2method.com, free access code: MC2FREE) for a few days, and am learning tons about emotions and feelings and how and why we typically react to them in the ways we do.

I am great at visualization, always have been. However, I've noticed that GENERATING THE FEELING OF HAVING what I desire, does not come as naturally.

As an example: I win a contract for my new business. I feel wonderful, elated and successful (as it's happening, in the moment). I desire to win a second contract months later. I (effortlessly) begin to visualize winning another contract, yet find some challenge conjuring up the INITIAL FEELING EXPERIENCED when I won the first contract. I want to do this in order to connect my previously experienced feeling with the new desire in order to "see" the manifestation of my second contract...because as we know, it's already done, I just have to match up with it.

I understand that FEELING (and non-resistance) is a huge part of manifestation. I am more than confident, in fact, I know I will receive another contract. I see it. Yet, I want to increase the feeling part to match my visualizations.

In what ways do you self-generate body sensations and feelings with your desired state?

asked 11 Jan '13, 16:11

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The Mc²Method is a listen and observe type clearing-technique. Generating energies is a bonus part of it to help you align with your desires.

In order to align you don't have to visualize it. It is sufficient if you can generate the energy/sensation and feel it without seeing anything in your mind. Not the pictures and movies in your mind do align you with your desires. It is your feeling that does.

But what role does visualisation play? It is simply a tool to help you generate these feelings/energies. But visualisation is not absolutely necessary. It's just one tool among many others.

Here are other tools that might help you generate the energy of "already having it" in your body.

You say you are great at visualisation but you can't generate the feeling of already having it. It seems to me that there is some blocking energy, probably doubt. If you can identify the doubt feeling (or other blocking feelings) in your body, it would be great.

Then you could use the MC²Method to observe the blocking feeling(s) and clear it. Or you could also use FasterEFT, the Sedona Method or other clearing technqiues that you like.

After clearing you would find that the feeling of "already having it" was already there. It was there all the time but you covered it up with doubt or unworthiness or whatever.


answered 12 Jan '13, 09:56

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Tonight I felt disagreeable about a decision my boss made. Yes he has a job to do and in fact he did the right thing, however it affected me in a way that I did not enjoy. And my choice is always to feel good.

My first thoughts were anger,revenge, he'll get his-lol-, then as I gathered my wits I simply prayed. Please forgive me for being angry at my boss.

I prayed for several minutes and my emotional reaction neutralized and once again I was in a joyful stated.

Lately I have also realized that no matter what is going on, I am still on my path to what I really want.


answered 12 Jan '13, 08:49

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