Isnt this true -According to law of attraction our future thoughts depends on the present thoughts????? if that is the case.....then we can never alter our will come down to the very first thought we had!!!!

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yes, all thought forms and choices made, as it was in your past. and only the future (or decisions in the now) can ameliorate the recompense set into motion

(01 Jun '13, 16:03) fred

the very 1st thought we had ... wouldn't that be when we are born and that would be "Where am I now?"

(02 Jun '13, 05:12) ursixx

and the 2nd was "When's lunch?"

(02 Jun '13, 05:13) ursixx

funny @ursixx - I'm surprised you didn't want coffee..

(02 Jun '13, 05:18) ele
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What is and isn't true in your reality is simply flowing from your dominant belief system. You get to decide what goes on in your unique earth at every moment similar to a choose your own adventure book.

According to law of attraction our future thoughts depends on the present thoughts????

There really is no such thing as a "future thought" since everything exists right now.

alt text

It's just like a movie filmstrip that has many different frames that can be laid out flat all at once. You can look at the filmstrip and decide which frame to look at in this now moment. You can start at the frame of tomorrow and then go to the frame of the past. It's all happening right now.

In these physical bodies we decided as a collective consciousness to experience the idea of a continuous fluidity of movement. Our lives are just like a movie that is projected on a screen with single frames moving at a very fast rate of speed. The single frames create the illusion of motion and time passing.

So essentially, your present thoughts are really all that matters. Your present thoughts actually create present moment solid physical matter right now.

What you perceive as being future thoughts exist right now along side your present and perceived past thoughts. They all exist now. We use the idea of past and future to help us better understand and live in the illusion of fluid movement.

If you live your life thinking about a future that hasn't happened yet or a past that has already happened, then you are not living in the now moment. So you will continually manifest things happening some day in the future forever. Or you will continue living in the parallel reality of the past over and over and over again.

The law of attraction is about immersing yourself in a desired reality as if has already happened right now and leaving past and future out of the equation.

Play make believe on how you want your life to be - Right Now.

Fake it until you make it - Right Now.

Act as if - Right Now.

What we perceive as a future event today will be right now when it actually gets here. It's about matching a vibration with a similar vibration.

if that is the case.....then we can never alter our will come down to the very first thought we had!!!!

We are altering our realities billions of times a second. We are just so good at it doing it, the illusion has been like second nature since the day we were born. We are like super duper turbo-charged film projectors.

Every single physical movement we make is an infinite number of static frames waiting to be part of our consciousness flowing stream. If we didn't alter our own realities, we wouldn't even exist to begin with.

It just depends which flowing consciousness stream you decide to flow down. You do this by creating the particular vibrational pitch in the now and not the past or future. You can even create a reality where you don't think you create your own reality. There are an infinite number of choices for you to choose from which makes this place called earth(s) so much fun to be a part of:)


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Awesome answer "if we didnt alter our own realities , we wouldnt even exist to begin with " Nice....

(05 Jun '13, 01:32) Monty Riviera

@Monty Riviera Thanks! Just more wisdom I am sharing inspired from my favorite hybrid alien Bashar.

(05 Jun '13, 03:09) Cory

Your present thoughts will help to bring about you future conditions. Not to worry you can always change your thoughts, therefor, your future conditions. Try it you might like it. Don't forget to sustain the thought you wanted. Stay away from thought that might bring about problems. The good life is a Frank Sinatra thing. You know the song "you've go to accent the positive". Blessings


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you can alter reality
with every decision made,
decisions are in the now
the thoughts you give life to
in making your choice


answered 04 Jun '13, 14:50

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This is true. Our future thoughts depends on the present thoughts - that is why you need to make a choice NOW to be mindful of the thoughts you are holding on to in your mind.


answered 06 Jun '13, 14:19

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