I was just wondering whether it is possible to become an 'exact' vibrational match to a particular person? If it is possible, how do you achieve this?

What I mean is maybe you have someone whom you highly respect and you want to befriend him or maybe just become accquintances? Or for example you are just a normal person but you would like to maybe just see or talk to your favourite pop singer, is that possible? If so, how?

Or maybe you know of a very female pretty model or a young handsome hunk, but somehow you are unable to get near her or him and befriend them. Naturally you would think it's because both of your vibrational matches are different (?) which is why both of you will never meet, so is it actually possible to tweak your vibration to theirs and then what you want happens after that?

Sorry, I think you all might have some difficulty understanding and intepreting my questions lol, but that was the best I could do. I'm sure you get the general idea..

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Pop singers and models are just normal people too. The idea that they aren't is the first thing that probably has to go. In fact, I've heard the thing that "very important people" want the most is people that treat them like actual human beings, because most people don't.

(19 Feb '13, 11:37) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer Whether they are normal people or not is not my concern. I was just using them as a more specific example. There might be a lot of "normal people" that you might want to become a more "vibrational match to", for any reason whatsoever.

(20 Feb '13, 07:38) kakaboo
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It's quite possible to match the vibration of another and the basic method is really rather straightforward.

You just visualize your target person (with your eyes open) in front of you, a real living image of the person you wish to match.

It might take you a few minutes to really get into the feeling of them being there. And when you feel that image of them is as real as you can make it, you just physically step into it.

(Of course, to someone watching, you are stepping into nothing but an empty space on the floor)

As you step into that image, now feel yourself as that person. The trick is not to feel yourself as you within them but instead to feel you as that person...there should be no feeling of separation.

If you get it right, you will almost feel like you are not yourself anymore.

And in this state of vibrational attunement, thoughts will pass easily between the two of you, and things that you think you want to do (as them), they will also be thinking they want to do...if they are in a situation where they can be receptive to their thoughts in that moment.

Me & my girlfriend (well, fiancée now) are very naturally vibrationally in-tune so it's quite easy for me (using this method) to pick up her thoughts, or make her look towards me when she is off in the distance across a crowded room, or get in touch when she is uncontactable by normal means.

How you use a method like this is really up to you and your imagination.

It's also a great way to get rapport with someone you wish to like you, for example, at a job interview. You just step into the person interviewing you while they are interviewing you and you'll both seem to be on the same wavelength...because literally you will be :)

Of course, you don't literally get up out of your seat and step into an image of them while they are talking to you, you just do it in your mind...shifting your body slightly in your seat as you merge with them helps a lot to give you the feeling of stepping into them.

This is a very old occult technique that is spoken about in hushed tones in certain mystical circles because there is a fear that it can be used for the manipulation of others. Indeed, these days you'll get many mind-control and romantic/casual dating authors selling you this basic method for the sole purpose of manipulating others.

You can waste a lot of time with techniques like this making other people do little things for you here and there. Myself, I spent years playing around with this sort of stuff before I eventually got bored of it.

You see, in the end, it's really quite hard work "manipulating" others. :)

I put "manipulating" in quotes in that last sentence because ultimately you cannot make anyone do anything they definitely don't want to do. Try it if you don't believe me - nothing bad will happen, you'll just end up disappointed. There's a lot of misguided fear-mongering that goes on with people who warn about using techniques like this...and almost invariably those people have never tried these methods and have no real idea how they work anyway...much like in the world of manifesting techniques, in fact :)

What you'll eventually find about using methods like this to "manipulate" others is that it's a hard, painful and ultimately un-satisfying way to live your life.

If you think about it, constantly trying to control the behavior of others makes you a slave to who they are, their whims, their ever-changing moods and fancies. A prison guard is just as much a prisoner as the prisoner s/he is guarding :)

Much better is just to become as happy a person as you can be, and whoever you attract while in that state will be someone that is as perfect for you as it is possible to be, even if it is not the person you expect it to be.


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Great explanation! But are you saying that when we try to match the vibrational match of a particular person, it may be still useless even if I did the right way as it may be something which the other person might not want?

(28 Oct '10, 00:59) kakaboo

Yes, you can never assert into the reality of another, only influence : Where is the line drawn between “Law of Attraction” and the non-existent “Law of Assertion”? http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6879/where-is-the-line-drawn-between-law-of-attraction-and-the-non-existent-law-of/6964#6964

(28 Oct '10, 06:14) Stingray

I mean , if that's the case, then why would people want to do something like this then ? "It's also a great way to get rapport with someone you wish to like you, for example, at a job interview. You just step into the person interviewing you while they are interviewing you and you'll both seem to be on the same wavelength...because literally you will be :)


(28 Oct '10, 12:02) kakaboo

Because influence can still be powerful used in the right circumstances. Look at the way that children are gradually influenced by society (and those who direct society) to forget the spiritual aspect of themselves...to the point where, as adults, they will actually argue and fight with those who try to remind them in order to preserve their self-chosen limitations, and ensure others stay in that state too. Who needs a prison when the inmates are their own prison warders? :)

(28 Oct '10, 12:41) Stingray

@Stingray: "As you step into that image, now feel yourself as that person. The trick is not to feel yourself as you within them but instead to feel you as that person...there should be no feeling of separation. If you get it right, you will almost feel like you are not yourself anymore." 1) How can you 'feel' as that person if noone knows for sure what a person is really like? 2) If I undersand this right, you can 'phisically' step into the image of that person or just do it in your imagination? 3) Can you use this technique with someone you don't like very well so they can change their

(29 Oct '10, 12:34) BridgetJones09

behaviour a little? What about modifying a persons everlasting negativity respect events in life? (Persons that are always seeing the glass 'half empty'? Well, I think that's about it. :)

(29 Oct '10, 12:38) BridgetJones09

@Bridget - how about asking these as a new question(s)? That's a lot of questions to answer in 500 characters :)

(29 Oct '10, 16:59) Stingray

@Stingray: Yesss, sir! :) Will do so as soon as I have the time... Very interesting subject by the way! Thanks for your patience!

(31 Oct '10, 16:13) BridgetJones09

Hi Stingray, about the visualising bit - can we just look at a photograph and imagine that person there instead? I'm not sure if I could get such a clear image of that person just by imagining :D

(31 Oct '10, 17:05) Pat W

@PatW - Do whatever you have to do to make that image you are going to step into feel as real as possible to you. You'll find that your intention to become that person (by stepping into them) will compensate for only vaguely visualizing them. One of the old occult secrets is that when you physically interact with an imagined visualization as though it were real, it adds considerably more power to that visualization. Many Magick -type rituals rely on this idea

(31 Oct '10, 17:27) Stingray

Thanks, Stingray. :)

(01 Nov '10, 13:54) Pat W

@Stingray - just one more thing about the technique - how do we "end off"? I mean, do we need to step back out after stepping in? Or just leave ourselves vibrationally attuned to that person all day?

(03 Nov '10, 02:45) Pat W

@PatW - yes, good point that I (accidentally) missed out mentioning. Just step out again afterwards unless it is for attaining the qualities of another, in which case, it would probably be self-defeating to step out again :)

(03 Nov '10, 07:34) Stingray

Thanks again, Stingray. :)

(03 Nov '10, 09:43) Pat W

@Stingray This is exactly how I used to channel for playing my guitar. I'd think of merging with Jimi Hendrix when I played.

(19 Feb '13, 13:33) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - yes love it, our outer 'guru' is a reflection of our inner 'guru'

(20 Feb '13, 03:08) ru bis

@ru bis Thank you and for that here is a gift not to be overlooked. The pantheon of gods was not (to those that had understanding) something to be worshipped.

They were as if when a superhero puts on a cape and changes from simple mild mannered person into superhero. Think of Iron Man, the suit gave him power. Each god represented an attribute, strength, speed, intelligence etc...

Something to think about from the ancient mystery schools. Each was simply like tapping into a part of God.

(20 Feb '13, 04:25) Wade Casaldi

"much better is just to become as happy a person as you can" ... or as I like think of it, put yourself in "play" mode :)

(15 Jun '15, 09:12) jaz
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I do not think vibrational matches can be forced.

I think be as true to your nature as possible and likeness will attract likeness.

I do think you can have a better understanding of another once you "get" their vibe but as far as it clicking, that can not be forced.

Much Love


answered 25 Oct '10, 13:18

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jim 10

It's not exactly trying to 'force' it..Since we have always been saying that what we currently have (be it materialistic items or relationships etc) is because we were a vibrational match to them.. so it just made sense to me if we could change our vibrational match to match a particular person, it would bring us closer to that person , would it not?

(25 Oct '10, 16:38) kakaboo

You can get closer to their vibration by incrementally changing who you are, how you think, act, feel, talk to others, talk to yourself, etc. It is a lot of hard work but I'm sure it can be done.

However, it sounds like you may be taking one aspect of a person and assuming that is their entire persona.

For example, you want to get "closer" to a pop singer. Well the part of you see is engineered to appear a certain way. There may be parts of her vibration and life you have no clue about.

What I am saying is - I'm not so sure you could truly know what her vibration really is to try to "exactly" match it.

Nevertheless, would it really be that hard to put yourself in their path without chaning your vibration, if that is your goal?


answered 25 Oct '10, 16:11

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"Nevertheless, would it really be that hard to put yourself in their path without chaning your vibration, if that is your goal? " Well, but how would you actually go about doing that?

(25 Oct '10, 16:36) kakaboo

for example, people go to the same restaurant pop-stars eat at, for example, there is a certain super market in Calabassas, Los Angeles, where pop stars are frequently seen shopping. Another example, many of my school friends got involved in school politics groups and each got a separate picture with our president Obama...It is basically like stocking a person, haha!

(25 Oct '10, 18:50) Back2Basics

If you think about what you have said, isn't that the same as matching your vibrations with that particular person? Just expressed differently.. I'm sure you have noticed how someone might have camped at an actor's favourite spot 24/7 but they never turn up.. and the moment they give up, someone say the actor was spotted there the next day.. funny isn't it

(26 Oct '10, 02:07) kakaboo
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Although I do think you can train yourself to become a vibrational match to somebody else through the methods Stingray and Back2Basics have proposed, it will not be your natural vibration.

You would be training yourself to a vibrational level that is not your own true one. So, in my opinion, all situations that involves not being truly yourself vibrationally is not going to have a happy ending.

Now, if like Stingray has pointed out, you are trying to get closer to somebody who is already on a similar vibrational level as yours, that could work because you will still be your true vibrational self to a very large extent.

I personally feel that the best way to attract the right people into your life is to be happy and follow your own guidance and emotions. Because if you think about it, when you are happy, this is when you are being truly yourself to the fullest and anybody you happen to meet in that state is only going to attract even more happiness and the relationship (whether it is friendship or romance) is going to last the longest.


answered 28 Oct '10, 12:19

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Pink Diamond

Yes, when you meet and communicate with a person that you admire greatly, you tend to absorb certain positive energies that they exhibit, you enter into resonance with their energy body - now, if meeting them physically is not possible then there is another easy way to do this.

Create a new file on your computer , put your own photo in it, then obtain a photo of the person that you admire, a photo found on the internet will do the job, the importance is to capture the energy body of the person, then put that photo into the file next to yours, remember that energy bodies are ubiquitous, that is, they easily and naturally clone themselves whenever there is a demand. This also works for a group of people, for example, imagine you have a specific project and you want the best possible experts to advise you, put photos of each of the selected individuals plus your own into a single file; a big advantage with this method is that you not only have a specialized group of experts always available, you can also change the membership as your project evolves - sounds crazy but it does work.


answered 19 Feb '13, 11:07

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ru bis

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